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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get Ready With Me: A Day In My Life

Just a little video I put together! I really enjoyed making it, I might make more of these and put them on YouTube in the future 

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stress Relievers

Everybody has their own baggage to carry and their own stress in life. Whether that is everyday, once in a while or triggers to make the stress appear. Stress can't go away forever. It's impossible, it's apart of life to struggle and have challenges that make you grow and be a better person. You shouldn't be so obsessed with the problems in your life and how upset they make you. The real focus should be on, what are you going to do, and HOW are you going to handle them?

Different stages of life gives you different types of stress. Being a middle schooler makes you worry all about what other people think of you and if you can fit in with 'the crowd' and being loved by people who really aren't nice to you. Being in high school makes you worry about the college you should be attending, passing your classes, and the baggage that came along with middle school and finding your group of friends while caring so much about what other people think of you, oh and don't forget body image, that's always a big one.

Everyone handles the problems through different ways. There are healthy ways to deal with it and unhealthy ways as well. For my middle school years my family always helped me through every little problem I was dealing with. In high school, I was a little more alone and I had to find my way by myself. That meant for me, bad decisions and bad friend choosing too. Thankfully I grew out of that in a matter of a couple of years and I really found a good set of ways to relieve my stress. I began working out during my senior year, getting a job and journaling plus getting really involved with my faith.

Going to college puts on a whole new layer of stress; layer, after layer, after layer. Since I am in college, I can't tell you all of the stress that occurs; but by only being in college for a little over one semester I can tell you that I have been hit with some pretty hard times already. Everything finally becomes your own. You know when you're in high school and you're always saying how you can't wait to move out and be on your own and finally be able to make your own decisions? Yeah, well it's here, and trust me if I could turn around and run back to mom and dad, I totally would. Making your own decisions and being alone is hard! Sometimes you won't always make the right decisions, but that's okay because you need to get up and learn from your mistakes.

Three things that will always help you through hard times and stress: Faith, formation and fellowship. What that means is you need faith, in anything honestly. You just have to know that this isn't the end and there is more to life than what you are going through! You just have to put your faith and trust into something other than yourself. You as a human being can't put all of that onto yourself! It's impossible and your body can't handle all of that responsibility. For formation and fellowship you need a great set of friends. You need those friends that you can call at any time of the day and will help you if they are 5 miles away or 500 miles away. You need to know that you can call at least two people in a drop of a hat without feeling nervous of how they are going to think of you. Putting your trust into someone else is hard, but it's a way of life and you will grow as a person. That is what life is all about, it is growing into becoming a better smarter and stronger YOU.

Love yourself, love your life, and have faith no matter what comes in the way don't let any of it take your love and happiness away.

What are your thoughts on difficulties with life?

xx, Lillie

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Little Bit About Me!

Hello! So you all know about me from this blog and that I am a huge beauty fanatic. But I would like to give you all a little more insight on what my life is. So here are 15 facts about me :-) Enjoy!

1. I am 18 years old

2. I am a practicing Catholic

3. I love Disney movies, Disney world, anything Disney related + Harry Potter :)

4. The beach is my happy place - just call me a mermaid!

5. I have gone on Mission Trips for 5 years now - a trip specifically to help the unfortunate with painting their house, or fixing up their roofs or yards and even going to soup kitchens and in March I will be going to Honduras!

6. I live in Florida

7. I love every type of music from Luke Bryan to Fall Out Boy to The Head and the Heart

8. I am always volunteering for nonprofit organizations like Catholic Heart Work Camp (mission trips) and St. Baldricks (donating money for children with cancer and donating 10 inches of your hair)

9. I have 3 siblings, Steve, Samantha, and Sophia

10. I suffer with panic attacks

11. I bake and cook A LOT :) always trying to find new healthy recipes

12. I like working out and I eat healthy but I do have a weakness for sweets and junk food ;)

13. I have dirty blonde hair, and I have never dyed it 

14. I sleep talk often and sleep walk rarely

15. I want to travel all over the world and backpack to Europe

Tell me a fact about you!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Some of My Thoughts Jumbled into One

So a few days ago, and a very early morning, my friend took me on a surprise adventure and drove me to the beach which is an hour away. He knows I absolutely love the beach and since the past week had been quite rough for me this was a perfect way to make me feel better. He picked me up at 4 in the morning (I know crazy right?) and we watched the sunrise over the beach.

 It was so peaceful and all you could hear were the waves crashing against the sand. It made me feel so much at ease and I was really able to finally take a breath and look at what happened at my week from the outside and a new perspective as well. I think that's really good to do when you are in a really bad situation or you just have been in the dumps for quite some time. I feel as if you need to take yourself out of the situation and to look at it as if you are watching it as someone else's life instead of living it in your own. 

The beach always has helped me do that and once again it came in handy. It doesn't always give you the answers to everything but it definitely gives you hope; and you know for some reason that this isn't the end and you will get through it. Like there's a light at the end of this dark tunnel. Thankfully the week got better as it ended and this was the flame to the week.

Is there a specific thing you do to find the good in the bad? I'd love to hear your thoughts :) 

xx, Lillie

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Lush-tastic Day: Sunday Post

I woke up immediately knowing the I need my pamper morning. It's been a little cold where I live (50s is cold for me, I know I'm a wimp) so I put my left over Christmas bath bombs and bath bubblers in the bath and put on a new hair mask and face mask!

I was lucky to have enough points at Sephora for them to give me this small box of Boscia products with face mask peels and everything to do with your pores. I think with the weather and stress with starting the new semester has really been breaking me out so this is exactly what I needed. I tried the Luminizing Black Mask face mask and it was a little difficult to apply but taking it off was nicer and easier than any face mask I have ever used! My face was literally glowing afterwards and it was smooth too, it felt absolutely great on my skin. 

