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Friday, November 14, 2014

You Are Good Enough.

Say it: I am good enough. 

Being insecure and trying to "find yourself" can be hard. I truly believe that you are who you are and you should be proud of yourself! You are here on this Earth for a reason and you are here to make a difference. You don't need to change who you are or try to act better than who you are to try to impress someone. Be yourself! That alone will impress someone and they will care for you.

College has not been an easy stroll in the park. If any of you do go to college you understand, and if not, life is a struggle in itself. For my first year of college I am living off campus. At times, it can be lonely and feel as if you don't have anyone to talk to. Yes technology is great with calling, texting and even FaceTiming, but that just doesn't cut it sometimes. Sometimes, you need someone to be there with you, so you know you are loved and cared about. I am not in my comfort zone and no one knows me here. I feel like I need to impress people and prove to them I am important so they like me. But with me trying SO hard for them to like me, I stopped being myself and I was turning into someone else and I made a bigger fool out of myself by doing that. 

You are the best at being YOU! And don't ever forget that. Be proud of where you come from and the struggles you have dealt with. Every single one of those struggles have made you who you are today. I don't regret or wish my life was any different and I am proud of myself. You all need to be proud of yourself and know that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH! I hope that you all love yourself and know you are worthy and important in this life.

People will like you no matter what if you are yourself. Don't be afraid to be vulnerable and show your true feelings to people! I love knowing that I am not the only one with a messy life! We ALL have a messy life and you grow a stronger relationship with someone by knowing the in and outs of their life and not judging with their past or flaws. We all make mistakes and we are all NOT perfect. I love you beauties and I am so grateful for all of the amazing feedback I get with this blog with the people who enjoy it.

(me making a fool out of myself)

 I hope you all have a fantastic weekend xx

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