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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Little obsession

I LOVE MY TUTU. So for Halloween I was 'batman' or 'bat woman' whichever you would like to call it but in my opinion I rocked my outfit since I planned it an hour before the little party I was attending. I bought this gold and black tutu that I fell in love with and if you didn't already know, I used to dance and it was a big part of my life. If you were a dancer and competed like me, you know that tutu's were basically in at least one of your costumes..for me it was in two since I had the strictest ballet teacher and I also had her for pointe. Since I stopped dancing you could imagine that I also stopped wearing tutus.

 So when I bought this tutu I forgot how AMAZING it is to wear tutu's and feel like the ultimate fairy or queen or whatever you feel like but I feel like the prettiest girl alive just wearing my tutu. So yes, if your question is are you still wearing it? That would be a definite yes, since Halloween I have been wearing it almost everyday just around my house and it is sort of like my outfit I put on after my day out of doing errands and what nots and it is the perfect way to just wind down and relax..who wouldn't want to relax while wearing a tutu? I am thinking of buying more which I know is weird but I am just so in love with this one and it makes me SO happy, you can't not smile while wearing a tutu it isn't possible! 

So I am really enjoying my obsession with my tutu..does anyone else have a little guilty pleasure like me? Please say yes haha I can't be the only one! xo

P.S. I'm actually wearing my tutu as I write this blog.
Yes you can call me a freak! :)
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