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Friday, October 31, 2014

Big buy at Ulta

So I went to Ulta this past week and I bought the VICE3 Urban Decay eye shadow palette! Basically, I'm in love with it. It was a fortune (especially for a college student) but all worth it. My friend and I convinced each other to buy it, since we don't live near each other we couldn't just buy one and share that unfortunately :(.

 We were deciding between the Vice3 and the On The Rocks Smashbox eye palette that had very similar colors but it was a lot smaller and cheaper. The reason why we bought the Vice3 instead of the Rocks is because in our opinion we thought the Rocks looked a little tacky and it had this cheap diamond in the middle and we really did not like the look of it. Also, the colors we absolutely fell in love with on the Vice3 was not on the On The Rocks eye palette like the Alchemy, Lucky, Sonic or Freeze.

 We did realize that you can find those colors on some of the naked palettes but they weren't identical. Even though it was so so expensive I really don't regret buying it because there are so many colors that are perfect for the Fall and for the Spring as well so its a palette I can use all year around and I suggest if you love mixing up colors and if you are big on wearing different color eyeshadows that you should definitely buy this eye palette. 

I have used most of the neutral colors like DTF and Neon, but I have also took a little risk and used Alchemy, which I thought would be a little much since I usually only wear neutrals but I am trying to change it up and I loved that color a lot! I personally don't like putting too much shine on my eyelid or too much matte, I like to mix it up a bit, so that is another positive on this palette as well! If you do you want a cheaper eye palette that is similar to the Vice3 I would highly suggest the On The Rocks eye palette :)

If you have bought the Vice3 let me know which colors you blend together and if you love it as much as I do! Until next time loves xo

p.s. Happy Happy Halloween!

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