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Friday, October 24, 2014


Yes, it is possible to buy even more Lush if your name is Lillie Mysel. I was home for the weekend and so I had to splurge on my favorite Lush products for the seasons! They had products all the way up to Christmas! It was beautiful haha. I mostly bought just bath bombs and bubble bars none of the shampoos or anything like that.


These are all of the bubble bars that I purchased excluding the present (Golden Wonder) at the top, the moon (Christmas Eve) in the left corner, and the penguin on the left (The Christmas Penguin) which are all bath bombs! Also the angel on the right side (Snow Angel) is a part bath bomb and bath melt. I also bought The Christmas Hedgehog in the right corner below the Snow Angel and next to the Holly Golightly on the left and the Wizard on the right! In the middle is the Sparkly Pumpkin which I am so excited to try and I think I might wait until Halloween to use it. Next to the Sparkly Pumpkin to the left is the Melting Snowman, which  is very similar to the Snow Angels job in the part bath bomb part bath melt :)

These are the bath bombs I bought not including the two I showed in the previous picture! Starting from the left the white bath bomb is called So White and next to that is Father Christmas which actually when put in water disperses red and green color! How festive for the season ;). Below Father Christmas is the Luxury Lush Pud and that has lavender in it. In the middle is Dashing Santa and to the left of that is Lord of Misrule.

This is just showing all of the bath bombs, bubble bars and melts that I purchased! Writing this blog post got me so excited that I had my pamper evening tonight instead of Sunday :) 

Do you have a favorite product you buy from Lush during the seasons? What is your favorite product from Lush? xo

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