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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Hey Fam! 

So I got these awesome new pants & I want to share them with you! I am an animal lover from a distance..what that means is that I am not a fan of pets or taking care of them; more so because of the reason I'm pretty sure that I'm allergic to the hair...but also because I'm a people person and because they can't talk back & I get a little aggravated. BUT as most of you know I don't eat meat and I barely eat dairy just because I didn't grow up with regular milk in the house and I just don't buy cheese, I'll only eat it if I eat out. Saying that, I try to donate and help out animals as much as I can.

When this ad came up on my Facebook I couldn't say no. There's this website called Save The Elephants and it's basically a campaign helping to promote against killing elephants. I didn't even know this was a crisis until I saw the ad and looked more into it. "At least 33,000 elephants every year are being killed for their ivory" (SaveTheElephants.org). "Ivory is the hard white substance that makes up the main part of the tusks of the elephants" (dictionary.com). It is used in China and Africa to show you are very wealthy and used for art as well. This kills the animal because they can't live without ivory. It is illegal to do this but as you are aware with our world, that doesn't stop us from hurting animals or other people. 

To help with this cause, this website makes clothing with super rad elephants on the clothes to fund for the research of the Save The Elephants campaign. With every 2 dollars that you spend on this site, 1 of those dollars goes to this research of this cause. I bought these really cute pants and it was so worth it. They are definitely well priced and the most comfortable pants ever. I've literally worn them three days in a row!

ALSO, to make this clear; this is NOT an ad post, I just really care about these elephants and since this is the only website I have seen that is helping (I'm sure there are plenty more) I wanted to give them more spotlight because they deserve it with all the work they are putting in to help these animals.

I posted a picture on my Instagram, and this lovely lady Jess gave me and anyone else who sees my post a discount code of 15% off your purchase! So go look at my Instagram here for the lovely picture and buy some super cute pants (or any other article of clothing)!


Will you help these elephants?

xx, Lillie
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