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Friday, October 31, 2014

Big buy at Ulta

So I went to Ulta this past week and I bought the VICE3 Urban Decay eye shadow palette! Basically, I'm in love with it. It was a fortune (especially for a college student) but all worth it. My friend and I convinced each other to buy it, since we don't live near each other we couldn't just buy one and share that unfortunately :(.

 We were deciding between the Vice3 and the On The Rocks Smashbox eye palette that had very similar colors but it was a lot smaller and cheaper. The reason why we bought the Vice3 instead of the Rocks is because in our opinion we thought the Rocks looked a little tacky and it had this cheap diamond in the middle and we really did not like the look of it. Also, the colors we absolutely fell in love with on the Vice3 was not on the On The Rocks eye palette like the Alchemy, Lucky, Sonic or Freeze.

 We did realize that you can find those colors on some of the naked palettes but they weren't identical. Even though it was so so expensive I really don't regret buying it because there are so many colors that are perfect for the Fall and for the Spring as well so its a palette I can use all year around and I suggest if you love mixing up colors and if you are big on wearing different color eyeshadows that you should definitely buy this eye palette. 

I have used most of the neutral colors like DTF and Neon, but I have also took a little risk and used Alchemy, which I thought would be a little much since I usually only wear neutrals but I am trying to change it up and I loved that color a lot! I personally don't like putting too much shine on my eyelid or too much matte, I like to mix it up a bit, so that is another positive on this palette as well! If you do you want a cheaper eye palette that is similar to the Vice3 I would highly suggest the On The Rocks eye palette :)

If you have bought the Vice3 let me know which colors you blend together and if you love it as much as I do! Until next time loves xo

p.s. Happy Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Classics

So I am a huge bookworm and proud of it, but unfortunately I haven't read many classic books. This weekend I went up to Jacksonville to visit a friend in college and we went to this cute little antique book shop and it had so many classic books and plays. I absolutely fell in love and made me want to read classic books so much more!

 I wanted to buy books and plays I have already read like Hamlet by Shakespeare or A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens..my favorites that I can think of at the moment. The books were in incredible condition and if you don't know, antique book shops like this one, the books are used and the original copies. I am a fan of buying books I don't really like the Kindle very much so this made me very very happy :).

 I picked up Moby Dick by Herman Melville and Uncle Tom's Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe. 

When I was rummaging through the books and flipping through the pages to smell that amazing smell (if you're into books like this you know exactly the smell I'm talking about) basically like from the olden days is the best way I can describe it; I found a little surprise in my Moby Dick book.

 It was an article from a newspaper that was ripped out and I'm assuming used as a bookmark or something or another. I felt like a little investigator trying to find out what newspaper it was from and what year it was published! Doing my research the only thing I could get out of it when looking up was that it might've been published in 1937-1938. How incredible?! 

 Have you read these before? What classic books have you read? xo

Friday, October 24, 2014


Yes, it is possible to buy even more Lush if your name is Lillie Mysel. I was home for the weekend and so I had to splurge on my favorite Lush products for the seasons! They had products all the way up to Christmas! It was beautiful haha. I mostly bought just bath bombs and bubble bars none of the shampoos or anything like that.


These are all of the bubble bars that I purchased excluding the present (Golden Wonder) at the top, the moon (Christmas Eve) in the left corner, and the penguin on the left (The Christmas Penguin) which are all bath bombs! Also the angel on the right side (Snow Angel) is a part bath bomb and bath melt. I also bought The Christmas Hedgehog in the right corner below the Snow Angel and next to the Holly Golightly on the left and the Wizard on the right! In the middle is the Sparkly Pumpkin which I am so excited to try and I think I might wait until Halloween to use it. Next to the Sparkly Pumpkin to the left is the Melting Snowman, which  is very similar to the Snow Angels job in the part bath bomb part bath melt :)

These are the bath bombs I bought not including the two I showed in the previous picture! Starting from the left the white bath bomb is called So White and next to that is Father Christmas which actually when put in water disperses red and green color! How festive for the season ;). Below Father Christmas is the Luxury Lush Pud and that has lavender in it. In the middle is Dashing Santa and to the left of that is Lord of Misrule.

This is just showing all of the bath bombs, bubble bars and melts that I purchased! Writing this blog post got me so excited that I had my pamper evening tonight instead of Sunday :) 

Do you have a favorite product you buy from Lush during the seasons? What is your favorite product from Lush? xo

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Urban Outfitters boycotting

Hi! So this post is going to be a little controversial and might bring a little ruckus about but oh well! I used to be in love with Urban Outfitters and just adore their stuff just like mostly everyone I know..no matter how expensive they are. 

Last year I saw they made a shirt that said "Eat Less" on it and that immediately struck me with confusion and anger. I am now totally against Urban Outfitters. As a woman and living in a world where physical appearance is one of the biggest problems and insecurities and how basically everyone judges everyone by physical appearance got me very angry. I couldn't believe Urban Outfitters actually made a shirt PROMOTING mental illnesses and trying to make a trend out of them!! I was appalled. I started doing more research and saw that Sophia Bush boycotted against them making her own shirt "0 Is Not A Size". 


