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Friday, November 28, 2014

Fall make up look

I am very eager to show you this make up look because I am quite new at wearing dark lipstick and I had so much fun experimenting with a fall/wintry look! I don't live in the coldest place on Earth, but it does get chilly for me so yes this outfit is very appropriate for that day when it was in the 40 degree weather! 

The scarf I'm wearing is a gift from my sister from Israel, the denim button down is actually my dads, and I'm just wearing black leggings from Target and brown over the knee boots with a black stripe on the side of them from Nordstrom!

The eyeshadow I'm wearing is from the VICE3 eyeshadow palette, which I did a review on here and the shades I blended together were Downfall as the base, Reign in the crease and outer corner and I dabbed on Bondage in the middle of my eyelid. I then used my Ink For Eyes black eyeliner from Urban Decay, which I was thinking of making it a wing eyeliner but I didn't for this particular day, it does look great with a wing or cat eye look as well though :) 

Now onto my favorite part! I used my NARS Scarlett Empress lipstick for the lip liner and lipstick. It really finishes off the look and in my opinion I could use this make up look for day or night!

Hope you all enjoyed! Until next time

xx, Lillie

Friday, November 21, 2014

Hear me out.

Stop believing what society is telling you what is right or wrong. Your insecurities come from other people, and if society didn't tell you it looked 'wrong' you wouldn't think it was. SO STOP listening to society. I'm not telling you these things because I don't struggle with it, I'm telling you this because I DO struggle with this every single day of my life, and it SUCKS. I don't want to live like this anymore! I'm taking a stand and changing my way of thinking from society's way, to MY way.

There is a difference between being healthy and having a 'great' physical appearance. Who cares how you look on the outside, my heart and lungs could be working better than someone who is a size zero or who is a size 16. It's what's inside that counts. You shouldn't be working out because you want to look good and be accepted by society. You should be working out because you want to live longer and have a better heart and lungs so you don't have to suffer 30 years from now. I struggle with this, I only work out because I know it makes my body look better on the outside. If I had my 'dream' body, I would never work out, or eat healthy. That isn't why you should eat healthy and work out! You should eat healthy because it's good for your INSIDES, not your outsides! If you want to eat junk food, then eat junk food! Don't not eat bad food because you know it won't make you look good physically. What, physical appearance is the only thing that matters? STOP THINKING THAT. IT'S SHALLOW. There is more to life than abs and biceps! There is more to a person than abs and biceps! 

Everybody has a different religion and different beliefs. I didn't understand what people saw in Orgone Pyramids and I thought my friend was nuts for thinking he could find peace and positivity in a piece of metal. That was wrong of me. Who cares about other people's religion and what they believe in? Who are you or anyone else to say it's 'weird' or 'not true' or 'unnatural'? Hell I believe that a piece of bread becomes the actual flesh and body of Jesus Christ. And I also believe that wine is turned into His actual blood, not a symbol, His actual body and blood that I eat. Everyone believes in something, it might not be your way, but it brings them happiness and you should let them do them and you do you and stop judging behind their backs what gives them joy.

Who cares about money, we are all told that money gives you happiness and makes you successful in life..UM NO. Yes, people use money all of the time to get out of trouble and what not, but you don't have to be okay with it. Take a stand, that is WRONG. Money can't win over everything and it shouldn't! It's a piece of paper with NO MEANING to it! Trying to have loads of money is trying to buy happiness and importance to this world. If money makes you important, then I don't want to be a part of any of it. YOU should make yourself important, not your possessions. You are more important than money, you should treat yourself better than using money to buy your way in life. 

Why does society matter so much to people? If you start to not care what they think they will stop caring and judging what you do, or you just won't realize it all together and it will simply not matter anymore.

You shouldn't judge anyone because that's where insecurities come from. You do you, and whatever you do, BE CONFIDENT AND PROUD. Don't hide it. You should be proud of everything you do, because you chose that way of life.

Don't let others give you total happiness. Don't be happy because now you have a bf/gf and now you become confident in yourself because you know someone loves you and cares about you and thinks your pretty. Why did your bf/gf have to make that change for you? You had friends before that, you had others who already cared for you for who you were with all of your flaws. You should be proud and happy with yourself in physical and mental appearance BEFORE the bf/gf comes along. They are the addition to your happiness NOT YOUR WHOLE HAPPINESS. You shouldn't depend your happiness on another human being, they are just as flawed and messed up as you are. They shouldn't get that power to determine your happiness and your life. NO that is wrong. 

I wish mirrors didn't exist. I wish the "perfect person" didn't exist so we didn't have to base our physical appearance on what SOCIETY is told is right. Who cares what other people think is beautiful or perfect. I don't have the same opinions as other people and I shouldn't have to change my views to fit in. It's a messed up world if you make it out to be. If you change the way you act about things other people will start to too. SHOW THEM THE RIGHT WAY TO LIVE. Not this way, it's not okay and it isn't right. This isn't happiness. trying to be something you aren't is not happiness. It's an empty hole that won't ever end and you'll keep falling through it if you keep following society's way. Don't follow society's way, it's wrong. Follow your heart. it's the right choice.

