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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Florida Weather: Christmas Week

This is just a little vlog that I made a few days ago when I went to the beach! Hope you enjoyed it!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Monday Nights

Coldness hits my hands. I close my eyes feeling the room, the people, the warmth. Slow, rhythmic sounds fill the room. Deep breaths, high voices, strums of guitar, slow beatings on the floor in a melody tone. Warmth fills my body all the way from the center of my heart to my fingertips and toes. All at once it comes together, the music, the voices, the high and lows and then, movement. I’m standing, rising to the balls of my feet, back to my heels. Repeat. Fingers stretching and collapsing, out, in out, in. Muscles coming alive throughout my whole body and in an instant, I begin.

            Hips moving side to side legs circling around one another arms higher and higher stretching to the ceiling and collapsing falling over my legs. Head shoots up with right elbow jerking up towards the ceiling and I’m turning. Chin up, Arms extended, fingers soft but alert. Feet springing off the floor in sync with the instruments and the singing. I start to move to the beat of the harmony. Leg up, foot pointed, muscles burning like a rubber band stretching as far as possible almost snapping but not quite. Satisfaction fills my body releasing the tightness in my muscles as my foot guides my leg back to the floor. Hunched over, arms out in front of me guiding my steps one after another. One last push with my hips and another leap up to the air legs straight out and gracefully back to the floor. Singing comes to a close, instruments fading away and me, back to reality. I open my eyes and I see familiar faces, wooded floors, chairs, dim lights and a tabernacle in front of me.

Friday, December 18, 2015

SUCKS TO SUCK...but not #TLF

Hello hello! We meet again for another lovely TLF! Thanks so much Sofia for being a part of this with me and all of the other women who gave God their yes to this! It was a pleasure being able to spend that time with you and learn more about you and your love for Christ :)

xx, Lillie

Friday, December 11, 2015

Christmas VEGAN Sugar Cookies!

Happy Advent! What a beautiful time of year and of course a time to experiment with new ingredients... which I did for you! I made some impressive tasty Christmas Cookies that are cruelty-free!

Thanks to my roommates for helping me throughout the whole night with always keeping it fun and upbeat and especially Madi for filming the whole video for me! We were all definitely in the Christmas spirit and I am so grateful for all of them!

What's your favorite type of Christmas cookie? 

xx, Lillie

Friday, December 4, 2015

Trader Joe's Shopping! VEGAN FRIENDLY

I am so excited to share this with you all! I went shopping and bought VEGAN FRIENDLY food! That's right, cruelty-free, no harming of any animal was harmed in the making of this film! Haha, jokes. But yeah! It's possible to be Vegan and it's easy!

Hope you enjoy watching this video and have a great weekend!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

In The Moment

I went home this weekend for Thanksgiving and it was a nice time to relax and be with family of course. I became really homesick since I haven't been able to go home since August and that is a long time for me. Being home made me start to reflect on how I treat people when I am with them and how I use up the time I have with someone individually. I realized good qualities with myself, and also bad qualities that I am now trying to work on.

I see myself as really taking the time to see as many people as I can and to ask many questions. I am a question person and I like that about myself. Questions are always popping up in my head even if it gets awkward with someone, so no worries, if you talk to me, expect a question. When I am in Orlando I have noticed that I never use my phone if I am talking to someone one on one. I give them my full attention and use up my time wisely. Since I wasn't in Orlando and wasn't in my 'home' this past week, I wasn't with the people I see on a daily basis. So being with people one on one at home, I realized I was on my phone a lot. I didn't realize that until the last day which upset me since I couldn't really fix it until I go home for Christmas break. It hurt me to see that I took some of those family members for granted even though I kept saying how much I missed them. Did I miss talking to them or being with them, or did I just miss the presence of that person that was now removed because I live in Orlando? I'm not too sure.

On the last day I was talking to my mom outside on her patio and I looked over to see this beautiful garden that she made.. I first thought it was our neighbors which then became a joke and a quite funny one at that. I realized an hour before I left to drive home that I didn't give the attention my mother deserved this week. I kept realizing 'ok I will be with my mom from the time she gets home to the time she goes to bed and then go out with my friends'. I realized - a little too late - that yes, I was with her but I wasn't WITH her in a sense of giving her my time and my ears 100% as I do with others. 

