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Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Last Of It - SENIOR YEAR #AlumKnight

I finished! I graduated college with a B.S. in Psychology. I am just overwhelmed by all of the graces God has blessed me with over the last four years. WOW did the Lord do a lot. But, let's focus in on my senior year.

I started both semesters completely drained, exhausted and not knowing where to place my right foot, even if the obvious answer was in front of my left. With so much change, transition and heartache, the Lord was stretching my heart to a place where I needed to trust Him so deeply, I didn't know I was capable of. This year had many changes, whirlwinds of events, with joys, sorrows, letting go, forgiveness, and transformation. I wrote last years blog post living in an identity crisis, with a broken shameful heart, and many unanswered questions of who I became and where the heck I was headed. I was afraid to let the Lord in, I was so extremely empty, and so lost, I didn't even know how to give my heart to God. This year, I *finish* this blog post sitting at a coffee shop, on a rainy day, in San Marcos, Texas - as a missionary. Where the heck did the time go?

***Summer was jam packed as I got ready to pack up my life & head to Texas, where I knew absolutely no one, where no one knew me, in a place of openness, confidence in God and single-heartedly running after Him.***

BUT, back to senior year:

God filled my life with so many graces and gentleness during my senior year, He truly transformed me and we entered into a deep time of healing, together. It was truly a fantastic year. As many people left, and I felt abandoned walking into senior year, I left with my heart full, as I met so many people who entered into life with me, and saw all of me, the good, bad, and the ugly, and loved me through every piece of it.
Both semesters were a time of mourning, love and patience. A place for me to open my arms wide to allow God to pick me up and carry me to see a new perspectives, a breath of fresh air, and to be held into His gentle arms and to be able to rest upon His chest. The Lord asked me to fall deeper in vulnerability, and through vulnerability was more love and trust.

This year, I fell in love. I fell more in love with myself, with my passions, with my brokenness, with my heart, and my mind - all still a work in progress. I fell in love with The City Beautiful (Orlando), my home - The Little Flower, a man who is faithful and loved me well, the newness of relationships, community and discernment. 

I learned a lot. I learned to be patient in the midst of frustration and confusion, I learned that it is okay to be sad and to sit in sadness, I learned that it is okay to forgive and to be forgiven. l learned to trust again, to trust God that the people He placed in my life could most certainly be new best friends who I can share my heart with and not regret it. 

I gave my heart to The Little Flower household & the women living in it, the Catholic Campus Ministry @ UCF, and a few individuals who were and still are an important piece of my healing in many wounds from my life that involved men. I can never thank these men enough for the way they fought for me and loved me through my difficult stubbornness and my lack of faith that the Lord can bring good men into my life - which He did, time and time again & continues to do so.

I am so grateful for the senior year I had with all of the ups and downs. It was an extremely difficult year, but it was filled with so much grace and goodness. I am still uncovering a lot from it, which is why I think it was so hard for me to write this post (and still is hard for me) to finish it, because I know that the Lord has more to share with me of how He poured into my life through 2017-2018. I hope to add more to this post as time goes on - but for now, this is the depth of what I can share and I am very pleased.

The Lord is good, let us always rejoice. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Wrap Up - Junior Year

Junior year. Wow. What a year. I didn't think I was going to write a blogpost on my year since I truly didn't know how to reflect on it. But as I saw my "a year ago today" post on Facebook and read my reflection of sophomore year, I owed it to myself & whoever else reads these very bad, non frequent posts, to write one on my junior year. There's so much to write, and also so much where silence should be filled in those areas of many words. I ended my sophomore year blog post with "junior year has some big shoes to fill", and I can assure you, the feet grew out of those shoes and filled 5 more. The Lord was victorious, He stayed with me through this whole year and honestly, I'd like to break this year into two halves since both semesters came with two totally different agendas on Jesus' heart. 

The first semester, Jesus was asking me to get out of myself to get into others. I imagined it as these beautiful people whom I was serving was giving me a gift as they shared their heart with me and I was honored with the last finishing touch of wrapping the gift with a ribbon and handing it off to Jesus so He could do His work with His children. I was simply the bridge & instrument to get them to Him since they couldn't do it themselves. 

The second semester, Jesus was stretching my heart and asking me to get into myself to get into others. Meaning, being more vulnerable, more alive, more raw, and really coming face to face with my flaws and weaknesses - that are still being opened up to me. I was blessed with more friendships, more love and more growth. 

