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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Graces Life Gives You

A lot of people go through their everyday life not recognizing the little graces during the day. Most of the time, and I know I'm guilty of this, I only see the big picture of my day and the big alterations - good or bad - that make my day different than what I planned it to be in my head. I don't ever take a step back and realize all the little things I have in my life. 

On Sunday I went on a run on this trail in my local park. I hate running but I felt like I could use the exercise and for some reason I was really craving to go running. The second I started to run I had the biggest smile on my face - even with all the pain - because I couldn't help but notice the beautiful bright sun shining down upon me, and the clear sky with the nature surrounding me. I was also extremely ecstatic that I had legs that were working! I felt so grateful for all these gifts that have been given to me and I felt them all in that day, I used them to the best of my ability only because I felt so much grace and so many blessings that came with these gifts. 

Do you do the same?

What do you think of when you look at the sun? Do you take a second and just let that moment sit with you and really take in all the beauty it gives you throughout your day?

What about when you're walking? Do you feel every muscle that you have in you that makes it possible for you to walk to wherever you're going with no problem?

And so on. You can do this with every grace in your life, and I CHALLENGE you to do that! Join me in being so in love with your life with every little gift you have received, like me typing this because I have ten fingers and there is no trouble for me to type this short little post so that you beautiful people can read it and have an opinion on my writing! 

What do you say? Are you up for the challenge?

xx, Lillie

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