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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My Love Story

So there's this guy..and he's pretty awesome if I say so myself. The story I'm about to tell you is way better than The Notebook..it even beats Titanic..I know how is that possible? This guy has treated me like a princess. It's WAY better than any love story I've ever watched, sorry Nicholas Sparks but he beats you too. It's hard to believe, but hear me out.

So as love stories always start out, he liked me way before I even knew he existed...he's older than me, don't worry not a creep. So I met him because of my mom, he's a family friend, that's how he knew me before I knew him. He was always kind, never clingy, never annoying and definitely never boring; pretty hilarious actually. I always had a good time when he was around, but I never really got to know him on a personal level until high school. Our families never really grew apart we always stayed close and we saw each other at least once a week. His mom and my mom are pretty tight and they were always inviting us over like all the time.

Highschool was a pretty rough time for me. There were times when I was crying on my knees feeling so alone and useless and that no one would ever love me and then there were moments of me feeling so on top of the world that nothing could touch me. With both of these extremes and feelings in the middle, he was always present. He picked me up when I was down, held me in his arms, carried me away from terrible situations and I was always the happiest when I was with him. 

I sort of got the feeling that he had this crush on me in high school and because he was so nice and I felt as if he was the only one there for me so I said, why not let's give it a try..that was the end of my freshman year. We are still together and if anything, he's become more romantic, more loving and more trustworthy throughout the years, if that's even possible. 

The relationship started out pretty slow and he was extremely patient with me because I was terrified and hurt in the past so I couldn't really trust anyone but he never scared me off. He was one of the only people that knew what was going on in my life, so that helped me gain my trust towards him little by little. He's a great listener and I never felt embarrassed to cry in front of him, which says a lot for me. He was always really sweet and understanding when it came to me struggling with drugs and alcohol. He never left my side which you would think he would because he doesn't agree with that type of lifestyle, but he never left me. He always supported me and held my hand through my toughest times. He never bothered me with questions, never really even wanted to talk about it unless I did, it was nice because he was just there for me and never asked me for anything it was sort of like he knew exactly how to deal with my situation and how could someone be SO PATIENT. I have to give him props for that because let me tell you I was ANNOYING when it came to knowing what I wanted and who I wanted. He never pressured me into anything and he treated me like I was the most beautiful jewel in the world, even better. He always did these grand gestures by giving me SO many gifts it was overwhelming at times.

He's still the love of my life and it took me a while to realize what an incredible person he is and he saved my life in high school. Without him being there for me, even at times of being a fly on the wall, I probably wouldn't be here today. So I have a lot to thank him for.

He's extremely romantic and a huge cheeseball with writing me love letters all the time, and he still showers me with gifts; sometimes it's hard for me to receive them. He's always thinking about me and did I mention he's Catholic? So you better believe he does not stop praying for me and he's also always talking about me to his mom, he's extremely proud of who I am. The love he has for me is unconditional and I have finally been able to let him in and trust him with all of my heart (only took like all of my life).

He never forced me into anything and I was able to choose Him.

Capital H. What? Oh yeah, that's right, I'm talking about Jesus Christ. My Prince of Peace, my hero, my savior. I can go on and on with titles to give Him but at the end of the day, they are just titles. It's what I do with those titles to make our relationship grow into something greater then average, to make it radical. He died on the cross, not just for me but for each and every one of you as well. And He would do it all again even if it was just for YOU. I decided to take our relationship to the 'next step'. I don't just go to mass every week, I don't just say a prayer before I eat something, it's so much greater than that.

With inviting Him into my life, I have been showered with love and graces that I could've never imagined I would have. The 'gifts' He has given me I have decided to receive and use them for Him and His plans He has for me. We were all called to greatness, what are you going to do to be great?

This is my love story with Him. What's yours?
xx, Lillie 
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