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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Turning Off

How many hours do you think you're on the Internet or your phone a day?

How many hours are you watching Netflix or T.V. a day?

How many hours do you listen to music a day? 

When do you have silence during your day? 

Do you ever have complete silence for at least one hour during a day? When I mean silence I don't mean studying or doing homework in silence. I mean everything in silence. The outside noises and the inside noises. It's completely putting everything on hold and being with yourself. It sounds scary and honestly, at first when I started doing it, it made me feel super uncomfortable because it gets you thinking. You start to think about life and your day and the past and what you want for the future and what you could've done differently with this situation and then before you know it you're thinking of your imaginary children running around and making you crazy. Joking. But honestly, your mind starts going into places you've never been before. It's a great way to detox your mind and release some of your emotions that you might not know how to do. 

A lot of people always talk about doing detoxes for your body and going on these juice fasts but no one ever really talks about detoxing your mind. What helps me is to literally sit in silence for one hour everyday and my goal is to find peace. It's really hard getting into your feelings and being vulnerable with someone else, think about doing that with yourself and intentionally. These quiet hours of your day is supposed to be a time for you to release all of that extra energy that's holding you back from being the best you can possibly be for that day. Obviously, it can be hard to take a whole hour out of your day to do nothing but sit in silence, but I try to do it at least three or four times a week. It really helps my mind get healthier and prepare myself for any stress or anxiety situations that might occur throughout the day or the week to come. 

After doing this for a few months, I have really noticed a difference in my patience level, being at peace, and I'm able to take care of myself more than ever before and that is a really great trait to have that not everyone knows how to do. It can be hard to pamper yourself mentally so here is one way that I pamper myself mentally and I think you all should try it. Start off with once a week, and then gradually increase that one hour a week to two hours a week and so on.

Do you have any ways on "turning off"?

xx, Lillie 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Quick Hairstyles With an Undercut!


So here's my video for the week! It's a tutorial on four quick hairstyles that you can do with long or short hair! I accommodated the hairstyles to my undercut. I hope you enjoy!

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Accountability Partners

We were made to love and to be loved. Coming to college made me realize that there is a lot of independence, a lot of hurt, and a lot of changes. With all of these changes occurring, you meet a lot of friends and they become extremely important to you and a big part of your life. They basically become your family away from your actual family since you are with them all the time and you really learn to be vulnerable and personal with these people.

Saying that, there can be a lot of hardships going on in your life and you need to find multiple accountability partners. What I mean by saying that is for example, my one friend knows that it is hard for me to confront people and to express my feelings towards them and so when she knows I'm having trouble with communicating with this friend, she will make it a point to remind me to speak to this person. She will know when I'm seeing this friend, so right before I'm about to meet up with them, she will send me a short text saying "Hey! Don't forget to bring up this and this to so and so". By her saying that, she is my accountability partner for me confronting my friends. 

I have many accountability partners and they are my friends. I have that title for them because I go to them specifically for a problem. I have another accountability partner for prayer. If I am struggling with something or if my heart is uneasy with something, I will call up my prayer accountability partner, and they will pray over me. I am also an accountability partner for many of my friends. Not only is it a great way to get closer with this person, it also gains a lot of trust and emotional attachment to this person which we all need in life. 

Knowing which friend I can talk to about a specific situation really helps me see their strengths in our friendship and helps me trust them in that specific area of my life. It's a beautiful thing to have in a friendship to know that, let's say, I'm freaking out about an exam coming up, I can call my friend who knows how to calm me down and lift me up in that specific area of my life which is school. 

So this week, I want you to try and find an accountability partner for three areas of your life that you are struggling with. You might already have these accountability partners but you're not labeling them as that. Go to that person, and let them know that they are your accountability person, not only does that make the friendship more clear on both ends, that is such a beautiful affirmation that you are giving to them and there will be more love in that friendship and you both will grow stronger together with knowing what you love about one another.

I hope this helps you figure out who your true friends are and who can go to in difficult situations.

Do you an accountability partner for something specific in your life? Let me know!

(I have many more AMAZING accountability partners but these are just a few of them) 

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Graces Life Gives You

A lot of people go through their everyday life not recognizing the little graces during the day. Most of the time, and I know I'm guilty of this, I only see the big picture of my day and the big alterations - good or bad - that make my day different than what I planned it to be in my head. I don't ever take a step back and realize all the little things I have in my life. 