I realized that if you want to live a joy filled life, you need to be completely dependent on God. To surrender yourself to Him, because life hits you where you don't see coming and you also don't know how to pick up the pieces either. My relationships with people grew so much deeper, and I really came to this place of knowing that regardless of whomever I see everyday, the place where they are in my heart doesn't wither depending on how frequent I see or talk to them. My life was filled with so many new people, so many different faces, so many different conversations, but also knowing that I'm not the only one on mission, that my friends from previous years were also fighting the good fight, just in different areas of the world. Junior year, was grace-filled.

Both semesters, I can truly say that I fought for my faith, my relationships, and Jesus. I encountered Love. I sought out Authentic Truth. I cried. I laughed. I ran. I fell. I hurt. I healed. I danced. But mostly, I lived. This year was all about living, and how I could live where He placed me in my mission. My mission this year was at Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Central Florida as Historian for the Executive Board and to find light where there was darkness. My ultimate mission was to be His Daughter and to let Him move. That ultimate mission is continuing for my senior year as my mission as Historian is coming to a close and a new mission is beginning. 

Thank you to everyone who fought for me, who was patient with me, who loved me, who was my accountability, and ultimately, all of you who were my Simon, helping me carry my cross to this crazy journey The Lord has placed me in. I can honestly say, Life With Christ is a Wonderful Adventure. St. John Paul II, always pray for us!

xx, Lillie 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Why I Run

When I run, it is one of my most intimate times with Our Mother Mary, Most Holy.

A few days ago, I tried running differently, and chose to listen to pop Christian music. Point blank, it sucked and I hated it. I will not make that mistake again.
On average, I run 3 1/2 miles, and this time, I couldn't finish it. And I know, 3 1/2 miles, weak to all the marathon runners out there; I started running in January and I've slowly built myself up and am really proud of my number 3. But not proud of the three times that I stopped running while listening to Christian music. 

When I run and pray the Rosary, I never have that problem; even if I am completely out of breath with the mindset of not being able to take that next stride, I always finish my run and I never stop. People can sometimes be oddly surprised when I share with them my running technique of praying the Rosary. I receive statements along the lines of, 'how can you do that Lillie? That's impossible! I could never do that. That's crazy. Wow, I give you so much credit.' 

First off, IT ISN'T ME. I tell people all the time, I am not a runner, because I'm not. What I am is an advocate of a prayerful life and incorporating it in all of my daily activities as much as I humanly can. 

To get back on track, running while listening to music vs. praying the Rosary while running, I could pose the exact same questions to all of you musical runners. Let me tell you all of the problems I faced while listening to music and running. The music wasn't loud enough, strong enough, or powerful enough. Let's just say, it wasn't good enough for my running. Now, don't take that as me saying that I am a pro runner or pro athlete, I, Lillie, am not a PRO anything. The reason why it wasn't good enough or powerful enough for me, was because Mary was not the center of my run. 

Mary was not on my mind, I mean, yes, in a way she was on my mind because I was angry at the music for not balancing out my cardio of the day, and I was angry at myself for picking music over MARY QUEEN OF THE UNIVERSE. I had the desire to go running, but I didn't have the desire to pray with Mary on my run. I wanted to spice it up, see what the hype was all about with listening to music while running. All I can say is, there was NO HYPE. It was awful. I was feeling the pain, and I had no one to turn to to comfort me in the pain, to keep pushing me, to be my motivation; all I had was music. This was a beautiful test for me to see the true power of Mary, Jesus' mother. To see the love she has for me, the endurance she has for me. To state it bluntly, to me, she is the ultimate fitness trainer. 

