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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My December Favorites

As December comes to an end I have taken extra notice about what products and food I have been loving throughout the month! Since I did that, I would love to share my favorites with you!

Let's start off with my favorite make up! My three favorite products that I can't remove from my handbag are the Naked Basics 2.0 eyeshadow palette, the Primrose Hill Picnic matte lipstick from Butter London, and the Ink for Eyes eyeliner from Too Faced! Let's be honest, it's been in like four of my posts already, you had to see that eyeliner pop in this post somewhere! I'm new with applying lipstick on a daily basis and now I am so obsessed with it I feel as if my make up look doesn't look finished unless their is lipstick on me! This one is a beautiful bright pink and I actually feel like Barbie whilst wearing it! 

My favorite book of the month is the trilogy of Delirium by Lauren Oliver. If you haven't read them, you need to buy all three books right now! I am not really into series and I can never finish them but this is the first series I have completed in a very short time! 

The last favorite I want to speak about is almond butter..I know weird but hear me out. It's also not just any almond butter, it's homemade! It took me three times to make it and now that I have, it's my favorite recipe ever! One simple ingredient..it's not raw almonds it's ROASTED almonds! I kept using raw almonds and the consistency was not smooth and not even that tasty! With the dry roasted almonds I used, the consistency is extremely smooth and it's tasty..also cheaper too! Recently I've been trying to make homemade recipes that you find in the store like granola and almond butter as well. My stomach really agrees with this new way of me making the food and I think it's because I know what exactly is going into my body and it is also healthier! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this about my December favorites and let me know what you have been loving in December as well! 

xx, Lillie

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My First Christmas Tag

Whilst watching the Nativity Story and and reading some of my favorite bloggers, I decided that I will join in on the fun of this lovely Christmas Tag a few of you have done! So here it goes:

1. On a scale of 1-10 how much are you in the Christmas mood? 

I am definitely at the higher end and would say a 9.5! Christmas is my favorite holiday :)

2. When wrapping presents is it a fail or are you a pro?

I'd like to think I am better than the last few years I have wrapped gifts, but ask all of my friends, I am a DEFINITE fail at it! Haha

3. When did you put your Christmas decorations up and do you do anything special while putting them up?

My mother and I (this year mostly my mother since I was away at college) put it up the day after Thanksgiving! We don't wait :) 

4. Do you get dressed up or stay in your pjs on Christmas day? 

We stay in our PJ's a little bit but our Christmas tradition is always going to the movie theater so we have to change out of our PJ's at some point! 

5. What would be your dream place to go during the Christmas season? 

Definitely up north where my entire family is! My aunt has a tree that's bigger and more exquisite than the one in Rockefeller center! 

6. What is your Christmas tree decorated like?

We have a real tree and a star on the top, sometimes we have an angel and we have twinkling lights with most of the ornaments being memories and has some significance to them!

7. Can you name all of Santa's Reindeers? ( without googling ) 

Ah jeez, okay let's give this a go! "We have Dasher and Dancer and Donner and Vixon, Comet, and Cupid and Prancer and Blitzen....BUT do you recaaaallll the most famous reindeer of all!" ;) I think I got all of them! (can someone say you go glen coco?)

8. Are you on the naughty list or the nice list this year? ( be honest ) 

I hope to be on the nice list! Of course mistakes were made this year, but all in all I have tried my best to be a saint! :)

9. Name three things you love to do coming up to Christmas? 

I love buying gifts for my loved ones, watching Christmas movies and participating in Advent festivities!

10. Any Christmas Wishes?

I'm pretty content right now with life :)

11. Name 10 Christmas songs you love? 

TEN?! Wow, that's a lot. Okay All I Want For Christmas Is You, Baby It's Cold Outside, This Is Christmas, Carol of the Bells, The Christmas Song...can't think of anything else (even though there are more) 

12. Name 3 Christmas movies you love? 

I love Elf, Miracle On 34th Street, and definitely The Nativity Story. I could name ten of these that's for sure!

13. Do you like white lights or coloured? 

White :)

14. Which do you like a little better, Christmas day or Christmas eve?
Definitely Christmas day! HELLO, Jesus' birthday is the best of the best :) 

15. What is your favourtie Christmas make-up look to wear? 

I'm a sucker for anything glitter :)

16. Right now as your answering these questions, how long is it till Christmas? 

Less than 24 hours!

