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Friday, February 27, 2015

My Favorite Lipsticks!

Hi all! Since I have been so interested in lipsticks recently, I wanted to share with you my 5 all time favorite ones at the moment! 

I also apologize for the video not being in focus! I didn't realize that it was out of focus until after the video was filmed! Next week's video will definitely be in focus! Sorry about that :(

What's your favorite lipstick?

xx, Lillie

Monday, February 23, 2015

Letting Your Face Breathe

The feeling you get after taking off your make up from a long day of stress is such a relief of a feeling and I feel so clean that sometimes I don't even want to take a shower because that was all that I needed. 

As you know, I love make up and I am proud of my make up collection and I just love going into a Sephora or an Ulta store because I treat it like a candy store. Saying that, I sometimes go through these phases of putting on a lot of make up like liquid foundation everyday instead of a BB cream and I put on a lot of eyeshadow and eyeliner too. Now that I am getting more involved with make up I enjoy putting more on because I feel more confident with applying it and I feel like I know what I'm doing. A few months ago I applied a very light base to my face and maybe two shades of eyeshadow on my lid and then mascara and I whipped out the door. It took me around 10 minutes every morning to do my make up. But now that I am more interested in it sometimes it takes me more than that because I mess up and I just like to experiment and really think about what I want to apply on my face.

Nothing is wrong with either of those processes that I have come about. But, one day I wasn't feeling well and I didn't put on any make up at all and I went off to school and my day was totally fine. One thing I did notice was that my face felt very open and it honestly felt like I was letting my face breathe - hence the title of this blog post. I also wasn't worried about rubbing my eyes because there was no make up to mess up! I also had a different feeling walking into stores without wearing make up. I have gone through a long journey with my skin with hating it to loving it to treating it with such care to not doing anything at all to it. I did go through a time when I was so embarrassed I couldn't even leave my house without makeup on and that lasted for about a year. Now, I just enjoy wearing the make up out as much as I do not wearing make up out. So I'm making it a point that I never put on my make up because I am embarrassed with how my face looks without it. 

Not wearing make up that one day I felt as if my face was naked. I really enjoyed the feeling and I didn't feel as vain either. So I gave myself a challenge that for 40 days I will not wear any make up (except on Sundays) to gain humility and to be proud of my face and how it looks 'naked'. I encourage you all to join me in the 40 day challenge of not wearing make up and being proud of your skin and gaining humility because we are all beautiful in how we were made and I think it will really help me remember why I started putting on make up in the first place..not to make myself 'look prettier' but because I enjoy the process of applying the make up and I like how it looks on my face with the finished piece! Make up is an art, it shouldn't be about trying to cover your blemishes and making your eyes 'pop'.

You are beautiful and you are who you are because of the blemishes you own! So join me in this beautiful way of gaining humility and being proud of your face when it is naked!

P.S. This 40 day challenge came in perfect timing for Lent ;) 

xx, Lillie

Friday, February 20, 2015

Diagon Alley!

So last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Universal with my brother and his girlfriend! We had an amazing time and I was so excited because I was able to bring my camera and snap a few great shots!! 

I also made a video on what I wore outfit wise and makeup wise, so check that out it's also on my YouTube channel! It was my first time going to Diagon Alley and it was AMAZING. We stayed there for hours and they had hot butterbeer! I've only had the cold & frozen ones and the hot one is just as delightful and yummy as the other two! 

As you can see in the pictures below people really took Harry Potter seriously and they had their children dress up in the House's colors! People were even dressed up for the Hufflepuff house! (I know weird) 

The wands also have a cool feature where you can cast spells on statues and what not and some will spit out water or breathe fire! It was a heck of a time.

Have you been to Universal before? 

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Comfort Zones

Everybody has their 'safe spot' or 'hiding place'. Basically what these mean are the places where you feel the most comfort and you can escape from the real world or 'run away' from whatever problem you are dealing with. Some comfort zones you may have subconsciously, and not even realize they are a safe place for you because you're so used to it being there that you don't think twice of why you love it and why it makes you feel safe.

So as some of you may know, I struggle with panic attacks. I've brought that up in a couple of posts before but here I am going to address it more direct. For me, I can be free of panic for months and then all of a sudden BOOM I will get one and from that one on, I will just get them more constant for about a month or two and then they will slowly fade away.