How about you invite her on a run and ask her to be yours as well. To try to carve out that intimate time with Mary and to go on a run with her. To gain a friendship with your Savior's mother, with your best friend's mom. She is truly my best friend's mom, and I love spending time with her. I want to know her too, to see what she is all about, to see the HYPE in Mary, because trust me, THE HYPE IS REAL. She will definitely kick your butt, and push you and she won't let you down. I'm praying for you and your journey with Our Mother, Mary, who is Full of Grace. The Holy Mother, Mother of God. 

xx, Lillie

Friday, June 3, 2016


Thanks so much to the lovely Savanna for being The Little Flower for the month of May! Had a great time learning more about your love for Christ can't wait to see you grow deeper and more intimately in love with Him!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Big Thank You

As I sit here and eat my sweet potato, reflecting on my sophomore year, I can truly say that this year has had one of the one of the biggest impacts & self realizations in my life thus far.  Thank you for all of the cries, the messes to clean up, the arguments, the confusion, the hurt, and for the exhaustion. That's what made my year real for me. For the laughs the challenges and the blessings and gifts of new people in my life and a bigger community with a bigger, even more genuine selfless heart that was stretched to its "capacity". It only made me seek Him in a more serving, loving, relentless way. There are so many words and memories to write about, but I am going to keep this concise. 

I was able to experience many witnesses of true faith coming alive and see my faith grow deeper as well. This year broke me down and tore me apart, as someone once said to me, He is taking me to the grave and back. I can totally agree with that. The Lord knew who I needed in my life to get through this past year even if at some points, I was crawling instead of walking. He placed people in my life with a lot of wisdom, strength, and ability to help me carry my cross since I could not do it alone. Through each of these relationships, Christ taught me and continues to teach me what Love is. He taught me to step aside from my own ways and surrender to what I had no control over, which is not easy. I learned patience this year, and meeting people where they are at in the moment of me speaking with them. That is something I am still working on and has been a great light and blessing with the growth of my relationships. 

My relationships grew deeper, with more meaning, more of a reason to fight for them, I was able to see more blessings in my life and be aware of why these people have stepped into my life. All of the goodness and warm fuzzies I can thank God for, just as much as thanking Him for the times of great trial and wrenching of my heart.

It was a whirlwind of events with many trials and blessings. I like to think of it as me surrendering to Christ as much as my human ability will allow, and Him responding with "this is a taste of what you yourself said Yes to" I do believe that this will not be the worst of it and this past year will not be the heaviest cross I carry, but a preview to Him responding to my yes so generously with Love & Compassion. This year He was preparing me for what is coming. With the people placed in my life, the intimate conversations I've been a part of, the events/trips I was involved with, and reunions with other friends were all extremely necessary for where He is taking me. I thank each and every one of you who has been a part of this last crazy year with me and seeing the formation of who I grew to be. I thank you for the intimate conversations I had, the mentoring & ministering, the challenges, the listening ears, the laughs, the cries. 

But most of all, I thank you for being my friend. I thank you for listening to me as I listened to you. For loving me through the trials, for seeing the best of who I can be even when I was just showing the worst of me. I thank you for persevering with me and seeking Christ above all in the friendship to where He was calling us to be with one another.  

Junior year has some big shoes to fill & I'm excited to where it will lead me with all of you! Cheers to a new year! 

xx, Lillie

Friday, April 29, 2016


Another TLF! Honestly, these are my favorite posts of the month, I get so excited to pray about these videos, ask the lovely women if they would like to be on this series, film and edit; it gives me much joy. Even more joy that I can share it with all of you!!

xx, Lillie

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Without Him I can't, without me He won't

Recently I have been able to notice my weaknesses more and more each and every day. That sounds like a downer to open up in a blog post, but it's the truth. I have realized I'm not able to do everything, I'm only human, and even though I try to do my "lousy best", life gets in the way.

People can start to abuse themselves without realizing it by focusing so much of their energy on their weaknesses and not seeing the good in themselves. Yes, let's work on them, but also loosen the reigns a little and be ok with only being human. You're not supposed to be good at everything, or do everything right, that place is for God and Mary... if you make room in your life for them to do so. It takes a lot of pressure off me by knowing that I can only do so much and then God has to take the rest because I just can't. It's not easy to say that, and admitting to my limitations is hard, and honestly, I don't like it, I don't like not being able to do something and turning to someone else, even if that someone is God.

I truly from the bottom of my heart mean this with every ounce of my being, I can't do a single thing without Him. And I am okay with that, I am happy with that because my dependence on God grew and our relationship flourished even more, and we are able to walk together in sync with one another and console each other, whether my heart is breaking on personal matters, or His for His sons and daughters that He puts in my life for me to meet and be in communion with as He wishes.

