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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

#MayMakers Lifestyle Change

Hey You! 

So the beautiful Jacky, or as some people know her as DoItForTheIrony blogger, she has asked me to write a post for the month of May talking about something that I'm making or some sort of project that I'm working on. So I have been thinking for a couple of weeks something that I am making, and I am in no way a creative person so I was going to opt out of this post all together, but then something came to me :)

For the past few months I have been researching Vegetarian, Vegan and Plant-Based lifestyles. The reason why is because first, it's all over the place people talking about the GMO effects it has on someone's body and how bad meat and bread and dairy can be for someone. So obviously some things about this is skeptical because there is always a new fad out about a bad food you shouldn't eat, and this time it so happens to be everything but fruits and vegetables basically. So doing a lot of research and seeing how people feel when they take out meat and dairy from their meals really has got me thinking if I should do the same thing. Now, it is not easy taking on this lifestyle and it's also not cheap, and I am a college student so this would be quite difficult for me. 

Something that I struggle with a lot is black and white thinking. Which basically means there are no gray areas in my life and if there are, I look at those as very negative parts in my life, which is wrong those gray areas don't mean they are bad it's just a way of living. No one can a live a black and white life because we are human. So working on that has really helped me accept myself better and love myself more as well. 

So I have been slowly dipping my feet in the water of not eating meat. At first, I was doing it for health reasons and for myself, which for some reason was a lot harder to maintain. Then I started talking to people that I knew who didn't eat meat and researched it as well. So I was taking meat out of my meals rather slowly and cautiously because I didn't want to dive in the deep end without knowing what I was getting myself into. 

The day before Mother's Day I saw this video on how people kill animals and how they torture them in such a way that I literally had to close my eyes and I was so disturbed and my heart hurt for these animals. No one should have to go through the pain and suffering that they put these animals in and they aren't even a fast quick death. From the moment these animals are born, they are abused and slowly dying with so many chemicals inside them. That made me stop completely on eating meat. 

Now I wouldn't say that I am a Vegetarian because I really do hate titles that brings me back to the "Black and White" lifestyle which I am trying to get away from. But I don't eat meat, and the only time I will eat meat is if it says on the menu that they catch this fish daily or something along those lines. It is so easy for me to not eat meat because I know I'm not doing it for myself and I'm doing it for these animals who are being tortured their whole life. I'm a huge advocate on not testing on animals for make up products and other things like that, so it was also strange to me that I would eat them but I wouldn't use products if they were tested on animals first. 

So this is my project that I'm working on because I'm hoping to get more people involved in not eating meat for the animal's sake and not for their health. Obviously I am not forcing anyone to not eat meat I'm just hoping that I can put the thought in your head like it was in mine, and to think of what these animals go through. 

What are your thoughts on eating meat and all of these new eating lifestyle changes everyone has been talking about? 

(These are new recipes I have been trying out an they tasted delicious! Obviously no meat)

xx, Lillie
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