So naturally, I went on Sophia Bush's side and got my own custom made shirt of "0 Is Not A Size" and started boycotting against Urban Outfitters as well. Since that day I have not purchased and will not purchase anything from Urban and knowing that people aren't aware of this terrible "fashion trend" they are starting, makes me more upset then you could ever imagine. 

If you are reading this, I want you to know from me personally even if I don't know you, that you are beautiful inside and out, physically and mentally. Being "skinny" or being this specific size isn't everything, actually it's nothing. I wish women and men didn't care so much about physical appearance because that does not matter. It's you on the inside and how your mind works and your opinions and what you do with your life that makes you who you are, not the physical appearance and Urban Outfitters should be helping women trying to achieve this self confidence not self-destructing by telling us beautiful women to eat less.

 I'm sorry for the ramble and this big commotion but I wanted you to know my thoughts about physical appearance and that you could be "skinny" and not be healthy or you are not "skinny" and you are healthy. It's the HEALTH that matters not the size. I am writing this post because I care about the women who are struggling with physical appearance confidence, not to start a debate or argument on my blog. 

I will begin to write blog posts every Friday and maybe Tuesdays! So watch out for more to come and I hope you all have a fantastic rest of the week! xo 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Review on my Sephora products!

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on what I bought at Sephora! Now I want to do a review on the products I purchased and let you know how I use them and if I like them or not! 

I bought two lipsticks one from Nars called Scarlet Empress and one from YSL called Rouge Pur Couture. I bought them both mainly for the autumnal weather and I do recommend for you to buy them too!


Scarlet Empress is a deep matte purple shade. I apply it in a way that makes it last all day. I use my RealTechniques Detailer brush to line my lips and apply a light layer all over my lips as well. After I have done that, then I will go over with the lipstick itself to make it a darker shade. This way, when I eat or drink something the color won't come off all the way because I already applied a first layer and that really sinks into my lips keeping them long lasting without staining them. 

Rouge Pur Couture I can only describe the color like a deep pink. I have never had a YSL lipstick before and this lipstick is the most moisturizing lipstick I have ever used. It is literally like I am applying lip balm to my lips. It also stays on for an incredibly long period of time and it is just the softest lipstick I have ever used in my life. I also feel like royalty when wearing the lip color because when people ask me what I am wearing I get to say YSL and that is just very satisfying :) 

I purchased a new face powder because for a very long time, maybe over a year now, I have used the Bare Minerals face powder and it is great but I just needed a change in my face powder so I turned to the Laura Mercier Rich Vanilla Pressed Powder. This is also mineral based so it can get flaky when applying it to your brush, but it does stay on for a long time. I have noticed that it can be a little glowy on my face and I'm still not sure if I like that or not. I usually apply a BB Cream or a liquid foundation before my powder because I do live in Florida and it gets HOT so I need something that will keep everything in place so nothing melts off. I like face powders that aren't heavy and have a lot of coverage. I like to show my blemishes because I know that I am not perfect and I love to embrace that side of myself to everyone who meets me.

Most of my eyeliners are from Urban Decay and I have never regretted buying an eyeliner from them. With my new purchase of the Ink For Eyes felt tip eyeliner, I still don't regret buying it. I think the eyeliners from Urban Decay bring something new to the table that is very different from any other company that sells eyeliners. They are super easy to use and I never ever have to pull on my eye to apply the eye liner which helps with not getting wrinkles to your eyes and it also takes me like 2 minutes to apply my eyeliner. I use this eyeliner when I do a cat eye or wing look and it really does a nice job to a finishing eyeliner look with a little flick at the end of my eye. On my Instagram I posted a picture showing off the flick eyeliner look if you would like to see that picture on there :) 

I am a huge lover when it comes to face masks. I usually put on a face mask once or twice a week. I enjoy my "me" time which always consists of a bath with my favorite Lush products, a face mask and body lotion. I have never used anything from Origins before but I have heard good things about their products so I thought why not give it a go? I bought the Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin. I love this face mask it clears up my skin super nicely and I can see the difference the next day. It does have a strong smell to it so sometimes I have to hold my breath while applying it but other than that I have had no other problems with this face mask!

The body butter I will now use for the rest of my life because it is perfect and I am in love with it is the Soap & Glory Butter Yourself super rich smoothing body cream. When I first bought this I was a little hesitant with using it because I hate applying lotion to my body and then sitting for days waiting for it to dry. Since this was a body cream which I know are usually heavy and usually takes forever to dry, but this one proved me wrong! It is literally a dream putting it on my body and I actually get excited to put it on me before bed - you can say that's lame I know it is - but it smells so amazing it is like summer and winter combined and those are my absolute favorite seasons and as you read more of my posts in the future you will notice that I am horrible at describing scents! So I apologize but I really encourage you to pop out and buy this body cream because it does its job and it dries so fast and it smells divine. 

