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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Yinz N@

During my break off from college I was able to travel not only to Nashville, Tennessee, but also Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! Hence the weird title. Pittsburgh is known for their weird language and their quirkyness with their own unique little stores. There aren't many franchise stores in Pittsburgh and that's always a plus in my book!

I went to visit my sister who lives there for my mothers birthday! The weather was brutally cold and I don't think it ever went above 20 degrees whilst we were there. Since I don't usually wear such warm clothing I wanted to show you what I wore!

My beanie is from American Apparel and then I custom made it for it to say 'Bad Hair Day' on it..it's a little joke between me and my friend. The shirt I was wearing is from LF and it's creme colored with a strings of the fabric torn apart and falling down on the back. My black jeans are from American Eagle. The bag is a Vera Bradley and was a gift as well as my lovely scarf from Isreal which my sister bought me. The boots I wore I'm pretty sure are from Forever21 and they are all torn up which is quite upsetting since they used to be my favorite pair. I also wanted to point out the lipstick I was wearing which is from MAC and it is called So Chaud and it has definitely become one of my favorite lipsticks that I own!

I hope you enjoyed this little outfit I put together and maybe you got some inspiration if you live in cold weather or will be visiting it! 

xx, Lillie
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