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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hey Fam! 

So I got these awesome new pants & I want to share them with you! I am an animal lover from a distance..what that means is that I am not a fan of pets or taking care of them; more so because of the reason I'm pretty sure that I'm allergic to the hair...but also because I'm a people person and because they can't talk back & I get a little aggravated. BUT as most of you know I don't eat meat and I barely eat dairy just because I didn't grow up with regular milk in the house and I just don't buy cheese, I'll only eat it if I eat out. Saying that, I try to donate and help out animals as much as I can.

When this ad came up on my Facebook I couldn't say no. There's this website called Save The Elephants and it's basically a campaign helping to promote against killing elephants. I didn't even know this was a crisis until I saw the ad and looked more into it. "At least 33,000 elephants every year are being killed for their ivory" (SaveTheElephants.org). "Ivory is the hard white substance that makes up the main part of the tusks of the elephants" (dictionary.com). It is used in China and Africa to show you are very wealthy and used for art as well. This kills the animal because they can't live without ivory. It is illegal to do this but as you are aware with our world, that doesn't stop us from hurting animals or other people. 

To help with this cause, this website makes clothing with super rad elephants on the clothes to fund for the research of the Save The Elephants campaign. With every 2 dollars that you spend on this site, 1 of those dollars goes to this research of this cause. I bought these really cute pants and it was so worth it. They are definitely well priced and the most comfortable pants ever. I've literally worn them three days in a row!

ALSO, to make this clear; this is NOT an ad post, I just really care about these elephants and since this is the only website I have seen that is helping (I'm sure there are plenty more) I wanted to give them more spotlight because they deserve it with all the work they are putting in to help these animals.

I posted a picture on my Instagram, and this lovely lady Jess gave me and anyone else who sees my post a discount code of 15% off your purchase! So go look at my Instagram here for the lovely picture and buy some super cute pants (or any other article of clothing)!


Will you help these elephants?

xx, Lillie

Friday, July 24, 2015

Empty Products - LUSH Only!

Hey hey hey! 

How it goes? Yay for new video! This is all about LUSH and how great they are..surprised? I know, my obsession is just getting bigger and bigger what can I say?

Well, enjoy it! 


Are you a Lushie?

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with thee. Blessed are thou among women, and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
 Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. 

So what's the hype with Mary? So we know the basic facts of her right? She was a virgin who had a child..weird. She's also the Mother of God but that's not a big deal either. Why are Catholics so in love with her? Like she's ONLY the Mother of God. I'm going to stop you right there kiddo.

I'm not sure if any of those thoughts have come to you, yes I was being a bit dramatic but people don't realize how GREAT Mother Mary really is. I'm here to show her off and brag about her just for a little bit.

Let's start from the very beginning; so she was born PERFECT. That's right born WITHOUT sin. How do we know that? December 8 is her feast day of the Immaculate Conception; which means that she was born without original sin.

She conceived the Savior of the World, but yeah, let's just pass her by as NOTHING IMPORTANT. Like how can you not honor her.. do you not honor your mother? We have intercessory prayers for Mary because a child always listens to their mother and they are obedient to her; as Jesus is. As your mother cares for you and prays for you; Mary does the SAME acts. She prays for us, she is with us and she loves us so much. Mary plays a big role in Jesus' life and if we want to know Jesus as much as we can, we need to know all of Jesus, which Mary and many other people are a part of.

Also, Jesus couldn't have just come down randomly; He was a human, He was born with flesh like you and me; and like any other person He had to come from another person..and Mary was chosen she was not picked randomly. God chose her SPECIFICALLY to be the Mother of God and she had the free will to say yes or no.

God is not alone; there's three persons in one, and with that also comes the Holy Family. that's why God isn't alone, He had to make people so we can all be together as one and become His instruments and make the Church.

She leads all people to her Son. I truly believe that Jesus was a real person, and He has a family, with a mother, a father, brothers and sisters, children; He has it all. So why not honor everyone who is apart of Jesus' family? You honor and love your family right? They are a part of your family..especially Mary, Mother of the Universe.

Photo found here

xx, Lillie

Friday, July 17, 2015


Hey stunning Fam! 

How ya doing? As you can see, NEW VIDEO. Also, my friend was also in this as well. Thank you so much AnaMaria for answering my questions and be so brave and bold and proud of who you are!

I'm starting this new "series" on my YouTube channel "The Little Flowers"; where I invite women to answer questions about their faith and reasons why they live the way they do. In the video I explain more what the TLF (The Little Flowers) is all about so definitely watch it and let me know what you think! Thankfully I have many beautiful, holy women in my life so these videos won't stop here!

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

White Love

Hey Fam! What's up? I'm just going to dive in because I am quite excited to talk about this!

Purity - Freedom from adulteration or contamination. Freedom from immorality, especially of a sexual nature. 

See how BOTH definitions has the word 'FREEDOM'? I wonder why? Actually, I don't..I know why.

Having a purity ring has NOTHING to do with restrictions, or rules or 'can'ts'. It actually has everything to do with love, FREEDOM, choices, maximum satisfaction, and eternity. Woah how can that be? Let me enlighten you.

