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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tobi LookBook

My first online shopping store was from the fabulous Tobi! Where I live it hasn't really hit the "cold" season yet, so I bought a few items that were for the autumnal weather and the spring/summer weather style as well! All of the outfits were extremely comfortable to wear but also very chic in my opinion. I hope you enjoy :)

This first outfit only the shirt is from Tobi. It's a long sleeve baggy sweater that has a creme color and lace material. I paired it with black jeans, my black Doc Martens, a vintage heart clock necklace and a few gold rings. I did have a white beanie on as well, but as you can see it got a bit windy :) It isn't a heavy sweater so you could layer it if it is cold but it is perfect for the Fall.

The second outfit is a bit more chic. The top is from Tobi and it is black and white, with a three quarter length sleeve. The top of the blouse is a black mesh crochet and I think it has the perfect scoop neck line. It is baggy and I was able to dress it down with a pair of leggings which I rolled up a few times and black strapped sandals. Obviously you can make it fancier by the pants you pair it with but I just felt going with a relaxed comfortable look today :)

Now I will be going into a spring/summer look because these outfits were just too cute to pass up! This one is more for spring, but you can layer it so it's available to you all year around. It is also a creme top with thick straps and a v-neck line with a beautiful design in the back. I feel as if sometimes it's hard to wear a bra with these types of shirts because I don't want them showing in the back. But with this shirt you really can't see the bra strap and it blends in extremely well with the color! It is a long top that went a little further down my hips. I also paired this with my black pants and Doc Martens as well :)

This outfit is basically only for spring/summer because of the shorts which are from Tobi. I have always wanted the fringe high wasted shorts but could never find some that worked well with my body! I saw these online and thought well, let's give it a try! I am so happy that I did because these shorts are so gorgeous and they fit me perfectly. I am a huge floral design lover especially on shorts. So these had me hooked! I paired them with a simple white crop tank top and white Keds. I did have a pink floral Kimono as you can see which didn't clash as I thought it would've! I think they work really well together!

My last outfit is this beautiful grey dress with a lace hem. It is also a three quarter length sleeve and the length of the dress is perfect for me :) It is extremely comfortable but it is so fashionable that the two together make it a perfect combo :) I paired it with sandals but you can also wear it with heels or wedges to make it fancier if you so wish to do that. It is also very fun to twirl in!

If you would like to know more about Tobi just click here! Your first online purchase is 50% off and let me tell you, it is WORTH IT! I absolutely fell in love with this store and I think you should too! Let me know what you think of the outfits I shared, and if you have anything from Tobi you adore!
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