17. Do you have any presents that you open on Christmas eve? 

Yes, three! A book, a calendar, and something else random my mother picks for us!

18. Name three things on your Christmas list?

Hm, I love anything LUSH, a skateboard, and any make up product really! I love experimenting with new makeup products :)

19. Your having a down day, Your not in the Christmas mood. What do you do to change your mood and become Christmas happy? 

I will watch Christmas movies, or go to adoration and really think about what Christmas means to me

20. What is the best thing on your plate when you have your Christmas dinner? 

My mom makes a mean cornbread, chestnut & sausage stuffing!

I hope you all enjoyed this little fun tag and I want you to do it as well if you have a blog! Hope you all have a safe and Merry Merry Christmas! 

P.S. Instead of posting on Friday, I am posting now!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Party Shanenigans

Coming home for the holidays means reuniting with old friends, and because it is a holiday season that usually consists of a few holiday parties as well! This past weekend I was delighted to have been invited to a Christmas party!

I wore a black lace dress from White House Black Market that was strapless and dips right to the knees. I also wore cranberry tights that are from H&M and black heels from Target.

I curled my hair with my wand by putting my hair up in a ponytail and curling the strands that were in the ponytail. I just started doing this recently and although it doesn't take faster to curl, it does make the curls last longer and more natural looking which is what I was going for!

For my make up I wore my Maybelline BB cream and my BareMinerals powder as well. For my bronzer I put on my Nars Laguna shade and my Rockateur for blush. I used my Too Faced Shadow Insurance for eye primer and three eyeshadows from my VICE3 Urban Decay palette. I used Brokedown all over my lid and in the crease and outer corner I used Bondage. I put the shade Sonic in the middle of the lid to add an extra shine to it as well. I used my Ink For Eyes black eyeliner from Urban Decay and winged it out a bit. For the last touch I put on my YSL Rouge Pur Couture lipstick.

Have you gone to any holiday parties yet? 

xx, Lillie

Friday, December 19, 2014

Goals & Dreams

For me writing is my escape. It's the time when I'm in my own world and thoughts and feelings are spilling out of me in no order whatsoever and it's a big stress reliever. Saying that, I write down mostly everything in my journal, even my goals in life. 

I have big dreams which someday I hope to turn into goals, then I have realistic goals, then I have goals set for my everyday life. I do this so I make sure that I get out of bed every morning and not waste my day doing absolutely nothing like watching Netflix. If I don't have goals I won't do anything. That's why planning my day out is so very important to me, it keeps me busy. 

One of my goals that I had for college was making my classes a priority, which I successfully finished with earning A's and B's. I am very proud of myself and the best part about that is that I wasn't trying to impress anyone but myself. I have also learned that with living on my own, that you shouldn't try to impress anyone but yourself, because then if you are trying to impress someone else, then you aren't living for you, you are living for them.

Another goal I had and conquered was figuring out if the faith I lived for was the truth and if I was believing in it for myself or for my family. I was able to figure that out because everything became my choice, if I wanted to go to mass and if I wanted to get involved with groups according to my faith. I was able to really dig deep and find who I truly am and what I want to do with my life and who I want to be.

Small goals I set for myself everyday, which unfortunately I do not always succeed in, are working out, going outside for fresh air, and for Advent I wanted to go to mass everyday, which I failed already because I became sick the past week, but that doesn't stop me from giving up completely.

Just because you don't conquer your goal at the time you wanted to, or you didn't get to finish it at a specific time, keep going! Don't just give up completely. Yes, a new year is coming around and you could make that your excuse of starting new and really trying again, but you won't always succeed with your goals, so if you do fail at conquering one of your goals in May lets say, don't wait until January to start again! You can start new at any time of the year whenever you like :) 

Walk to the beat of your own drum! That's the first time I have used that saying, and I like that saying a lot :) I hope you have faith in yourself and are proud of yourself even when you think you conquer a tiny goal that you think doesn't matter, it does and it isn't a little goal! A goal is a goal and YOU just overcame it :)

xx, Lillie

Friday, December 12, 2014

My night time skin care routine!