So my challenge, now, to really think about this and to not take for granted the people I see, is to really be with them in the moment and care for them while I am with them and while I am away from them. Give the person I am with, the time they deserve and love them the way Christ does. 

Do you do the same? Do you struggle with being on your phone when you are with others?

xx, Lillie

Friday, November 27, 2015


Hello hello! I'm back! Yes I took about a week off, I just needed some down time BUT I'M BACK WITH ANOTHER TLF! Thanks so much Elizabeth for doing this with me, I had such a great time filming with you and asking you questions about your faith! Thanks for sharing and being such a beautiful role model for all women :) xx

Hope you enjoy!

xx, Lillie

Friday, November 13, 2015


Come join me and my good friend Carlos on a beautiful morning exercising outside! Get those muscles moving and your blood flowing!

Thanks so much Carlos for being in this video with me and showing everyone all the fun we have while working out! We absolutely love to work out since we both love nature and Carlos is basically St. Francis. I hope you enjoyed and start using some of our routines in your own daily workout!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Sight To See

Leaving Mass one night with a great friend of mine, she told me there were swings across the parking lot that she wanted to go by. I walked over with her and we sat down and started swinging together. It was so peaceful, and we were able to talk about our friendship and of course have a very deep conversation. I am so blessed to have had that night with her because our friendship grew even stronger than before and I have to thank those swings. I went back a couple of weeks just to stare and admire the good works that were involved and reminiscing on that night with my friend with such gratitude.

Something so little, something that wasn't even planned to be a part of our night, changed our friendship. Something that is basically only childhood memories to some people's eyes, and so intricate to others. Like for me, I look at swing sets with such a different eye. Two swings, built together to have one swing set. Two people, to have one friendship built together by Jesus Christ.

Something that can be taken for granted.."Oh that's just a swing set" they'll say.. but it's not just a swing. There is a story behind that specific swing set. That's a swing set where two people sat down and laid everything out on the table. This was where a friendship was built back up and is back to fight the fight of the devil and to dominate him together as a friendship should. A friendship that was dwindling and is now on fire running to The Lord Our Savior and pushing each other towards heaven together. 

So no, that is not JUST a swing set. It has a back story, and probably many more than just my own. Take a look at a swing again, make your own story to it.

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


WHO - World Health Organization : "When diplomats met to form the United Nations in 1945, one of the things they discussed was setting up a global health organization. WHO’s Constitution came into force on 7 April 1948 – a date we now celebrate every year as World Health Day." (who.int)

"Processed meat was classified as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1), based on sufficient evidence in humans that the consumption of processed meat causes colorectal cancer.
The consumption of meat varies greatly between countries, with from a few percent up to 100% of people eating red meat, depending on the country, and somewhat lower proportions eating processed meat.
The experts concluded that each 50 gram portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18%.
“For an individual, the risk of developing colorectal cancer because of their consumption of processed meat remains small, but this risk increases with the amount of meat consumed,” says Dr Kurt Straif, Head of the IARC Monographs Programme. “In view of the large number of people who consume processed meat, the global impact on cancer incidence is of public health importance.”
The IARC Working Group considered more than 800 studies that investigated associations of more than a dozen types of cancer with the consumption of red meat or processed meat in many countries and populations with diverse diets. The most influential evidence came from large prospective cohort studies conducted over the past 20 years." (IARC)

Our intestines are also much longer then let's say a lion's intestines which means it takes us longer to digest the meat. Here are some videos linked below talking all about the reasons on why eating meat is not healthy for your body! Taking away what you're doing to animals and how you treat your body is very important as well! 

WATCH  / DOWNLOAD Cowspiracy (Or get it on Netflix)

I've been a Vegetarian for 7 months and I follow many Vegans on many social media websites. I love being a veggie eater and promoting the goodness of keeping the animals free and alive. I am a voice for the voiceless and I encourage you to look up all of these websites and see what you can do and see what you have also been doing to your bodies by eating red meat! Not only is it such a suffer to the animals but it's not healthy for a human's body to eat meat! We don't have the teeth to chew it like other animals do; as well as we are the only species that cook our meat!

A few of my favorite inspirations:

So, what's your next step?

xx. Lillie

Friday, October 30, 2015


Hello ladies & gents! Another one of our TLF's here this week! Great way to end the month of October and to be able to share that beautiful intimate time with Kristin was such a blessing! Thanks again Kristin, you're great :)

Hope you enjoy.

xx, Lillie

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Halloween Tag!

