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Friday, November 21, 2014

Hear me out.

Stop believing what society is telling you what is right or wrong. Your insecurities come from other people, and if society didn't tell you it looked 'wrong' you wouldn't think it was. SO STOP listening to society. I'm not telling you these things because I don't struggle with it, I'm telling you this because I DO struggle with this every single day of my life, and it SUCKS. I don't want to live like this anymore! I'm taking a stand and changing my way of thinking from society's way, to MY way.

There is a difference between being healthy and having a 'great' physical appearance. Who cares how you look on the outside, my heart and lungs could be working better than someone who is a size zero or who is a size 16. It's what's inside that counts. You shouldn't be working out because you want to look good and be accepted by society. You should be working out because you want to live longer and have a better heart and lungs so you don't have to suffer 30 years from now. I struggle with this, I only work out because I know it makes my body look better on the outside. If I had my 'dream' body, I would never work out, or eat healthy. That isn't why you should eat healthy and work out! You should eat healthy because it's good for your INSIDES, not your outsides! If you want to eat junk food, then eat junk food! Don't not eat bad food because you know it won't make you look good physically. What, physical appearance is the only thing that matters? STOP THINKING THAT. IT'S SHALLOW. There is more to life than abs and biceps! There is more to a person than abs and biceps! 

Everybody has a different religion and different beliefs. I didn't understand what people saw in Orgone Pyramids and I thought my friend was nuts for thinking he could find peace and positivity in a piece of metal. That was wrong of me. Who cares about other people's religion and what they believe in? Who are you or anyone else to say it's 'weird' or 'not true' or 'unnatural'? Hell I believe that a piece of bread becomes the actual flesh and body of Jesus Christ. And I also believe that wine is turned into His actual blood, not a symbol, His actual body and blood that I eat. Everyone believes in something, it might not be your way, but it brings them happiness and you should let them do them and you do you and stop judging behind their backs what gives them joy.

Who cares about money, we are all told that money gives you happiness and makes you successful in life..UM NO. Yes, people use money all of the time to get out of trouble and what not, but you don't have to be okay with it. Take a stand, that is WRONG. Money can't win over everything and it shouldn't! It's a piece of paper with NO MEANING to it! Trying to have loads of money is trying to buy happiness and importance to this world. If money makes you important, then I don't want to be a part of any of it. YOU should make yourself important, not your possessions. You are more important than money, you should treat yourself better than using money to buy your way in life. 

Why does society matter so much to people? If you start to not care what they think they will stop caring and judging what you do, or you just won't realize it all together and it will simply not matter anymore.

You shouldn't judge anyone because that's where insecurities come from. You do you, and whatever you do, BE CONFIDENT AND PROUD. Don't hide it. You should be proud of everything you do, because you chose that way of life.

Don't let others give you total happiness. Don't be happy because now you have a bf/gf and now you become confident in yourself because you know someone loves you and cares about you and thinks your pretty. Why did your bf/gf have to make that change for you? You had friends before that, you had others who already cared for you for who you were with all of your flaws. You should be proud and happy with yourself in physical and mental appearance BEFORE the bf/gf comes along. They are the addition to your happiness NOT YOUR WHOLE HAPPINESS. You shouldn't depend your happiness on another human being, they are just as flawed and messed up as you are. They shouldn't get that power to determine your happiness and your life. NO that is wrong. 

I wish mirrors didn't exist. I wish the "perfect person" didn't exist so we didn't have to base our physical appearance on what SOCIETY is told is right. Who cares what other people think is beautiful or perfect. I don't have the same opinions as other people and I shouldn't have to change my views to fit in. It's a messed up world if you make it out to be. If you change the way you act about things other people will start to too. SHOW THEM THE RIGHT WAY TO LIVE. Not this way, it's not okay and it isn't right. This isn't happiness. trying to be something you aren't is not happiness. It's an empty hole that won't ever end and you'll keep falling through it if you keep following society's way. Don't follow society's way, it's wrong. Follow your heart. it's the right choice.

The sun is shining for you, embrace it. 

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