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Friday, November 7, 2014


So if you haven't heard the new Taylor Swift 1989 album..you are just wasting your life listening to unimportant music. Joking! But really, you need to listen to her. I have been a huge fan of Taylor Swift since day one and I have loved every single one of her albums and songs. My family basically makes fun of me for loving her this much haha! I've been to two of her concerts; Speak Now and Red. And at both of them when I was with my sister, my dad called and asked her if I have fainted yet..not funny dad! But yes I am definitely a Taylor fan. So this new album got me super jumpy and ecstatic because it was just pop and I was a big fan of her last album Red which was mostly Pop and not much country on there.

 My favorite songs on this album are Blank Space, This Love, and Wildest Dreams. They are so different than any other song she has ever created and you can really see she has grown from baby Taylor to now. At her last concert my sister and I realized that she was slowly trying to transform and show her fans that she is growing up and becoming an adult and maturing by her new wardrobe. She used to wear glittery and very out there clothing to her concerts making a big entrance and blah blah blah. This concert she wore normal clothes that you would wear everyday like Khakis and a striped T-shirts. Her wardrobe is still flawless, don't get me wrong but you can really see the transformation she is making into becoming "adult" Taylor. This album really showed that she is a changed person but still has the same values and still loves the same things..like her cats haha. So yes, that is my little spiel over Taylor Swifts new album and I really recommend you all to buy it and listen to it :)

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If you have listened to it what is your favorite song from the album or past albums?! xo
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