For a while now I have been really enjoying two products that I use every night to take off my make up and two products to hydrate and rejuvenate my skin while I sleep! Yes, I did have the Acuttane treatment, so my face is sensitive and I have to be careful with what I use to clean my face. 

To take off my makeup, I use the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. They are really soft to the skin and they have never irritated my eyes. 

After that, I wash my face with the Philosophy Purity Made Simple facial cleanser, and that deeply cleanses my pores and takes off the rest of my make up that the Neutrogena wipes didn't take off.

After I know I have all of my make up completely off, I then put on my Tarte Pure Maracuja Oil which I apply all over my face. This is the first time I have used a night time serum oil, and I luckily fell in love with it. It really moisturizes, hydrates, and evens out my skin tone. After I apply that, I then put on my Murad Acne Spot Fast Fix on any blemishes I have that day.

I then pop my contacts out, put on my glasses and slip under my covers and catch up on some reading! I am reading the Harry Potter series at the moment, and I am on the third book.

Have you read this series? I love it!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What are you reading?

As I'm writing this, I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop and reading an extremely good book as well. It's the perfect ambience.

I've always enjoyed reading books, and lately it's one thing I do most. I've always read one book at a time but since I have been finding so many books I want to read I tried reading two at a time. Let me tell you what a struggle that is! It is a lot harder than you think it would be, and frankly, I just couldn't do it successfully. My mind couldn't take the challenge haha.

 A few weeks ago I finally bought a book case for my room. Before that, I just had all of my books stuffed in a box under my desk. Now I have a three shelf black book case. The first shelf are all the books I have yet to read or tried reading and didn't like them, the second shelf are the books I have already read and the third shelf are just miscellaneous "books", they aren't novels. 

Right now I am reading the book Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling and trying to - on the side - to read Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. 

Do you have a favorite all time book?

xx, Lillie

Friday, December 5, 2014

Simply Balanced - Target's new line of healthy food

Hi pretties! So I went to the store today..Target specifically, and in all of these aisles I kept seeing a brand called Simply Balanced. I finally picked up one bag of food and looked at the ingredients..I'm a pretty healthy person most of the time and I don't ever look at calories, for me it's all in the ingredients. If the ingredients are all natural products, then I know it is a good food! So these ingredients were all natural! Nothing processed! And then I looked at the price and it was quite cheap for organic food.

Target has just started a new line of healthy organic food called Simply Balanced! So of course I had to get myself some food from this line to try it out! And so far everything that I have bought I have bought again or will buy again when I run out of the food! That's how much I enjoy Simply Balanced products :)

I have bought the dark chocolate covered pomegranates, quinoa, sugar, gorgonzola beans for a yummy salad, and the multigrain rosemary crisps!

I really enjoyed writing this blog post and looking at all new foods to buy, so I might write more blog posts with healthy recipes that I really enjoy making! Eating healthy can sometimes be a bore because there aren't very flavorful, but I put my own twist to them while keeping them healthy, fresh, and tasty!

Photo from here

Have you heard of this new Target line? If you have let me know your favorite foods so I can buy them too :)

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Christmas traditions!

Since Thanksgiving is over, I will now talk about Christmas! Yay! So Christmas is my favorite holiday of all time and I am a big holiday person. 

I love buying gifts, wrapping gifts, and giving gifts to my loved ones. That and decorating the house and trimming the tree are probably my favorite parts of the Christmas season. My mom and I listen to Christmas music usually all year around but it does sound a whole lot better in December of course!

The classic Christmas movies I love:

Miracle on 34th Street
How The Grinch Stole Christmas
 Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
The Holiday
 It's A Wonderful Life
 Little Women
 Meet Me in St. Louis
 The House Without A Christmas Tree
 The Polar Express
 A Charlie Brown Christmas
The Nativity Story
Mickey's Christmas Carol

 I do watch a lot more but those are the ones that I can think of at the moment! For the past three years we have had a real Christmas tree and yes it is a lot more up keep then a fake tree but it is so worth it. If you haven't had a real Christmas tree have one this year! 

On Christmas Eve my family and I are allowed to open three presents from my mom - usually chuckling and jokingly giving the credit to dad. She always buys us a calendar for the new year, one book, and one additional present. We also get to exchange our Kris Kringle gifts. If you don't know what Kris Kringle is it is basically like Secret Santa - when you have a group of people and you put all of the names in a hat and everyone picks a name and whatever name you pick is the person you buy the present for! There are six people in my family so it is easier then buying everyone a gift - although my oldest sister always buys everyone a gift regardless of our rule!

