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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ways To Get Yourself Out Of Bed AND DO SOMETHING.

Hey fam!

So the month of July is going to be a bit weird for me with not a lot to do and a lot of my friends won't be in town. So last night I made this whole schedule for me and ways to get myself out of my bed and do something.

I want to share these motivational tips with you :)

For one, I plan out my day (or week) the night before, which helps so much in the long run. I went a little overboard and planned every hour for my day which of course didn't work out so then I took it down a notch. I have an alarm every morning to wake me up at 8:00 but I'm usually up before that. I make myself have at least 5 things to do everyday, that could be working out, reading two chapters in my book, going to mass, or even looking on Pinterest for fun DIY stuff to do..it counts trust me :)

So to have my to do list be complete and to actually motivate myself to do what I have planned on the calendar for the day, I make an alarm for myself a half hour before I want to do something. For example, mass is at 9 am so I set an alarm at 8:30 to tell myself to go; I also put a reason on why I'm going because just having the alarm won't do it for me. I always need a reason to do something and a 'WHY' or else don't expect me to be there. So as you can see below, it says reasons on why I'm going to mass or yoga.

Was this helpful for you? What motivational tips do you have to stay busy?

xx, Lillie

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