I didn't realize until recently, not only can I not do anything without Him, there are things that He wants done that He won't do without me. WOAH, what? God, won't do something without me? He's gentle, He's kind, He's patient and He loves. He doesn't want to do it without me, He chooses to do it with me even though He doesn't NEED me. He wants, more than anything, to be in communion with me, and it's the same for you too. Just because He doesn't need me, if I say no to it, He won't find someone else to do it instead. That place is still held for me because He made it for me and he won't do it without me. Somehow He's placed it in our crazy hearts, He placed it in our hearts to love and desire His will, even if we don't love or desire it right now. Sometimes we have to search really hard if we truly want what He wants and this will bring us the most joy and the most peace in our lives here on Earth.

He is breaking me down to build me up to who He created me to be. I started noticing my desires were becoming His desires and we were becoming one, mind body and spirit.

And I wouldn't want it any other way.

xx, Lillie

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Peace Has Arrived

 photo IMG_9141_zpsxviblpiv.jpg

Last week was a whirlwind. I am back in the states and completely in awe with what occurred in Honduras, and how God worked in my heart and in others. First and foremost, I want to thank all of you. Each one of you made a huge impact on my decision with going back to Honduras to serve. The preparation it took, the fundraising and the prayers gave me much peace and consolation in knowing I was called to go back. If one of you backed out on not supporting me or this mission, it wouldn't have gone the way it did, so thank you all as an individual person to me and as my family.

As I try to reflect on the past seven days there is a lot of peace and stillness in my heart. I draw in a lot of deep breaths as I try to gather my thoughts to put them into complete sentences. God was able to work on me throughout this trip in a very internal, slow and peaceful way.

I felt a lot of uselessness, isolation and discomfort..and not in a physical way. I came into Honduras having a few intentions hoping that God would tie those last few knots away and store those up in the 'healing' section of my life..God doesn't work that way. He has His own plan, and since I tell him continuously and in every Mass, that I surrender, He was really testing the waters with me and I felt he kept saying 'Do you trust Me yet? Are you ready to give me your heart? Can you take My hand and be with Me?'

 photo IMG_9043_zps2dpeecod.jpg

Yes, Lord, Yes I am. Our relationship abounded to over the mountains and through all of the depths of the sea through this mission trip, but in such a quiet not overwhelming way, because He doesn't push, He waits and He waits. If you're looking to grow in patience, just turn to Him, He's mastered that virtue.

Since I felt very isolated, and I didn't know anyone prior to coming on this mission, I didn't feel comfortable enough to go to my small group and let them in to the intimacy of my heart, so all I had was Jesus. I know, that is enough, but I am human and I fall...a lot. I had to console Him with the breaking of His heart for His children in Honduras, as He had to console me with my discomfort and isolation I felt all week. I couldn't confide in anyone and it made our relationship grow because all I had the desire to do, the whole time, was pray. And that, is enough. And that, is not useless.

 photo IMG_9060_zpsrqtj7sqt.jpg

I was able to help the girls who we were staying with with their English homework and they absolutely loved seeing me try to speak Spanish to teach them as well as simultaneously teach them English. God really tested my patience without my knowing it. Praise God because I never felt irritated or agitated while helping them and when we were done with the 5 pages they had a huge smile on their face and I hugged them out of sheer joy and being so proud of them. They never got that, can you imagine, living your life never getting a pat on your shoulder or a good job or a smile from someone because of the good work you have done? They didn't know why I was hugging them and at first tensed up. I continued to show them the only way I knew how to love them, through physical touch. When I noticed they were not used to that, I never hesitated to put my hand on their shoulder and squeezed it as I passed them, or grabbed their hand whenever we were walking together, I wasn't afraid to show them that this was also a sign of love through another Sister. They slowly became more comfortable and on the last day, as we walked an hour from one church to another, one of the girls had her arm wrapped around my waist and refused to let go for the entire walk. They learned how to love in a new way, and they saw the pureness in all of it.

They will all forever be in my prayers, and I am excited to see them again.

Thank you again for letting me share this piece of my heart with you all, and helping me have this moment and many more that occurred to be in my heart.

If you're interested,  I also made a YouTube video showing Honduras too, you can click here to watch it.

Bendiciones a todos.