We always go to Midnight Mass and wake up the next morning on Christmas day opening presents, watching more Christmas movies whilst eating candy from our stocking. After that, we always go out to the movie theater and watch another movie! My family and I are very big into movies if you haven't noticed! :)

p.s. My family also puts up a Menorah for my father's side and we say the prayers with our MeMa (grandmother)

What do you do for your Christmas or holiday traditions?

 xx, Lillie

Friday, November 28, 2014

Fall make up look

I am very eager to show you this make up look because I am quite new at wearing dark lipstick and I had so much fun experimenting with a fall/wintry look! I don't live in the coldest place on Earth, but it does get chilly for me so yes this outfit is very appropriate for that day when it was in the 40 degree weather! 

The scarf I'm wearing is a gift from my sister from Israel, the denim button down is actually my dads, and I'm just wearing black leggings from Target and brown over the knee boots with a black stripe on the side of them from Nordstrom!

The eyeshadow I'm wearing is from the VICE3 eyeshadow palette, which I did a review on here and the shades I blended together were Downfall as the base, Reign in the crease and outer corner and I dabbed on Bondage in the middle of my eyelid. I then used my Ink For Eyes black eyeliner from Urban Decay, which I was thinking of making it a wing eyeliner but I didn't for this particular day, it does look great with a wing or cat eye look as well though :) 

Now onto my favorite part! I used my NARS Scarlett Empress lipstick for the lip liner and lipstick. It really finishes off the look and in my opinion I could use this make up look for day or night!

Hope you all enjoyed! Until next time

xx, Lillie

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hear me out.

Stop believing what society is telling you what is right or wrong. Your insecurities come from other people, and if society didn't tell you it looked 'wrong' you wouldn't think it was. SO STOP listening to society. I'm not telling you these things because I don't struggle with it, I'm telling you this because I DO struggle with this every single day of my life, and it SUCKS. I don't want to live like this anymore! I'm taking a stand and changing my way of thinking from society's way, to MY way.

There is a difference between being healthy and having a 'great' physical appearance. Who cares how you look on the outside, my heart and lungs could be working better than someone who is a size zero or who is a size 16. It's what's inside that counts. You shouldn't be working out because you want to look good and be accepted by society. You should be working out because you want to live longer and have a better heart and lungs so you don't have to suffer 30 years from now. I struggle with this, I only work out because I know it makes my body look better on the outside. If I had my 'dream' body, I would never work out, or eat healthy. That isn't why you should eat healthy and work out! You should eat healthy because it's good for your INSIDES, not your outsides! If you want to eat junk food, then eat junk food! Don't not eat bad food because you know it won't make you look good physically. What, physical appearance is the only thing that matters? STOP THINKING THAT. IT'S SHALLOW. There is more to life than abs and biceps! There is more to a person than abs and biceps! 

Everybody has a different religion and different beliefs. I didn't understand what people saw in Orgone Pyramids and I thought my friend was nuts for thinking he could find peace and positivity in a piece of metal. That was wrong of me. Who cares about other people's religion and what they believe in? Who are you or anyone else to say it's 'weird' or 'not true' or 'unnatural'? Hell I believe that a piece of bread becomes the actual flesh and body of Jesus Christ. And I also believe that wine is turned into His actual blood, not a symbol, His actual body and blood that I eat. Everyone believes in something, it might not be your way, but it brings them happiness and you should let them do them and you do you and stop judging behind their backs what gives them joy.

Who cares about money, we are all told that money gives you happiness and makes you successful in life..UM NO. Yes, people use money all of the time to get out of trouble and what not, but you don't have to be okay with it. Take a stand, that is WRONG. Money can't win over everything and it shouldn't! It's a piece of paper with NO MEANING to it! Trying to have loads of money is trying to buy happiness and importance to this world. If money makes you important, then I don't want to be a part of any of it. YOU should make yourself important, not your possessions. You are more important than money, you should treat yourself better than using money to buy your way in life. 

Why does society matter so much to people? If you start to not care what they think they will stop caring and judging what you do, or you just won't realize it all together and it will simply not matter anymore.