Hey guys!

ONLY A FEW MORE DAYS UNTIL HALLOWEEN I AM SO EXCITED. Unfortunately this year October has been such a crazy month for me I haven't seen any Halloween movie yet..I know not even Halloweentown go on and shame me now. But I did decorate my apartment and we always have candy corn lying around somewhere! So we are in the right direction. I saw this really cute Halloween Tag and I thought it would be fun to answer these questions.

1. What's your favorite Halloween movie?
- If you couldn't already of guessed, it's Halloweentown

2. 1-10 how much do you enjoy Halloween?
- 7; I definitely have a love for other holidays that surpass Halloween!

3. What is your fondest Halloween memory?
- I threw a Halloween party once and it was pretty spectacular! We had the apple picking in the water, we played bingo, this was a super long time ago we even had the disposable cameras so yeah..really long time ago!

4. Have you always been a Halloween lover?
- I've definitely loved Halloween more in the past than I do now.

5. How do you get into the Halloween spirit?
-First step, decorate the house!

6. Favorite Halloween decorations?
- I'm a sucker for lights or just Halloween candy lying around everywhere.

7. Favorite Halloween/Fall scent?
- Honestly, anything my mother has for the candle scents that she takes out for the month of October! Woo go Yankee Candle!

8. Favorite Candy?
- Chocolate..anything with Chocolate - Kitkats, Reese's all my fav!

9. Vampires or Zombies?
- Vampires..for sure Vampires

10. What is your weird/odd fear?
- I have a fear of fake eyeballs, I really don't like that.

11. Last but not least, do you believe in ghosts?
- I know at a time I definitely did..but now I'm not too sure I haven't had thoughts on that for a while!

xx, Lillie

Sunday, October 25, 2015

We Did The Yoga Challenge!

Hey Fam! So my friend Filipe came last weekend and we decided to film a video! It's the Yoga challenge and it was HILARIOUS to film!

Hope you enjoy!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Vegan Products?

Just to clear the air - I am a veggie eater. Saying that, I believe that means trying to not hurt animals in all ways...even with the products I place on my body as well as in my body.

So my mission recently has been trying to find all make up and skin care products that are VEGAN friendly! I think that's why I love LUSH so much, because they do not test on animals and 95% of their products are Vegan. I have been doing a little research here and there but I want your opinion!
Do any of you know any REALLY GOOD products that work well with your face and are nature made?
What do you think? Please let me know! I will keep doing research as well :) 

So far, I have found Rituals, White Rabbit, Urban Decay (mostly), Lovelani and Elizavecca Milky Piggy. 

xx, Lillie

Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Must-Haves

Hey Fam! How's everyone's October going? I did a quick video just on things that I love about October and Autumn.

Hope you enjoy!

xx, Lillie

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Outfit & Makeup Look!

Hey Fam! It's finally Fall! Yay! I mean, as Fall as it's going to get here in Florida but still! Today was a beautiful breezy day..the type of day where you want to drive with the windows down and just sit outside all day..THE PERFECT WEATHER.

I wanted to show you a little peek of what I wear during this season and the makeup I apply. Also, my roommate curled my hair the night before and I thought I looked SO COOL..which is the main reason behind all of this...to show off my awesome punk rock hair. I kept my face makeup pretty light with just a BB cream, some bronzer and a little bit of blush. I used my VICE3 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay with the shade Lucky applied all over my lid and the shade Reign in the outer corner and outer crease of my eye. THAT'S IT, two shades blend together and voila a perfect fall smoky look. For my lipstick I'm using my NARS Scarlet Empress; my absolute favorite during this time of year. I also added a little bit of brown eyeliner and smudged it out just to enhance the colors and make it more autumnal.

Shoes: H&M
Leather Jacket: Love Culture

Leather Jackets are my go to jacket to wear during this time of the year, they are easy to wrap around your waist when it gets too hot and they are light enough to snuggle myself under a breezy chilly day. Of course my jacket isn't real leather and no surprise it's black.

What's your go to statement jacket for this time of year?

xx, Lillie

Friday, October 9, 2015

Skin Care Products - LUSH!

Hey guys!

Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed my little spend at LUSH! All the products I discuss I have put links to them in the description box in the video, so make sure to check that out :)

What's your favorite LUSH product?

Check out my YouTube channel!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Have You Died Yet?

