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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Are you happy with yourself? But really are you?

Hi! So I know this blog is about beauty..but it is also about my thoughts. So I know everyone always says stop thinking about what other people think and just be happy and confident with yourself no matter what. Yes, that can be very inspirational but how many times does that work? I know for me insecurity is a BIG issue, especially now since I am in college. I thought it would go away because I am in college and no one knows me but nope I actually think it got worse. I know it's hard to put other peoples opinions to the side and not think about them. I know they don't matter but you can't escape how you feel, even if the feeling is coming from someone else. I also find it hard to be happy with yourself when you've been rejected or felt unloved or even when you're really lonely. None of these situations make it easier to be happy with yourself. Moving away from home and starting fresh I thought was the only thing I wanted. Well, I thought wrong. It is hard and scary and like I said, lonely. I'm so lonely here because I don't know anyone and I am afraid to get myself out there and talk to people because of what they will think about me. So here is a little advice that I am trying to use on myself as well. STOP EVERYTHING. Every single time you are hesitating on doing something or talking to someone stop for a second and don't think. Immediately say YES and just do it. I know it's scary and not comfortable but once you get out of the comfort zone it will be easier to do it again and again. Even if it didn't work out how you planned, you have to think back on the first reason why you did it. That reason was for yourself, to get over the fear of whatever it was you just conquered! So instead of being upset, which is usually the first feeling I get, get happy with yourself and think I actually did it! You just conquered your fear. Be proud of yourself.  

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