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Friday, August 22, 2014

Lush with Lillie!

So I want to put it out there that I am a HUGE Lush fan! I only started using Lush about a year ago and I absolutely fell in love. The majority of the products I have used I have adored. From the bath bombs, to the shampoo to the facial masks! I love having my "me" time and that includes a lot of Lush products. If you don't know what Lush is, it is a store with 95% vegan and 100% vegetarian products. They fight against animal abuse and they believe in all natural products. All the products are handmade and for bath and face needs. If you love pampering yourself as I do, you have to check out what Lush is all about. I have used a lot of their products and the ones I am showing here are just a few of my favorites. Unfortunately with the move to my apartment, I haven't had a place to put all of my Lush products in a nice area - as you can see they are still in the bags - but I just wanted to show you that this is a part of my love for beauty products & what not :)

These are the bath bombs & bubble bars. The bath bombs are the sphere shaped ones and they are used to be placed in a bathtub full of water and they are used for moisturizing & for meditation. Each bath bomb is made with different ingredients to help relax the body & each has a different scent so you can find one that really helps with your body. The bubble bars are used for the bathtub as well, and they are the more square ones. They make bubbles and the bubbles stay in the bathtub the whole time you are in the bath. You don't use the whole bubble bar in one bath, you can break it in fours or however many times you like and use it that way. They are not expensive and I love how you can use it more than once!

The Tea Tree water (on the left) sorry it's a little faded, is used for your face. You spritz it on and it helps with breakouts and is basically used as a toner. I have seen a difference in my face when I use this product. The Daddy-O is a purple shampoo made for blondies, like myself ;) and it helps make your hair blonder. I tried it once and I have never used another shampoo since. I see a HUGE difference in how light my hair has gotten and it's all natural so it's healthier than a dye! The No Drought is a dry shampoo that is a powder & you just put it on your scalp and it does it's job! 

The BB Seaweed is a wonderful face mask that has to be refrigerated and it helps reduce the redness in your face. Let me tell you that I have tried multiple face masks and I saw an immediate change in the redness of my face - which I struggle with a lot - after just one use of this product. You only have to leave it on your face for around 10 minutes & it does wonders. The Ocean Salt is a very popular face exfoliant and so I just had to try it because so many people have urged me to buy it. My face can be very sensitive with different products so I was nervous to try it, but it does no damage to my face and it actually makes it a lot smoother and more even toned. I only use it two to three times a week, I alternate between the BB Seaweed & the Ocean Salt and with the two, my face has never looked better!

As you can see, I am a Lushie and proud of it! So please, try the products and let me know what you think! If you have any questions about it at all don't hesitate to ask me :)

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