Hey fam!

About to get DEEP, so put on your snorkel and dive right in with me! Recently I have been pondering the reason why I do EVERYTHING.

What's your reason for living? Who do you live for? When are you most satisfied in your day?

For me, I'm the most joyful when everything I do has a purpose and I'm prayerfully living out my day. What that means is I'm inviting the Holy Spirit into my day to walk with me, guide me and even hold my hands during the scary, uncomfortable parts of my day. Of course everyday is different and I get scared by different things, but it helps to know I am not alone, and it's not like I just have a friend by my side, I have the ULTIMATE friend, my Father, and my savior all in one..pretty cool right?

I don't live for myself, I live for Him. Everyday, every thought, every breath, every heart beat, it is all for Him. I chose that because He is all powerful and I know that I will be the most satisfied and the happiest when I'm living according to His plan, which is now my plan. I want to forget about myself so He can be remembered through me. I want to DIE so he can live through me. Why? Because this life is temporary and this life is NOT why I'm living. I know that this isn't all there is, there has got to be MORE. That's what I'm living for, the life after this with my savior and all of his angels and saints. That's the life I care about. 

I want to praise His name during every blessing, every struggle every 'disappearance' I feel from Him. Of course, I'm human and I do forget to do that..especially when things go wrong on my side of Earth, 'HELLO JESUS WHERE ARE YOU' is usually the slick remark I come up with.

But I'm trying, and I try and try everyday to not forget about Him and to thank Him for everything. I want to forget about me and only live for Him.

What about you?

xx, Lillie

Friday, October 2, 2015


Hey Fam! 

YAY for Friday! I made a video with my ROOMMATE MADI! Woo!

We made a cooking video with my all time FAVORITE breakfast meal...Pancakes with a berry sauce! All of the ingredients are below and in the description box as well. They are so yummy and healthy!  To make the berry sauce go on over to Madi's channel to watch that video and all the ingredients will be over there as well.

If any of you recreate this breakfast use the hashtag #BreakfastWithLilAndMadi so we can see your masterpieces :)

Hope you enjoy! 

xx, Lillie

Pancake Mix Ingredients: 
  • 3/4 of Rolled Oats
  • 1/3 - or whole - of a mashed Banana
  • tablespoon of Chia Seeds
  • tablespoon of Maca Powder
  • dash of Pure Vanilla
  • dash of Cinnamon
  • Almond - or any type - milk until desired consistency

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Morning Tea

Hello fam! Happy Tuesday!

I just went to the most marvelous place near me..a tea room! Basically I felt as if I went to London and back in a day. My friend showed me this place so I went with her once and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT, so I had to go again - today - and take a million pictures..which I did! 

We got the special called 'The Lemon Lily' which comes with scones, soup, little sandwiches, dessert and of course tea. To keep up with the season my friend and I ordered Cinnamon Apple tea and it was delicious! They were extremely welcoming, genuine and funny; also the food is homemade..SCORE! I will definitely be back.

I felt so comfortable there and they didn't even mind me taking pictures of their lovely restaurant! It's been open for 2 years and I'm honestly thinking of having my birthday party there or something. I felt like a princess and obviously classy! Each table and each dining set are all different, nothing is the same which makes it even better because everything is an antique. It's so original and yummy :) 

Have you gone to afternoon tea before?

xx, Lillie

Friday, September 25, 2015


Hey hey Fam! Huge thanks to the beautiful Jordan for giving me her YES to answering these questions about her faith and loving The Lord so much! You're such a light and a huge impact on my life. Thanks for being you. Hope you all enjoyed her as much as I did. 

Loved the laughs and the awkward moments the most ;)

Check out my YouTube channel!

*All other TLF videos are linked in the description box from the video itself; as well as Jordan's NEW WEBSITE*

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


HEY Fam!

How are you? My friend went to California about two months ago and was a doll and bought me NEW MASCARA. If anyone knows me, I have such problems with mascara and I can never find my signature mascara, it is such a problem..haha not really but can be difficult whenever I'm applying makeup and I'm not happy with the mascara I'm using.

This brand is from Japan so I don't know where to buy it or where to find it online, but if any of you know where you can purchase this please comment down below.

There's only one setback that keeps me wearing it everyday, it's waterproof and I'm not a fan of waterproof mascara..but whenever I do wear it, ahhh it's a dream.

