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Friday, February 20, 2015

Diagon Alley!

So last weekend I was lucky enough to go to Universal with my brother and his girlfriend! We had an amazing time and I was so excited because I was able to bring my camera and snap a few great shots!! 

I also made a video on what I wore outfit wise and makeup wise, so check that out it's also on my YouTube channel! It was my first time going to Diagon Alley and it was AMAZING. We stayed there for hours and they had hot butterbeer! I've only had the cold & frozen ones and the hot one is just as delightful and yummy as the other two! 

As you can see in the pictures below people really took Harry Potter seriously and they had their children dress up in the House's colors! People were even dressed up for the Hufflepuff house! (I know weird) 

The wands also have a cool feature where you can cast spells on statues and what not and some will spit out water or breathe fire! It was a heck of a time.

Have you been to Universal before? 

xx, Lillie

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