You shouldn't judge anyone because that's where insecurities come from. You do you, and whatever you do, BE CONFIDENT AND PROUD. Don't hide it. You should be proud of everything you do, because you chose that way of life.

Don't let others give you total happiness. Don't be happy because now you have a bf/gf and now you become confident in yourself because you know someone loves you and cares about you and thinks your pretty. Why did your bf/gf have to make that change for you? You had friends before that, you had others who already cared for you for who you were with all of your flaws. You should be proud and happy with yourself in physical and mental appearance BEFORE the bf/gf comes along. They are the addition to your happiness NOT YOUR WHOLE HAPPINESS. You shouldn't depend your happiness on another human being, they are just as flawed and messed up as you are. They shouldn't get that power to determine your happiness and your life. NO that is wrong. 

I wish mirrors didn't exist. I wish the "perfect person" didn't exist so we didn't have to base our physical appearance on what SOCIETY is told is right. Who cares what other people think is beautiful or perfect. I don't have the same opinions as other people and I shouldn't have to change my views to fit in. It's a messed up world if you make it out to be. If you change the way you act about things other people will start to too. SHOW THEM THE RIGHT WAY TO LIVE. Not this way, it's not okay and it isn't right. This isn't happiness. trying to be something you aren't is not happiness. It's an empty hole that won't ever end and you'll keep falling through it if you keep following society's way. Don't follow society's way, it's wrong. Follow your heart. it's the right choice.

The sun is shining for you, embrace it. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My lazy perks

We all have those days where we just don't feel like doing anything! Well, I thought I would share what I do on my lazy days. Now that I am in college I tend to have these a lot more because there is so much time on my hands. Last year I don't think I had one lazy day for the whole year I was so busy it was extremely unhealthy. But any who, they usually consist of watching Netflix, staying in bed basically the whole day, catching up on YouTube and reading my favorite bloggers newest posts :). On my lazy days I also like to have a pamper evening as well. My pamper evenings I have explained before have a lot of LUSH products..if you don't know what Lush is, I have another post in August explaining what Lush is, and why I adore it so much.

I light some candles, put on some cozy socks and turn on my fairy lights. Right now, I am binge watching Gilmore Girls and I am reading two books! So my lazy days are set! I am reading the second book of the Trilogy of Delirium (Pandemonium is #2) by Lauren Oliver, and also Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling.

What do you do on your lazy days?

xx, Lillie 

Friday, November 14, 2014

You Are Good Enough.

Say it: I am good enough. 

Being insecure and trying to "find yourself" can be hard. I truly believe that you are who you are and you should be proud of yourself! You are here on this Earth for a reason and you are here to make a difference. You don't need to change who you are or try to act better than who you are to try to impress someone. Be yourself! That alone will impress someone and they will care for you.

College has not been an easy stroll in the park. If any of you do go to college you understand, and if not, life is a struggle in itself. For my first year of college I am living off campus. At times, it can be lonely and feel as if you don't have anyone to talk to. Yes technology is great with calling, texting and even FaceTiming, but that just doesn't cut it sometimes. Sometimes, you need someone to be there with you, so you know you are loved and cared about. I am not in my comfort zone and no one knows me here. I feel like I need to impress people and prove to them I am important so they like me. But with me trying SO hard for them to like me, I stopped being myself and I was turning into someone else and I made a bigger fool out of myself by doing that. 

You are the best at being YOU! And don't ever forget that. Be proud of where you come from and the struggles you have dealt with. Every single one of those struggles have made you who you are today. I don't regret or wish my life was any different and I am proud of myself. You all need to be proud of yourself and know that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! I hope that you all love yourself and know you are worthy and important in this life.

People will like you no matter what if you are yourself. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and show your true feelings to people! I love knowing that I am not the only one with a messy life! We ALL have a messy life and you grow a stronger relationship with someone by knowing the in and outs of their life and not judging with their past or flaws. We all make mistakes and we are all NOT perfect. I love you beauties and I am so grateful for all of the amazing feedback I get with this blog with the people who enjoy it.