My eyelashes are blond, long, and thick. I know I know, some people would die to have my eyelashes. But that makes it very difficult when I'm applying any mascara to my eyes because they can either clump from the thickness, or they look like SPIDER WEBS because they are so long. This mascara does not make my eyelashes clump no matter how many times I apply the mascara. I'm serious, it's a magical wand..okay maybe not serious but it does do wonders. Again, thank you so much to my darling friend for once again, thinking of others before herself, you're lovely.

What's your favorite mascara?

xx, Lillie

Friday, September 18, 2015

JUICING? Nope! Juice +

Hey fam!

I'm super excited about this video because I've never really talked much about my eating habits and what I do to stay healthy. I have just recently become apart of Juice Plus and I wanted to share with you guys what it is all about! Since I've only had it for about a week not many changes have been happening but in two or three months I will make a blog post talking about how my body is reacting to it and if it is making any changes to my daily routine!

I hope you all enjoy this video! 

*All information about Juice Plus is in the description box from this video*

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Love Yourself As You Love Your Neighbor

Hey fam!

So I was at a daily mass a few weeks ago and the priests homily was all about

 "love your neighbor as you love yourself" The Golden Rule.

Now I don't know about you but I definitely love my neighbor a heck of a lot more than I love myself. At times, I even forget that I am a human too. I can go days with helping people, saying yes to anyone who asks for my help and totally forgetting that I have my own needs and I need to take a second, sit down and just breathe to get my sanity back. It can be quite easy to get wrapped up in the world and what everyone else is expecting you to do for them. It can also be really easy to forget what YOUR body expects from you. I'm not just talking nutrition and health here, I'm talking mentally what your body needs from you.

Especially here in America, everyone is going going going and no one has time to just sit down and relax. That's a term that isn't used positively around here. When I think of a productive day I think of me being 110% THE ENTIRE DAY. That might seem a little extreme and maybe even unrealistic but hey, in my book it happens frequently and that's not always good. I feel as if the world has skewed the way we should behave in day to day life. The word selfish is such a negative term. Thinking about yourself IS NOT BAD. Sometimes I have to verbally say 'STOP' to myself if I"m doing too much for others and just doing the motions and there is no love involved.

I've had to learn how to prioritize myself better so I'm getting enough of my own day as well as others are getting enough out of me too. If your well is dry like mine has been recently, just stop and start to say no to people and say yes to yourself.

Start loving yourself as you love others

Enjoy a picture of me with crazy hair, you deserve it.

What are your thoughts? 

xx, Lillie

Friday, September 11, 2015


Hello hello! 

I have a room tour and a bit of a rant about physical appearance and LOVING yourself! Let me know what you think!

xx, Lillie

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cool Adventures & Shiz

Wait today's Tuesday? NOPE. It's Thursday so I'll be posting two days in a row. My apologies, this week has been a bit hectic for me and what not.

ANYWHO, I had the privilege to go on an adventure with a friend of mine and take some really awesome shots of abandoned buildings. One piece caught my eye and it can be broken down into so much more then these 10 words.

What beautiful words. So simple, to the point and clear. When this first caught my eye I couldn't help but think about humanity and how we all treat one another. Those four phrases are the hardest phrases to say. It deals with vulnerability, trust and a leap of faith with that person. 

I just wanted to sit and stare at this beautiful piece of artwork. It has stayed in my heart since I have seen it and I have been going on and on about this flawless handiwork to everyone I talk to. 

For one, red and yellow don't match. I'm not a color expert here but I don't ever wear yellow and red together. I think that just shows how messy these words are and how they are not black and white and each time you say this phrase to a person a story is behind it. There is meaning behind it, so say these phrases with a meaning. They aren't words to just throw around and be used lightly, they should be used with care and a force of love. 

I love you- is not meant to be said so it can be reciprocated. Love is a choice and an action that one does, out of the purest of their hearts with being satisfied in receiving nothing back. That is pure love.

I'm sorry- Truly recognizing your mistakes and willing to be open to change and healing in your relationship with that person.

Thank you- Being completely grateful to that person and complimenting them on how they treated you with such respect and dignity.

I forgive you- Does not mean forgetting the situation but forgiving the person because they are not defined by this one action/mistake they did to you. Forgiving them is loving them because that is what they deserve. Love them because they are a human being and that is enough.

What do you think of when you hear or see these words?

xx, Lillie

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