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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Let's Get It All Out..


So it's summer and I have some time on my hands and I've been trying to live by the "Less is More" concept just so I am more grateful for the things I have and also to try and save money and learn what a BUDGET is. Last week I was looking through my closet and it was really bothering me that everything was basically all over the place and I had no room to put anymore clothes because I had so many. 

Throughout my life I have always been a huge advocate on donating my clothes to Goodwill or places like that. So of course the time of year came again and I went all in and dove right in the deep end. I first did a little shopping through my own closet and looked at clothes and outfits in a new way also styling blouses with new pants that I haven't done before. That made me actually cherish my clothes a lot more and want to wear them more as well! After that I saw the pieces of clothes that I didn't even touch let alone look at and without thinking for more than 5 seconds, I put them in a plastic bag and didn't look back.

I think this was one of my favorite times donating my clothes because I took away a lot more than usual and I also was more blessed for the clothes that I owned. I also went a little further and rearranged my closet as well to make it look different and see the clothes in a new light.

Honestly, that helped so much just by making room to breathe a little and not being overwhelmed by so many clothes to the point of saying "I have nothing to wear". Yes, I still have A LOT of clothes still but hey, this bag is pretty big and I think I did a great job with only keeping the clothes that I wear on a regular basis. 

This is the beginning of the "Less is More" aspect of life and I'm happy with the result of how I handled this because usually it is so hard for me to throw out clothes even though I never wear them anyways. 

Do you do a little "Summer cleaning" with your closet? If not, I totally think you should jump on this with me and we can stop being hoarders together :) 

xx, Lillie
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