I wear a purity ring as a sign of saving myself for my future spouse.

The feelings and desires you have for another human being are beautiful, good and RIGHT. They are not wrong they are completely 100% correct. But acting on those without the sacrament of marriage is incomplete.

The feeling is temporary when you have an orgasm, it isn't complete happiness and it lasts for what 2 seconds? It always goes away. You are searching for happiness with these quick satisfactions that fade away because all feelings are temporary.

That is what is wrong with the world. Everyone tries to find INSTANT GRATIFICATION. That never leads us to true and complete happiness because the feelings always fade. That goes with everything, not just the typical drinking and smoking that everyone thinks of. That goes with the feeling of buying clothes or make up or binge watching Netflix even, the feelings always subside, they don't stay because you are on Earth. There is something so much more greater out there for us and that is why I am living. Not for this world but for THAT world, above me with eternal satisfaction and with my KING. So staying pure is a big deal for me because I am waiting for someone who is so special and someone that God put in my life to unveil me (literally) and be united with me.

With any of the men I date, I think of their future spouse and keep them in mind whenever I am physical with my significant other. Not only do I want to be invited to those weddings of the men I dated, I want those wives to come up to me and THANK ME for keeping their husband pure so they can share that beautiful act together as one, and know in their hearts that they waited for one another and didn't act upon it on someone who was temporary and not their spouse. I want the same thing with my spouse and know that he was waiting for me as much as I was waiting for him because IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT.

Having sex with someone for the first time does not equal: LOSING YOUR VIRGINITY. To be completely honest, I HATE that term. You did not lose, you GAVE away something that your Heavenly Father blessed you with.

The difference between loving and lusting;

Love: Let me GIVE this person all that I have, spiritually, emotionally, physically

Lust: Let me TAKE from this person all that I can, spiritually, emotionally, physically

What's wrong with these? Something about taking all that you can and always having the mind set of 'gimme gimme gimme' doesn't sound so satisfying does it?

Loving someone in the best way you can is what we are called to do as men and women. The mere act of sex isn't just intercourse, but it is when two bodies become one and unite. I don't have a list written down of here this is what I can do with all of these men who aren't my spouse but I will save this ONE thing for my spouse, yeah he deserves that at least. NO. He deserves so much more of me! He deserves all of it from me, the patience that I had waiting for him, that I didn't give myself in any form to any other guy. How beautiful would it be to have your husband be your first for not just one but many many things for you and vice versa? To share the intimacy together and only have experienced it with him, that's pretty sexy huh? 

Now I am not saying I'm perfect, far from it trust me. I have fallen and I haven't always been 100% pure. But now that I have this in my mindset I am waiting and it's such a beautiful time period to know that I am not giving my heart or myself physically to anyone who doesn't deserve me and who will not be on this journey with me. I encourage you to join me on this path :) 

The reason we have the Eucharist is because Jesus wants to get as intimately close to us as He possibly can, and by that he has the miracle of GIVING us the Eucharist. We receive it, we do not TAKE the Eucharist; we receive and consume it. That love is all pure and 100% authentic.


(Some of my wonderful sisters who sent me their purity ring, beautiful right?)

So what is pure? How can we be pure?

xx, Lillie

Friday, July 10, 2015

'June' Favorites!

Hey fam! Hope your Friday is treating you well...I have a favorites video woo!

It's a little all over the place but like I say in the video, these are the products I have been using for most of the month of June.

Hope you enjoy!

What's one thing you have been using for the whole month of June?

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ways To Get Yourself Out Of Bed AND DO SOMETHING.

Hey fam!

So the month of July is going to be a bit weird for me with not a lot to do and a lot of my friends won't be in town. So last night I made this whole schedule for me and ways to get myself out of my bed and do something.

I want to share these motivational tips with you :)

For one, I plan out my day (or week) the night before, which helps so much in the long run. I went a little overboard and planned every hour for my day which of course didn't work out so then I took it down a notch. I have an alarm every morning to wake me up at 8:00 but I'm usually up before that. I make myself have at least 5 things to do everyday, that could be working out, reading two chapters in my book, going to mass, or even looking on Pinterest for fun DIY stuff to do..it counts trust me :)

So to have my to do list be complete and to actually motivate myself to do what I have planned on the calendar for the day, I make an alarm for myself a half hour before I want to do something. For example, mass is at 9 am so I set an alarm at 8:30 to tell myself to go; I also put a reason on why I'm going because just having the alarm won't do it for me. I always need a reason to do something and a 'WHY' or else don't expect me to be there. So as you can see below, it says reasons on why I'm going to mass or yoga.

Was this helpful for you? What motivational tips do you have to stay busy?

xx, Lillie

Friday, July 3, 2015

College Advice // FRESHMAN YEAR

Hey you! 

So I decided to make a video all about what I learned from my freshman year of college & what I can do to help you if you are going into your freshman year!

I hope you enjoy and leave any tips down below that you thought I missed!

xx, Lillie
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