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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Honduras Recap!

Hey all! So I am back from my CRAZY week of being in Honduras! Yes it was 8 days and there are thousands of topics I could speak about but I am going to condense it as much as possible and tell you my experience from it and what I really got out of it. So here comes the meat of my trip!

There was a lot of sacrifice and suffering - not just with the Hondurans but with us missioners as well - because we aren't used to how organic, fresh, and healthy their food is, I was prone to get sick. My stomach is so sensitive as it is so it was no surprise when I had to deal with a stomach infection for the three out of the four days we were in the mountains with the missioners. It did take a toll on the trip and I couldn't be the best and give it my one hundred percent but I was so blessed by having the BEST team mates I could possibly wish for and if it wasn't for them (and God of course) I don't think I would've been able to make it throughout the week. 

The people I met while being there were so selfless and extremely genuine. You could really see the love they had for God and because they had nothing all they could do was give everything to God. It was like a wake up call to me and I was blessed to actually experience the way the Hondurans live by living with a Honduran family and living the way they did. Their lifestyle is so simplistic and easy going. The whole town was one big family so the kids were always running on people's properties and just doing whatever they wanted and it wasn't a big deal. They cherish life so much and they are so friendly to one another in the mountains. Every time you walk by someone it doesn't matter if you didn't know them you always said hi and asked how they were doing. During the events the parents didn't mind if their child was sitting next to a stranger or if the stranger told the child to come sit next to them. No one is uptight and they trust everyone in the town, it was beautiful to see all the love.

Now let's discuss the language barrier. Yes, I only speak English and that definitely was a barrier that I had to overcome throughout the week. I didn't think it would be possible to connect with someone without using words, but boy was I wrong. I got extremely close and bonded with some of the most beautiful joyous people there without saying one word to them. Everything I learned in Honduras can be applied to my everyday life here in the States. I didn't realize that until I was seeing the difference of the countries and how much I was taking in from Honduras and seeing how this can make me a better person and have me fulfill my life even more.

I am so blessed that I was able to experience these encounters at such a young age and able to be someone's friend when they thought there was no one left who cared about them. We were able to show them that even people in another country are thinking about them and praying for them. Seeing hope in their eyes made all the difference and took away all the pain and suffering I was dealing with.  I knew God had me go on this trip for a reason and those little incidents proved to me the reason why I was there; to show these people the love I have and want to share to each individual I encounter and how I genuinely care about these people and how they are not alone.

I hope you enjoyed this little (big) summary of my trip and if you have gone on a mission trip or travelled out of the country let me know your experience!

xx, Lillie
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