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 photo IMG_9063_zpsorqciwsf.jpg

xx, Lillie

Friday, February 19, 2016


Hey guys! Just a video this week with a great friend of mine, Sarah! Let me know what you all think of it :) 



Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mission Trips

I have such exciting news to tell you all! On March 5, 2016 I will be on my way to Honduras..AGAIN! I am so pumped to be going and blessed of course. It was an amazing experience the first time I went and I honestly didn't think I was going to go again because I felt a call to go to Haiti for the summer. Well, things happen, God knows more than I do, and an opportunity came up that was so ridiculous and outrageous to the point of people saying "Wow, you didn't even pick Honduras, Honduras picked YOU." Which I wholeheartedly agree with.

I want to give a little back story on the decision making, what was a part of that, what I'm doing now to prepare and so on. 

So first, my friend Nick called me who was the facilitator on the last Honduras trip and asked if I was interested in going. I told him the truth, that I felt a real tug to go to Haiti this summer and I think I'm going to do that. He completely understood and told me that he called two other people that were definitely going to go and apparently they could no longer commit to Honduras Spring Break 2016. I was the last person Nick was trying to get a hold of, even though we were trying to talk a month before all of this and it didn't work out, he was trying to talk to me first to ask me where I was with the trip because he knew I wasn't that interested in Honduras this year. Other blessings came about the phone call with who was going on the trip this time, the expenses being more then half already paid by an anonymous donor and more. I know, absolutely unbelievable, so I told him that I was shocked and clearly, needed to do some praying and I would get back to him.

During prayer I couldn't understand why it was so easy for me to go to Honduras, when I felt such a tug towards Haiti. During Mass I heard a voice in my head repeatedly saying to me "you can do both". So I took a leap of faith, believed that that voice was from the Holy Spirit and didn't doubt it for one second..and I still haven't doubted it. I walked out of Mass with a full smile on my face and full of joy and laughter. I called Nick, told him what was going on in my head and heart, and even though I didn't give him my full yes, and I kept repeating "I am not giving you my 100% yes yet" He and I, totally knew that I was going to Honduras.

God is crazy. God knows what stirs in my heart, and what my mission here on Earth is and He is kindly and patiently asking me to accept and slowly but surely, I am. I keep giving Him my yes's, time and time again and He has never failed. He knows my desires, my wants and my passions, and He is overflowing with graces that is multiplying my desires, wants and passions. He is a Good Good Father, and I am forever grateful for this opportunity.

I am sharing with you all of this personal prayer time and conversations, because I want you to be a part of this journey with me. I don't want to be going to Honduras alone, I need a team of supporters behind me, praying with me every step of the way, and helping me get there. Last year I had the best people with me, and I want to add to that number of amazing people God has put in my life especially for this trip to Honduras.

Thank you thank you thank you.

xx, Lillie

Sunday, January 24, 2016


What a treat to have my grandma on the series of TLF! It was so great to hear more about her life story and to dive in deep with her faith and stories of love!

Hope you all enjoy :)

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Made HEALTHY Homemade Dumplings!

What's up what's up! So happy to be back and writing again! I made these awesome veggie dumplings with my roommate and they were SUPER easy and SO good. I made more a couple nights later because I couldn't get enough of them.

(like my cozy socks?)

Full time: 45 minutes-ish

Veggies of your liking; I used mushrooms, broccoli and spinach with PESTO - so good.
Wonton wraps
Olive oil

Steps to make the BEST homemade dumplings:
1. Sautee all of the vegetables in one pan until they are soft (cut them up real finely because you want to stuff as much as you can in the center of the wonton wraps)
2. Lay out the wonton wraps
3. We used a fork to spread out a little bit of pesto on each wonton wrap
4. Spoon out the veggies from the pan and place on one end of each wonton wrap
5. Fold over the empty side of the wonton over to the side of the veggies
6. Wet your fingers with water and press down on the edges of the wonton wraps to seal the wonton together
7. Twist the ends of the wonton corners and pull them together into a dumpling shape form
8. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil onto the pan and place the dumplings into the pan all around
9. Time for one minute
10. Pour water over the dumplings so the bottom of the pan is completely covered and cover the pan. Wait until the water is fully evaporated to scoop out the dumplings (we liked them really crunchy so we poured water over a little higher then just the bottom of the pan)


--We used Tamari, Pesto, and a little bit of Sriracha for dipping sauces

xx, Lillie

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Florida Weather: Christmas Week

This is just a little vlog that I made a few days ago when I went to the beach! Hope you enjoyed it!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Monday Nights

Coldness hits my hands. I close my eyes feeling the room, the people, the warmth. Slow, rhythmic sounds fill the room. Deep breaths, high voices, strums of guitar, slow beatings on the floor in a melody tone. Warmth fills my body all the way from the center of my heart to my fingertips and toes. All at once it comes together, the music, the voices, the high and lows and then, movement. I’m standing, rising to the balls of my feet, back to my heels. Repeat. Fingers stretching and collapsing, out, in out, in. Muscles coming alive throughout my whole body and in an instant, I begin.