My comfort place is my car. Even though I have had a car accident and panic attacks in that car, for some reason it is my hiding place. What happens to me is that I will be driving and then park at the destination I was inclined to go to and then for some odd reason, I won't get out of my car. My legs go numb, and I can't move. I usually sit in my car for about an hour to an hour and a half just sitting and staring and I will think and think and think. That's when the panic attack arrives, because I am overthinking and I get freaked out because I can't get out of my car. Once the panic attack is over (because they do always end) my body is completely exhausted and aches all over. So then I stay in my car longer because I'm too tired to move. That's why I end up staying in there for over an hour.

Comfort zones are good, everyone should have a place that they know they are able to get to to calm down and just hide from the world for a few minutes and what not. But you can not stay in your safe spot forever, you need to move and grow. Even in my safe spot (car) I still get panic attacks! So no matter what, life will always catch up to you and you need to learn to face it and not depend on that safe spot forever to save you, because it won't always be there to save you and you need to face your fears. 

Coping skills I use to shake off the anxiety:

  • Find the reason I am feeling anxious..there is always an answer to the question 'WHY' in every situation

  • I actually say the word STOP out loud, like I'm speaking to the anxiety

  • I listen to Disney music because that always makes me feel better no matter what

  • Always take long slow deep breaths. Taking 20 short breaths IS NOT the same as taking 10 long full breaths. 

  • Start from the top of your head and move every muscle in your body until you get to your toes and then reverse it. Sometimes I have to stop when I get to my stomach because I can't feel my legs yet and so instead of freaking out, I just restart the process until I am able to move my leg muscles or I'm doing it for so long I don't realize what I'm doing and I end up moving my leg muscles in the end

 - lovely advice from a great friend of mine
Do you have any tips or tricks to help with those who suffer with this? Do you suffer with this?

xx, Lillie

Friday, February 13, 2015

My Lush Stash - V Day Edition!

Another video for you all on what I bought at Lush for February! 

For more details they are in the description box from the video on my YouTube channel!

xx, Lillie

Monday, February 9, 2015



I was personally invited by the lovely Jacky from Do It For The Irony blog to join her on her fabulous idea of uniting women together by the hashtag #FEMBRUARY. Basically, what I got out of it is that Jacky wants us all to make at least one blog post in the month of February explaining our views on feminism and what we should do about it as well. So here I am taking on her challenge of #FEMBRUARY. 

Some of the blog posts I have already read on this issue have really got me thinking on what I think feminism is. By doing much research and watching YouTube videos mostly from Laci Green, I think I finally was able to scrounge up an opinion of feminism. 

I absolutely ADORE the way women can unite and love one another and make each other feel beautiful. Since this happens so rarely (which is extremely unfortunate) when it does happen, it is such a blessing. Because loving someone and bringing them up and making them feel beautiful is not materialistic, if every woman did this to every single woman they knew, we wouldn't take it for granted and we wouldn't get sick of it either like if you had every make up product in the world, you wouldn't know what it feels like not to have something. Every woman deserves to be loved by every woman and I think only feminism can be alive in this world, if women unite with one another! The bashing and the hating that goes on with each other is terrible and there is no reason that we should be tearing each other down. Guys don't get us like we do, we need to stand up together and push each other harder and harder everyday to be a better person without trying to dehumanize one another. 

Girls can be mean and vicious towards one another, and we are never going to make a change in this world if we don't unite and become one. We are on the same team ladies, why don't we show the world what we can do with all of our power connected and on the same side? We can conquer and change the way everyone looks at women if we can be on the same team and love one another. Bigger the team, bigger the ally.

Thank you again Jacky for pulling me in on this beautiful idea of yours & like Jacky has asked in her posts, what are your views on feminism? 

xx, Lillie

Friday, February 6, 2015

My January Favorites!

So every Friday now that I have finally gained the confidence to do this, I will be posting a video to my YouTube channel as well as on here and on Tuesdays will be blog posts without videos! How do you like this tid bit change? I love making videos and editing them too! 

These products and items are what I used during the month of January! More details are on my YouTube channel in the description box of this video! 

xx, Lillie

Sunday, February 1, 2015


I finally got myself to get the Canon t3i Rebel camera! I am so happy with this purchase and I cherish this camera so so much. 

My pictures won't suck anymore which I am happy about and I think this will really help with my blog posts! 

I am new with the whole photography process and I'm not a professional to say the least, but I went on a little hunt to experiment with my camera and to just play around with the different effects and what not!

 These are a few things that caught my eye whilst snapping! 

(sorta like an action shot? LOL)

What do you think of my skills? :)

xx, Lillie

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