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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What's The Deal With Flying?

So yesterday I flew to Pittsburgh to visit my sister and this was my very first time driving to the airport alone and doing it all by myself. Usually someone like a family member drops me off and I take off alone. Never have I driven there by myself. I feel like a real adult! Weird feeling especially since when I was at security this man came up to me and said "you look like you're 12! You can't be flying alone." Yeah that killed my adulthood vibe real fast!

So as many of you know from reading previous posts I suffer with panic attacks. Those don't stop at flying that's for sure! The last time I flew to Pittsburgh I actually had a panic attack and I was even with my mom. So you could only imagine the thoughts running through my head being alone on this trip! To help myself, and to help you guys if you're not a fan of flying I thought of some tips that can reduce the fear a bit. 

1. Get to the airport a little early than usual and be sure to locate the plane that you will be going on. That will help with releasing the stress of being delayed. 

2. Do not, under any circumstances GET COFFEE BEFOREHAND (I made this mistake more than once, trust me on this). Did you know that caffeine bumps up your ----- level and that spikes up anxiety as well. So seriously don't do it, or get decaf!

3. Have enough books/magazines and earphones to keep you busy on the flight and before.

 4. I also always feel better when I have gum near me as well. It's a weird paranoid thing my whole family has with chewing gum while on a flight..but maybe it can help you too!

5. Lastly, don't have tons of luggage with you on the flight. Check your big bags and be done with worrying about them. Once you check them they are out of your control and you'll only have to deal with your handbag which is much easier to keep track of. 

Do you have any tips? Wish me luck on flying back home!

xx, Lillie 

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