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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Spending lots of $$$ at Sephora

So today I had a wild idea to spend all of my money! Joking. But I did spend A LOT of money at Sephora! There were products I have been dying to try out and I am so so happy I finally got the courage to have a little spend and buy them :) They are high end products so they were expensive! But save save save and you can have them too! Most of the products I bought were from watching reviews of other bloggers/YouTubers like Zoella and Meghan Rienks. I actually bought so many products that they gave me like a million samples! Lucky me! Haha

Above shows all of the products I bought. I bought two lipsticks, Nars and YSL, a Laura Mercier mineral pressed powder, a 24/7 Urban Decay eye pencil, a Soap & Glory body cream and the Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute facial mask.

I have heard only good things about Origins products. I did have the Accutane treatment and it ended about three months ago and my face has been blemish free. But college can get to you and it can be hard to keep up with your normal face routine at night! I wanted to buy something that wouldn't expire after two weeks - like the Lush facial masks I usually buy - and something light as well. I don't need heavy duty on my face, just something to keep it hydrated and smooth. I will do a review on it once I have used it for a few weeks! Zoella has used it and many other YouTubers so I would look up reviews if you are really interested! 
The Soap & Glory body cream is the first product I have ever bought from Soap & Glory! I am the type of person that after I get out of the shower I always moisturize! I usually use Nivea but I wanted to spice it up and try something new! I usually steer clear of body creams because I don't have time to sit and wait for the lotion to dry! But I heard that it is extremely moisturizing and it dries super fast! So I will give it a go tonight and let you know in another blog post as well :)

The Laura Mercier Mineral Pressing Powder I heard is a very light foundation! I always put on liquid and then powder to set it all, so I don't like it to be heavy on my face. I also live in Florida so if my face make up is too heavy it will literally sweat off my face in the worst places. I have been using Bare Minerals for almost a year and it works great! But I like to change my make up after using the same products for a while. I got the shade Rich Vanilla and I am very excited to use it! 
I already have two other 24/7 eye pencil glide ons by Urban Decay and I fell in love with them. I have it in a shade of purple and black. My eyes are a light brown so I wanted to get a brown eye pencil since I do not have one. The shade I chose was Whiskey. These are extremely easy to use and I don't even have to pull on my eye to apply it. They are just my favorite eye pencils.

Lately I have been really into lipsticks. I was never a huge fan of lipstick just because it made you look older and you kept having to reapply it. Now that I am older and love make up even more I became extremely interested in lipsticks. I have two Mac lipsticks, and then drugstore lip products like Revlon and Covergirl. Both of these lipsticks were suggested to me (and other viewers) by Zoella. I have always wanted a YSL lipstick because I have only heard good things about YSL and when I saw the whole YSL lip counter I understood why everyone loves them so much. The colors are so unique and pigmented. Since it is fall my make up is beginning to have darker shades..that also means lipsticks will be darker as well! So the shade I got in YSL is Rouge Pur Couture. 
The Nars lipstick I actually was looking for this specific color because a YouTuber - can't remember which one - did a make up routine with this lip color and I fell in love with how it looked. It is a bit daring and I might only have the courage to wear it once or twice but hopefully I am able to wear it more than that. The shade is Scarlett Empress and it is a very deep dark plum. 

Thank you for reading about my little splurge! xo
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