On Sunday I went on a run on this trail in my local park. I hate running but I felt like I could use the exercise and for some reason I was really craving to go running. The second I started to run I had the biggest smile on my face - even with all the pain - because I couldn't help but notice the beautiful bright sun shining down upon me, and the clear sky with the nature surrounding me. I was also extremely ecstatic that I had legs that were working! I felt so grateful for all these gifts that have been given to me and I felt them all in that day, I used them to the best of my ability only because I felt so much grace and so many blessings that came with these gifts. 

Do you do the same?

What do you think of when you look at the sun? Do you take a second and just let that moment sit with you and really take in all the beauty it gives you throughout your day?

What about when you're walking? Do you feel every muscle that you have in you that makes it possible for you to walk to wherever you're going with no problem?

And so on. You can do this with every grace in your life, and I CHALLENGE you to do that! Join me in being so in love with your life with every little gift you have received, like me typing this because I have ten fingers and there is no trouble for me to type this short little post so that you beautiful people can read it and have an opinion on my writing! 

What do you say? Are you up for the challenge?

xx, Lillie

Friday, April 10, 2015


As you will listen in this video, I encountered something earlier this week that I never have encountered before and I wanted to share it with you all in case you were going through the same thing and felt as if you are all alone..YOU AREN'T. 


xx. Lillie

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My 3 Favorite Foundations

I am back on board with the makeup train! Woohoo! So happy after those long forty days I can go back to wearing makeup! In those forty days I really did become less insecure with my face and because I couldn't cover up any blemishes I had to embrace them. I can say one thing though, my acne did break out more without the make up on which I thought was a little strange..if anyone knows the reason why please tell!

Anyways, I want to discuss with you all my 3 favorite liquid foundations.

The first one I am talking to you about is a BB cream by Maybelline. I've talked about this before in previous posts so it is definitely a staple of mine. The reason why I like this one rather than other BB creams is because of the consistency and how light the cream is to my face. I apply this cream on when I'm in a rush and I don't have time to put on a whole lot of make up or if I don't want to have heavy make up on that day this is the on I lean towards. It doesn't really cover any blemishes but it does tone down my face and even out the skin color as well. I also like using this because sometimes I hate putting on face primer (don't know why) and this has a primer built in so it's one less step I have to worry about! It's also really cheap and you can buy this at any drugstore which I recommend you do!

My next foundation which you can also buy at any drug store and I just recently purchased it but I fell in love with it and I am literally telling all of my family and friends to buy it as well is the RimmelLondon Match Perfection Foundation. It is heavier than the BB Cream obviously and I do put on primer before I apply it but it is so worth it. Not only does it even out my skin tone but it covers almost all of my blemishes, and as you know I don't use concealer so I love foundations that can do the job of both. Once I'm done applying it to my face I don't even feel it on me and it doesn't sweat off during the day which I LOVE and I always look for in foundations since I live in like the hottest state possible. 

My last foundation which you can't find at a drugstore and is a bit pricy is the Naked Skin Urban Decay foundation. It is pretty expensive but I don't use it everyday. This is my "fancy" foundation that I use if I'm going to a festivity or an event and I want to really dress myself up this is what I go for. I used this foundation for prom, my graduation, and other events like birthdays and holiday parties. It is also super light to the face and doesn't feel overwhelming while applying it, I don't know what it is but foundations that are super heavy and make my face feel oily I tend to not buy I like the foundations that when it's on my face I can't feel it and this foundation also has that magical feature as well. It is expensive but I've had it for over a year and I'm not even half way done with it and it says 'weightless' on the bottle and that is 100% true.

What are your favorite foundations?

xx, Lillie

Saturday, April 4, 2015

American Apparel LookBook

Hey you! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I didn't feel as if it was right to post on Good Friday so I waited till today! 

American Apparel was having a 90% sale so of course I jumped on that train quite quick and bought a few outfits! I tried looking for them after the sale was over but they were no longer there. In my video description I have a link to the website if you want to check out clothes that are similar to these looks because I bet they do have similar outfits! 

I hope you all enjoy and have a great weekend! If you follow me on my Instagram you would know that I got a haircut, this video was before I got the haircut so if you want to see that here's a link to my Instagram!

xx, Lillie 

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