I used two hair masks because the first one was almost done so I just lathered the remaining of it on my hair which was Argon Oil Hydrating Mask and then used my new hair mask that was a gift from my friend and it was a new product from LUSH. It's called Jasmine And Henna Fluff-Ease. Karma Kream I used for body lotion and it is also a Lush product.

I bought this new exfoliate scrub from Soap&Glory and I used that whilst in the bath tub. It's quite a big bottle and little goes a long way..those are my favorite types of products, they last forever! 

I of course went to my favorite coffee shop and buried myself in Girl Online by Zoella..which is an incredible book even though I am a fan of Zoe I am not biased! Have you read it?

How did you spend your Sunday? 

xx, Lillie

Friday, January 16, 2015

New Purchase!

Yes it is 2015 and I GUESS you could say my New Year's Resolution is to eat healthier? I'm pretty much a healthy eater as it is but you can always improve on it and that's what I am always trying to do! You can never be perfect in anything it isn't possible, always strive for better though..remember that :)

So because I am eating healthier, I read a lot of healthy bloggers and one of them has a cookbook called Oh She Glows and I have been dying to buy it so I can read her recipes easier. Since I got so many gift cards to Barnes&Nobles I decided to finally use one of them and purchase the Oh She Glows vegan cookbook! Now I am not saying I am vegan, because I'm not. I could not live without eggs and meat let me tell you that! But it does help me a lot with keeping all of my foods healthy and then I always change them up by eating meat and whatever else I like as well!

I've already looked through some of the recipes and everything looks incredible! So tasteful and easy to make as well! I've already made one of the green smoothies (which I was dreading to be honest) but it actually came out really good and I was able to finish the whole drink without even gagging! I finally have enjoyed a green smoothie!

I really can't wait to start using this cookbook for entrees and bits. Maybe I'll even show you some of the results! 

Do you have a favorite cookbook? 

xx, Lillie 

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yinz N@

During my break off from college I was able to travel not only to Nashville, Tennessee, but also Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Hence the weird title. Pittsburgh is known for their weird language and their quirkyness with their own unique little stores. There aren't many franchise stores in Pittsburgh and that's always a plus in my book!

I went to visit my sister who lives there for my mothers birthday! The weather was brutally cold and I don't think it ever went above 20 degrees whilst we were there. Since I don't usually wear such warm clothing I wanted to show you what I wore!

My beanie is from American Apparel and then I custom made it for it to say 'Bad Hair Day' on it..it's a little joke between me and my friend. The shirt I was wearing is from LF and it's creme colored with a strings of the fabric torn apart and falling down on the back. My black jeans are from American Eagle. The bag is a Vera Bradley and was a gift as well as my lovely scarf from Isreal which my sister bought me. The boots I wore I'm pretty sure are from Forever21 and they are all torn up which is quite upsetting since they used to be my favorite pair. I also wanted to point out the lipstick I was wearing which is from MAC and it is called So Chaud and it has definitely become one of my favorite lipsticks that I own!

I hope you enjoyed this little outfit I put together and maybe you got some inspiration if you live in cold weather or will be visiting it! 

xx, Lillie

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Goodbye Nashville!

As some of you may know I am a practicing Catholic. I am very involved in my faith so that means I go on a lot of retreats! To kick off the new year I was blessed to be able to go on a retreat called SEEK2015 with 10,000 other college students who believe in the same thing as me! It was from January 1-5 so it was the absolute perfect time where school hasn't started yet and holiday season finally started to slow down. Now I am not going to go into detail with what occurred at SEEK, but I would like to share with you three very important life lessons that I got out of this retreat.

1. I was able to hear the amazing speaker Lisa Cotter and she gave me insight on a lot. First she said something that really stuck with me: "if you judge people, you have no time to love them." I find that to be so true, in this world everyone is judging everyone about everything that person does. You were not put on this Earth to judge people, you were put on this Earth to love and accept everyone, no matter what. Another thing she said is from St. John Paul II, "a person's rightful due is to be treated as an object of love NOT an object for use." Just let that sink in for a second. That could mean any type of using, emotionally and physically, those are both wrong; people are not things, they are souls.

2. I also got to hear Rosario Rodriguez speak about forgiveness and she said something that I have never heard before and now that she has said it, I haven't stopped thinking about it. "When you don't forgive someone, it's like you are drinking poison and expecting the other person to die." Not forgiving someone doesn't hurt anyone but yourself! It takes a lot of energy away from yourself and not forgiving means you are also not trying to work on yourself become a better person because you are too worried thinking about not forgiving that person! Forgiveness does not mean forgetting. It's the decision to take the weight off of yourself, and to put it on the other person. If they hurt you, forgiving doesn't mean running back and pretending nothing happened. It's deciding to push past the bad and setting boundaries between you and that person or situation you encountered.

3. Lastly, I learned from the beautiful Sarah Swafford the 80-20 Problem & It's Big Three. 80% of your life is worrying and agonizing over these three questions:
 Who am I going to date & eventually marry? 
What is he/she going to do for me & how are they going to make me feel? 
How good can I look good doing it? 
STOP. Flip this to make that the 20% and this the 80%: 
Who do I want to be? 
What am I living for? 
Who am I living for? 
She says "Strive to become the woman of your dreams and you will attract the man of your dreams!" Virtue is striving for human excellence. There is no such thing as PERFECT. No human being is perfect. Apply your virtue to your passions and just strive to be a better you! Not a perfect you!

These words of wisdom have already helped me and it has been less than a week since I left the retreat. I hope you can think them over and see where you can apply these to your life. I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the speakers I heard and that I was able to tell all of you what I got out of this amazing experience. I hope this helps you in your life! 

xx, Lillie

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