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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Relationship With Yourself

It can be easy (or difficult) to have relationships with others and there are so many articles and books on having relationships with other people if that means friends, family or significant others. A lot of the time it is hard to find a book or article about having a relationship with yourself. Without being aware and connected to your mind and really pulling your mind, heart and soul together as one, there's no way you will be able to grow as a person and learn from your mistakes. Knowing who you are inside and out and being aware of all of your flaws and strengths will help you love yourself more and more each day. 

Of course I struggle with insecurities and what not but because I become aware of what those insecurities are, it's easier to tackle them. I also know my triggers and my maximum hitting point of when I need to slow down and take a step back and just breathe. For me, I can't be on the move every single day and being super busy. I used to be that way and it really hurt me as a person because I never had time for myself and I put all of my extra energy into everyone else and my jobs. Being able to sit back and relax is actually really healthy for the body and your brain and muscles need to recuperate and have a day of taking time for yourself. 

Some things I do to make sure that I do have a day for myself, is in the beginning of the week, I look at my schedule and see where I can place that day. It used to be on a Friday or Saturday because I didn't have school or any extra cirricular activities that were mandatory for me to go to. Since I just got a job and I work on those free days I made a point to not work on Sunday. So now, that I am busy all day Thursday - Saturday, it is harder to find a day to take for myself but I try to make that day be Sunday. Whether that's me reading a book, going to a park walking around and just clearing my mind or a taking a bath at night to prepare me for the week to come. 

Taking a day for yourself does not mean being alone and getting all your studies done, or blogging or anything like that, it means (in my opinion) to shut off everything that you usually do in the week and just have time for yourself. Not watching YouTube videos, or blogging - yes those are entertaining and fun but sometimes your brain just needs to shut off and take time away from the internet.

I realize after writing this post that it's a little all over the place but I needed to write it down so I can stay on top of my game since I did just get a job, and I realize that if I do write a post about something that I'm struggling with and need to work on, I try even harder to work on that after I have written a blog post about it.

So again, I apologize for the organization - if there is any - with this post but I do hope you can think about if you have a day to yourself and what you do during that day! I would love to know so I have an idea of what I can do on my day to myself as well!

xx, Lillie
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