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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lip Color Fun - Summer

Cheers for a new lipstick color! Woo! 

So yes, I went to Sephora and fell in love with a color from of course my all time favorite brand for lipsticks, YSL. It's called Rouge Volupté Shine. I have a broad range of different lipstick colors that I own but I didn't feel as if I had a signature lip color for Summer..until I saw Rouge Volupté Shine.

It's more on the coral shade but there is still pink to it. It isn't too bright and honestly I think it looks so pretty right after the beach or if I'm outside on a nature walk or doing something outside I like to wear this color because it really does look good on my skin. Hopefully, if I get tanner this Summer, it will look even better because corals and pinks always make you look tanner.

As I've stated in previous posts about YSL lipsticks, they are so moisturizing and I don't even have to put on lip balm or anything before applying this lipstick because I feel as if I'm wearing lip balm not lipstick. Also, YSL lipsticks are the easiest to apply and I usually never have to clean up around the edges which is quite a big deal for me, not sure if anyone else has that problem of applying lipstick, but I sure do!

Do you have a favorite Summer lip color yet? If not you should totally purchase this one!

xx, Lillie 
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