            Hips moving side to side legs circling around one another arms higher and higher stretching to the ceiling and collapsing falling over my legs. Head shoots up with right elbow jerking up towards the ceiling and I’m turning. Chin up, Arms extended, fingers soft but alert. Feet springing off the floor in sync with the instruments and the singing. I start to move to the beat of the harmony. Leg up, foot pointed, muscles burning like a rubber band stretching as far as possible almost snapping but not quite. Satisfaction fills my body releasing the tightness in my muscles as my foot guides my leg back to the floor. Hunched over, arms out in front of me guiding my steps one after another. One last push with my hips and another leap up to the air legs straight out and gracefully back to the floor. Singing comes to a close, instruments fading away and me, back to reality. I open my eyes and I see familiar faces, wooded floors, chairs, dim lights and a tabernacle in front of me.

Friday, December 18, 2015

SUCKS TO SUCK...but not #TLF

Hello hello! We meet again for another lovely TLF! Thanks so much Sofia for being a part of this with me and all of the other women who gave God their yes to this! It was a pleasure being able to spend that time with you and learn more about you and your love for Christ :)

xx, Lillie

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas VEGAN Sugar Cookies!

Happy Advent! What a beautiful time of year and of course a time to experiment with new ingredients... which I did for you! I made some impressive tasty Christmas Cookies that are cruelty-free!

Thanks to my roommates for helping me throughout the whole night with always keeping it fun and upbeat and especially Madi for filming the whole video for me! We were all definitely in the Christmas spirit and I am so grateful for all of them!

What's your favorite type of Christmas cookie? 

xx, Lillie

Friday, December 4, 2015

Trader Joe's Shopping! VEGAN FRIENDLY

I am so excited to share this with you all! I went shopping and bought VEGAN FRIENDLY food! That's right, cruelty-free, no harming of any animal was harmed in the making of this film! Haha, jokes. But yeah! It's possible to be Vegan and it's easy!

Hope you enjoy watching this video and have a great weekend!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In The Moment

I went home this weekend for Thanksgiving and it was a nice time to relax and be with family of course. I became really homesick since I haven't been able to go home since August and that is a long time for me. Being home made me start to reflect on how I treat people when I am with them and how I use up the time I have with someone individually. I realized good qualities with myself, and also bad qualities that I am now trying to work on.

I see myself as really taking the time to see as many people as I can and to ask many questions. I am a question person and I like that about myself. Questions are always popping up in my head even if it gets awkward with someone, so no worries, if you talk to me, expect a question. When I am in Orlando I have noticed that I never use my phone if I am talking to someone one on one. I give them my full attention and use up my time wisely. Since I wasn't in Orlando and wasn't in my 'home' this past week, I wasn't with the people I see on a daily basis. So being with people one on one at home, I realized I was on my phone a lot. I didn't realize that until the last day which upset me since I couldn't really fix it until I go home for Christmas break. It hurt me to see that I took some of those family members for granted even though I kept saying how much I missed them. Did I miss talking to them or being with them, or did I just miss the presence of that person that was now removed because I live in Orlando? I'm not too sure.

On the last day I was talking to my mom outside on her patio and I looked over to see this beautiful garden that she made.. I first thought it was our neighbors which then became a joke and a quite funny one at that. I realized an hour before I left to drive home that I didn't give the attention my mother deserved this week. I kept realizing 'ok I will be with my mom from the time she gets home to the time she goes to bed and then go out with my friends'. I realized - a little too late - that yes, I was with her but I wasn't WITH her in a sense of giving her my time and my ears 100% as I do with others. 

So my challenge, now, to really think about this and to not take for granted the people I see, is to really be with them in the moment and care for them while I am with them and while I am away from them. Give the person I am with, the time they deserve and love them the way Christ does. 

Do you do the same? Do you struggle with being on your phone when you are with others?

xx, Lillie
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