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Friday, December 5, 2014

Simply Balanced - Target's new line of healthy food

Hi pretties! So I went to the store today..Target specifically, and in all of these aisles I kept seeing a brand called Simply Balanced. I finally picked up one bag of food and looked at the ingredients..I'm a pretty healthy person most of the time and I don't ever look at calories, for me it's all in the ingredients. If the ingredients are all natural products, then I know it is a good food! So these ingredients were all natural! Nothing processed! And then I looked at the price and it was quite cheap for organic food.

Target has just started a new line of healthy organic food called Simply Balanced! So of course I had to get myself some food from this line to try it out! And so far everything that I have bought I have bought again or will buy again when I run out of the food! That's how much I enjoy Simply Balanced products :)

I have bought the dark chocolate covered pomegranates, quinoa, sugar, gorgonzola beans for a yummy salad, and the multigrain rosemary crisps!

I really enjoyed writing this blog post and looking at all new foods to buy, so I might write more blog posts with healthy recipes that I really enjoy making! Eating healthy can sometimes be a bore because there aren't very flavorful, but I put my own twist to them while keeping them healthy, fresh, and tasty!

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Have you heard of this new Target line? If you have let me know your favorite foods so I can buy them too :)

xx, Lillie

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