(me making a fool out of myself)

 I hope you all have a fantastic weekend xx

Friday, November 7, 2014


So if you haven't heard the new Taylor Swift 1989 album..you are just wasting your life listening to unimportant music. Joking! But really, you need to listen to her. I have been a huge fan of Taylor Swift since day one and I have loved every single one of her albums and songs. My family basically makes fun of me for loving her this much haha! I've been to two of her concerts; Speak Now and Red. And at both of them when I was with my sister, my dad called and asked her if I have fainted yet..not funny dad! But yes I am definitely a Taylor fan. So this new album got me super jumpy and ecstatic because it was just pop and I was a big fan of her last album Red which was mostly Pop and not much country on there.

 My favorite songs on this album are Blank Space, This Love, and Wildest Dreams. They are so different than any other song she has ever created and you can really see she has grown from baby Taylor to now. At her last concert my sister and I realized that she was slowly trying to transform and show her fans that she is growing up and becoming an adult and maturing by her new wardrobe. She used to wear glittery and very out there clothing to her concerts making a big entrance and blah blah blah. This concert she wore normal clothes that you would wear everyday like Khakis and a striped T-shirts. Her wardrobe is still flawless, don't get me wrong but you can really see the transformation she is making into becoming "adult" Taylor. This album really showed that she is a changed person but still has the same values and still loves the same things..like her cats haha. So yes, that is my little spiel over Taylor Swifts new album and I really recommend you all to buy it and listen to it :)

Photo from here

If you have listened to it what is your favorite song from the album or past albums?! xo

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little obsession

I LOVE MY TUTU. So for Halloween I was 'batman' or 'bat woman' whichever you would like to call it but in my opinion I rocked my outfit since I planned it an hour before the little party I was attending. I bought this gold and black tutu that I fell in love with and if you didn't already know, I used to dance and it was a big part of my life. If you were a dancer and competed like me, you know that tutu's were basically in at least one of your costumes..for me it was in two since I had the strictest ballet teacher and I also had her for pointe. Since I stopped dancing you could imagine that I also stopped wearing tutus.

 So when I bought this tutu I forgot how AMAZING it is to wear tutu's and feel like the ultimate fairy or queen or whatever you feel like but I feel like the prettiest girl alive just wearing my tutu. So yes, if your question is are you still wearing it? That would be a definite yes, since Halloween I have been wearing it almost everyday just around my house and it is sort of like my outfit I put on after my day out of doing errands and what nots and it is the perfect way to just wind down and relax..who wouldn't want to relax while wearing a tutu? I am thinking of buying more which I know is weird but I am just so in love with this one and it makes me SO happy, you can't not smile while wearing a tutu it isn't possible! 

So I am really enjoying my obsession with my tutu..does anyone else have a little guilty pleasure like me? Please say yes haha I can't be the only one! xo

P.S. I'm actually wearing my tutu as I write this blog.
Yes you can call me a freak! :)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Big buy at Ulta

So I went to Ulta this past week and I bought the VICE3 Urban Decay eye shadow palette! Basically, I'm in love with it. It was a fortune (especially for a college student) but all worth it. My friend and I convinced each other to buy it, since we don't live near each other we couldn't just buy one and share that unfortunately :(.

 We were deciding between the Vice3 and the On The Rocks Smashbox eye palette that had very similar colors but it was a lot smaller and cheaper. The reason why we bought the Vice3 instead of the Rocks is because in our opinion we thought the Rocks looked a little tacky and it had this cheap diamond in the middle and we really did not like the look of it. Also, the colors we absolutely fell in love with on the Vice3 was not on the On The Rocks eye palette like the Alchemy, Lucky, Sonic or Freeze.

 We did realize that you can find those colors on some of the naked palettes but they weren't identical. Even though it was so so expensive I really don't regret buying it because there are so many colors that are perfect for the Fall and for the Spring as well so its a palette I can use all year around and I suggest if you love mixing up colors and if you are big on wearing different color eyeshadows that you should definitely buy this eye palette. 

I have used most of the neutral colors like DTF and Neon, but I have also took a little risk and used Alchemy, which I thought would be a little much since I usually only wear neutrals but I am trying to change it up and I loved that color a lot! I personally don't like putting too much shine on my eyelid or too much matte, I like to mix it up a bit, so that is another positive on this palette as well! If you do you want a cheaper eye palette that is similar to the Vice3 I would highly suggest the On The Rocks eye palette :)

If you have bought the Vice3 let me know which colors you blend together and if you love it as much as I do! Until next time loves xo

p.s. Happy Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Classics

So I am a huge bookworm and proud of it, but unfortunately I haven't read many classic books. This weekend I went up to Jacksonville to visit a friend in college and we went to this cute little antique book shop and it had so many classic books and plays. I absolutely fell in love and made me want to read classic books so much more!

