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Friday, January 23, 2015

A Little Bit About Me!

Hello! So you all know about me from this blog and that I am a huge beauty fanatic. But I would like to give you all a little more insight on what my life is. So here are 15 facts about me :-) Enjoy!

1. I am 18 years old

2. I am a practicing Catholic

3. I love Disney movies, Disney world, anything Disney related + Harry Potter :)

4. The beach is my happy place - just call me a mermaid!

5. I have gone on Mission Trips for 5 years now - a trip specifically to help the unfortunate with painting their house, or fixing up their roofs or yards and even going to soup kitchens and in March I will be going to Honduras!

6. I live in Florida

7. I love every type of music from Luke Bryan to Fall Out Boy to The Head and the Heart

8. I am always volunteering for nonprofit organizations like Catholic Heart Work Camp (mission trips) and St. Baldricks (donating money for children with cancer and donating 10 inches of your hair)

9. I have 3 siblings, Steve, Samantha, and Sophia

10. I suffer with panic attacks

11. I bake and cook A LOT :) always trying to find new healthy recipes

12. I like working out and I eat healthy but I do have a weakness for sweets and junk food ;)

13. I have dirty blonde hair, and I have never dyed it 

14. I sleep talk often and sleep walk rarely

15. I want to travel all over the world and backpack to Europe

Tell me a fact about you!

xx, Lillie

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