The sun is shining for you, embrace it. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

My lazy perks

We all have those days where we just don't feel like doing anything! Well, I thought I would share what I do on my lazy days. Now that I am in college I tend to have these a lot more because there is so much time on my hands. Last year I don't think I had one lazy day for the whole year I was so busy it was extremely unhealthy. But any who, they usually consist of watching Netflix, staying in bed basically the whole day, catching up on YouTube and reading my favorite bloggers newest posts :). On my lazy days I also like to have a pamper evening as well. My pamper evenings I have explained before have a lot of LUSH products..if you don't know what Lush is, I have another post in August explaining what Lush is, and why I adore it so much.

I light some candles, put on some cozy socks and turn on my fairy lights. Right now, I am binge watching Gilmore Girls and I am reading two books! So my lazy days are set! I am reading the second book of the Trilogy of Delirium (Pandemonium is #2) by Lauren Oliver, and also Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling.

What do you do on your lazy days?

xx, Lillie 

Friday, November 14, 2014

You Are Good Enough.

Say it: I am good enough. 

Being insecure and trying to "find yourself" can be hard. I truly believe that you are who you are and you should be proud of yourself! You are here on this Earth for a reason and you are here to make a difference. You don't need to change who you are or try to act better than who you are to try to impress someone. Be yourself! That alone will impress someone and they will care for you.

College has not been an easy stroll in the park. If any of you do go to college you understand, and if not, life is a struggle in itself. For my first year of college I am living off campus. At times, it can be lonely and feel as if you don't have anyone to talk to. Yes technology is great with calling, texting and even FaceTiming, but that just doesn't cut it sometimes. Sometimes, you need someone to be there with you, so you know you are loved and cared about. I am not in my comfort zone and no one knows me here. I feel like I need to impress people and prove to them I am important so they like me. But with me trying SO hard for them to like me, I stopped being myself and I was turning into someone else and I made a bigger fool out of myself by doing that. 

You are the best at being YOU! And don't ever forget that. Be proud of where you come from and the struggles you have dealt with. Every single one of those struggles have made you who you are today. I don't regret or wish my life was any different and I am proud of myself. You all need to be proud of yourself and know that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! I hope that you all love yourself and know you are worthy and important in this life.

People will like you no matter what if you are yourself. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and show your true feelings to people! I love knowing that I am not the only one with a messy life! We ALL have a messy life and you grow a stronger relationship with someone by knowing the in and outs of their life and not judging with their past or flaws. We all make mistakes and we are all NOT perfect. I love you beauties and I am so grateful for all of the amazing feedback I get with this blog with the people who enjoy it.

(me making a fool out of myself)

 I hope you all have a fantastic weekend xx

Friday, November 7, 2014


So if you haven't heard the new Taylor Swift 1989 album..you are just wasting your life listening to unimportant music. Joking! But really, you need to listen to her. I have been a huge fan of Taylor Swift since day one and I have loved every single one of her albums and songs. My family basically makes fun of me for loving her this much haha! I've been to two of her concerts; Speak Now and Red. And at both of them when I was with my sister, my dad called and asked her if I have fainted yet..not funny dad! But yes I am definitely a Taylor fan. So this new album got me super jumpy and ecstatic because it was just pop and I was a big fan of her last album Red which was mostly Pop and not much country on there.

 My favorite songs on this album are Blank Space, This Love, and Wildest Dreams. They are so different than any other song she has ever created and you can really see she has grown from baby Taylor to now. At her last concert my sister and I realized that she was slowly trying to transform and show her fans that she is growing up and becoming an adult and maturing by her new wardrobe. She used to wear glittery and very out there clothing to her concerts making a big entrance and blah blah blah. This concert she wore normal clothes that you would wear everyday like Khakis and a striped T-shirts. Her wardrobe is still flawless, don't get me wrong but you can really see the transformation she is making into becoming "adult" Taylor. This album really showed that she is a changed person but still has the same values and still loves the same things..like her cats haha. So yes, that is my little spiel over Taylor Swifts new album and I really recommend you all to buy it and listen to it :)

Photo from here

If you have listened to it what is your favorite song from the album or past albums?! xo

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little obsession

I LOVE MY TUTU. So for Halloween I was 'batman' or 'bat woman' whichever you would like to call it but in my opinion I rocked my outfit since I planned it an hour before the little party I was attending. I bought this gold and black tutu that I fell in love with and if you didn't already know, I used to dance and it was a big part of my life. If you were a dancer and competed like me, you know that tutu's were basically in at least one of your costumes..for me it was in two since I had the strictest ballet teacher and I also had her for pointe. Since I stopped dancing you could imagine that I also stopped wearing tutus.

 So when I bought this tutu I forgot how AMAZING it is to wear tutu's and feel like the ultimate fairy or queen or whatever you feel like but I feel like the prettiest girl alive just wearing my tutu. So yes, if your question is are you still wearing it? That would be a definite yes, since Halloween I have been wearing it almost everyday just around my house and it is sort of like my outfit I put on after my day out of doing errands and what nots and it is the perfect way to just wind down and relax..who wouldn't want to relax while wearing a tutu? I am thinking of buying more which I know is weird but I am just so in love with this one and it makes me SO happy, you can't not smile while wearing a tutu it isn't possible! 

So I am really enjoying my obsession with my tutu..does anyone else have a little guilty pleasure like me? Please say yes haha I can't be the only one! xo

P.S. I'm actually wearing my tutu as I write this blog.
Yes you can call me a freak! :)
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