Thank you for reading my post and if you like these reviews on make up or clothes let me know and I will keep writing posts like these :) 

What do you buy at Sephora?


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tobi LookBook

My first online shopping store was from the fabulous Tobi! Where I live it hasn't really hit the "cold" season yet, so I bought a few items that were for the autumnal weather and the spring/summer weather style as well! All of the outfits were extremely comfortable to wear but also very chic in my opinion. I hope you enjoy :)

This first outfit only the shirt is from Tobi. It's a long sleeve baggy sweater that has a creme color and lace material. I paired it with black jeans, my black Doc Martens, a vintage heart clock necklace and a few gold rings. I did have a white beanie on as well, but as you can see it got a bit windy :) It isn't a heavy sweater so you could layer it if it is cold but it is perfect for the Fall.

The second outfit is a bit more chic. The top is from Tobi and it is black and white, with a three quarter length sleeve. The top of the blouse is a black mesh crochet and I think it has the perfect scoop neck line. It is baggy and I was able to dress it down with a pair of leggings which I rolled up a few times and black strapped sandals. Obviously you can make it fancier by the pants you pair it with but I just felt going with a relaxed comfortable look today :)

Now I will be going into a spring/summer look because these outfits were just too cute to pass up! This one is more for spring, but you can layer it so it's available to you all year around. It is also a creme top with thick straps and a v-neck line with a beautiful design in the back. I feel as if sometimes it's hard to wear a bra with these types of shirts because I don't want them showing in the back. But with this shirt you really can't see the bra strap and it blends in extremely well with the color! It is a long top that went a little further down my hips. I also paired this with my black pants and Doc Martens as well :)

This outfit is basically only for spring/summer because of the shorts which are from Tobi. I have always wanted the fringe high wasted shorts but could never find some that worked well with my body! I saw these online and thought well, let's give it a try! I am so happy that I did because these shorts are so gorgeous and they fit me perfectly. I am a huge floral design lover especially on shorts. So these had me hooked! I paired them with a simple white crop tank top and white Keds. I did have a pink floral Kimono as you can see which didn't clash as I thought it would've! I think they work really well together!

My last outfit is this beautiful grey dress with a lace hem. It is also a three quarter length sleeve and the length of the dress is perfect for me :) It is extremely comfortable but it is so fashionable that the two together make it a perfect combo :) I paired it with sandals but you can also wear it with heels or wedges to make it fancier if you so wish to do that. It is also very fun to twirl in!

If you would like to know more about Tobi just click here! Your first online purchase is 50% off and let me tell you, it is WORTH IT! I absolutely fell in love with this store and I think you should too! Let me know what you think of the outfits I shared, and if you have anything from Tobi you adore!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Sundays

I would like to share a day in my life with you! So ever since I moved to my new home, it has been hard to adjust and find places that I enjoy spending my time. I would like to share with you my Sundays without the boring and usual waking up late, finishing up some homework and going to Mass (which isn't a bore for me I actually enjoy it a great deal) but skipping all of those "activities" if you so wish to call them that, my Sundays are pretty fantastic. I just found two new places that I adore. Since living here I have been dying to find a park with nice strolls and places to sit under the trees and just relax and listen to nature. I love the beach very much and this park is the closest outdoor escape since there aren't any beaches near me. I also go to this cute coffee shop where they make designs in your coffee and it also tastes really good! They have this homemade Nutella cookie that I adore and must have every time I go there for a visit :)

I really enjoy my Sundays because they are so relaxing which I tend to look for on my Sundays. I don't like to be rushing around and being super busy on Sundays because I believe that it is a rest day and you should be relaxing and just thinking about the past week and the week to come. 

I love to write and so I journal all of my feelings and what I have been doing while I am sitting on my towel in the lovely park I like to call my own special place. So no my Sundays are not the most interesting days or times of my life but I do look forward to it a great deal and I just wanted to open up my life a little bit more to you and show you what I do on my Sundays :)

Do you do anything special on your Sundays? Or do you have a special day that you look forward to as well? Let me know!


Friday, October 3, 2014

First package from Marmee!

So today I got a lovely package in the mail from my mom! I call her Marmee because our favorite movie/book is Little Women! If you haven't seen it it is a MUST! Beautiful movie! Anyways, when I opened the package little treats started spilling out in every direction! (I am not the best with opening packages haha) It was a little Halloween care package! Just what I needed! As I am writing this I am chopping on the yummy M&Ms :). She packed all of my favorite candies AND a cake mix to make Halloween cupcakes! I love to bake..especially during the holidays. I haven't had Pop Rocks since I think I was 12 so that was definitely a surprise and amazing treat! Thank you so much Marmee for giving me this amazing care package! I love and miss you so much xoxoxo. Hope you all have great traditions in the month of October! Mine is watching basically every Halloween movie like Halloweentown, Practical Magic, Hocus Pocus and of course the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is a classic! :)  Happy Halloween everyone! 

What's your favorite Halloween tradition? xo
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