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Friday, December 19, 2014

Goals & Dreams

For me writing is my escape. It's the time when I'm in my own world and thoughts and feelings are spilling out of me in no order whatsoever and it's a big stress reliever. Saying that, I write down mostly everything in my journal, even my goals in life. 

I have big dreams which someday I hope to turn into goals, then I have realistic goals, then I have goals set for my everyday life. I do this so I make sure that I get out of bed every morning and not waste my day doing absolutely nothing like watching Netflix. If I don't have goals I won't do anything. That's why planning my day out is so very important to me, it keeps me busy. 

One of my goals that I had for college was making my classes a priority, which I successfully finished with earning A's and B's. I am very proud of myself and the best part about that is that I wasn't trying to impress anyone but myself. I have also learned that with living on my own, that you shouldn't try to impress anyone but yourself, because then if you are trying to impress someone else, then you aren't living for you, you are living for them.

Another goal I had and conquered was figuring out if the faith I lived for was the truth and if I was believing in it for myself or for my family. I was able to figure that out because everything became my choice, if I wanted to go to mass and if I wanted to get involved with groups according to my faith. I was able to really dig deep and find who I truly am and what I want to do with my life and who I want to be.

Small goals I set for myself everyday, which unfortunately I do not always succeed in, are working out, going outside for fresh air, and for Advent I wanted to go to mass everyday, which I failed already because I became sick the past week, but that doesn't stop me from giving up completely.

Just because you don't conquer your goal at the time you wanted to, or you didn't get to finish it at a specific time, keep going! Don't just give up completely. Yes, a new year is coming around and you could make that your excuse of starting new and really trying again, but you won't always succeed with your goals, so if you do fail at conquering one of your goals in May lets say, don't wait until January to start again! You can start new at any time of the year whenever you like :) 

Walk to the beat of your own drum! That's the first time I have used that saying, and I like that saying a lot :) I hope you have faith in yourself and are proud of yourself even when you think you conquer a tiny goal that you think doesn't matter, it does and it isn't a little goal! A goal is a goal and YOU just overcame it :)

xx, Lillie
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