 I wanted to buy books and plays I have already read like Hamlet by Shakespeare or A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens..my favorites that I can think of at the moment. The books were in incredible condition and if you don't know, antique book shops like this one, the books are used and the original copies. I am a fan of buying books I don't really like the Kindle very much so this made me very very happy :).

 I picked up Moby Dick by Herman Melville and Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. 

When I was rummaging through the books and flipping through the pages to smell that amazing smell (if you're into books like this you know exactly the smell I'm talking about) basically like from the olden days is the best way I can describe it; I found a little surprise in my Moby Dick book.

 It was an article from a newspaper that was ripped out and I'm assuming used as a bookmark or something or another. I felt like a little investigator trying to find out what newspaper it was from and what year it was published! Doing my research the only thing I could get out of it when looking up was that it might've been published in 1937-1938. How incredible?! 

 Have you read these before? What classic books have you read? xo

Friday, October 24, 2014


Yes, it is possible to buy even more Lush if your name is Lillie Mysel. I was home for the weekend and so I had to splurge on my favorite Lush products for the seasons! They had products all the way up to Christmas! It was beautiful haha. I mostly bought just bath bombs and bubble bars none of the shampoos or anything like that.


These are all of the bubble bars that I purchased excluding the present (Golden Wonder) at the top, the moon (Christmas Eve) in the left corner, and the penguin on the left (The Christmas Penguin) which are all bath bombs! Also the angel on the right side (Snow Angel) is a part bath bomb and bath melt. I also bought The Christmas Hedgehog in the right corner below the Snow Angel and next to the Holly Golightly on the left and the Wizard on the right! In the middle is the Sparkly Pumpkin which I am so excited to try and I think I might wait until Halloween to use it. Next to the Sparkly Pumpkin to the left is the Melting Snowman, which  is very similar to the Snow Angels job in the part bath bomb part bath melt :)

These are the bath bombs I bought not including the two I showed in the previous picture! Starting from the left the white bath bomb is called So White and next to that is Father Christmas which actually when put in water disperses red and green color! How festive for the season ;). Below Father Christmas is the Luxury Lush Pud and that has lavender in it. In the middle is Dashing Santa and to the left of that is Lord of Misrule.

This is just showing all of the bath bombs, bubble bars and melts that I purchased! Writing this blog post got me so excited that I had my pamper evening tonight instead of Sunday :) 

Do you have a favorite product you buy from Lush during the seasons? What is your favorite product from Lush? xo

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Urban Outfitters boycotting

Hi! So this post is going to be a little controversial and might bring a little ruckus about but oh well! I used to be in love with Urban Outfitters and just adore their stuff just like mostly everyone I know..no matter how expensive they are. 

Last year I saw they made a shirt that said "Eat Less" on it and that immediately struck me with confusion and anger. I am now totally against Urban Outfitters. As a woman and living in a world where physical appearance is one of the biggest problems and insecurities and how basically everyone judges everyone by physical appearance got me very angry. I couldn't believe Urban Outfitters actually made a shirt PROMOTING mental illnesses and trying to make a trend out of them!! I was appalled. I started doing more research and saw that Sophia Bush boycotted against them making her own shirt "0 Is Not A Size". 


So naturally, I went on Sophia Bush's side and got my own custom made shirt of "0 Is Not A Size" and started boycotting against Urban Outfitters as well. Since that day I have not purchased and will not purchase anything from Urban and knowing that people aren't aware of this terrible "fashion trend" they are starting, makes me more upset then you could ever imagine. 

If you are reading this, I want you to know from me personally even if I don't know you, that you are beautiful inside and out, physically and mentally. Being "skinny" or being this specific size isn't everything, actually it's nothing. I wish women and men didn't care so much about physical appearance because that does not matter. It's you on the inside and how your mind works and your opinions and what you do with your life that makes you who you are, not the physical appearance and Urban Outfitters should be helping women trying to achieve this self confidence not self-destructing by telling us beautiful women to eat less.

 I'm sorry for the ramble and this big commotion but I wanted you to know my thoughts about physical appearance and that you could be "skinny" and not be healthy or you are not "skinny" and you are healthy. It's the HEALTH that matters not the size. I am writing this post because I care about the women who are struggling with physical appearance confidence, not to start a debate or argument on my blog. 

I will begin to write blog posts every Friday and maybe Tuesdays! So watch out for more to come and I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week! xo 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review on my Sephora products!

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on what I bought at Sephora! Now I want to do a review on the products I purchased and let you know how I use them and if I like them or not! 

I bought two lipsticks one from Nars called Scarlet Empress and one from YSL called Rouge Pur Couture. I bought them both mainly for the autumnal weather and I do recommend for you to buy them too!


Scarlet Empress is a deep matte purple shade. I apply it in a way that makes it last all day. I use my RealTechniques Detailer brush to line my lips and apply a light layer all over my lips as well. After I have done that, then I will go over with the lipstick itself to make it a darker shade. This way, when I eat or drink something the color won't come off all the way because I already applied a first layer and that really sinks into my lips keeping them long lasting without staining them. 

Rouge Pur Couture I can only describe the color like a deep pink. I have never had a YSL lipstick before and this lipstick is the most moisturizing lipstick I have ever used. It is literally like I am applying lip balm to my lips. It also stays on for an incredibly long period of time and it is just the softest lipstick I have ever used in my life. I also feel like royalty when wearing the lip color because when people ask me what I am wearing I get to say YSL and that is just very satisfying :) 

I purchased a new face powder because for a very long time, maybe over a year now, I have used the Bare Minerals face powder and it is great but I just needed a change in my face powder so I turned to the Laura Mercier Rich Vanilla Pressed Powder. This is also mineral based so it can get flaky when applying it to your brush, but it does stay on for a long time. I have noticed that it can be a little glowy on my face and I'm still not sure if I like that or not. I usually apply a BB Cream or a liquid foundation before my powder because I do live in Florida and it gets HOT so I need something that will keep everything in place so nothing melts off. I like face powders that aren't heavy and have a lot of coverage. I like to show my blemishes because I know that I am not perfect and I love to embrace that side of myself to everyone who meets me.

Most of my eyeliners are from Urban Decay and I have never regretted buying an eyeliner from them. With my new purchase of the Ink For Eyes felt tip eyeliner, I still don't regret buying it. I think the eyeliners from Urban Decay bring something new to the table that is very different from any other company that sells eyeliners. They are super easy to use and I never ever have to pull on my eye to apply the eye liner which helps with not getting wrinkles to your eyes and it also takes me like 2 minutes to apply my eyeliner. I use this eyeliner when I do a cat eye or wing look and it really does a nice job to a finishing eyeliner look with a little flick at the end of my eye. On my Instagram I posted a picture showing off the flick eyeliner look if you would like to see that picture on there :) 

I am a huge lover when it comes to face masks. I usually put on a face mask once or twice a week. I enjoy my "me" time which always consists of a bath with my favorite Lush products, a face mask and body lotion. I have never used anything from Origins before but I have heard good things about their products so I thought why not give it a go? I bought the Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin. I love this face mask it clears up my skin super nicely and I can see the difference the next day. It does have a strong smell to it so sometimes I have to hold my breath while applying it but other than that I have had no other problems with this face mask!

The body butter I will now use for the rest of my life because it is perfect and I am in love with it is the Soap & Glory Butter Yourself super rich smoothing body cream. When I first bought this I was a little hesitant with using it because I hate applying lotion to my body and then sitting for days waiting for it to dry. Since this was a body cream which I know are usually heavy and usually takes forever to dry, but this one proved me wrong! It is literally a dream putting it on my body and I actually get excited to put it on me before bed - you can say that's lame I know it is - but it smells so amazing it is like summer and winter combined and those are my absolute favorite seasons and as you read more of my posts in the future you will notice that I am horrible at describing scents! So I apologize but I really encourage you to pop out and buy this body cream because it does its job and it dries so fast and it smells divine. 

Thank you for reading my post and if you like these reviews on make up or clothes let me know and I will keep writing posts like these :) 

What do you buy at Sephora?


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