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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sister Sister

Hello wonderful human reading this! 

On Friday I was privileged and so blessed to be able to spend my whole morning with a Sister in our Diocese. I can't stop bragging about how incredible their ministry and community is and what a SAINT this Sister is. 

A lot of people don't know much about Sisterhood and Nuns and also can be a little intimidated by them as well. I know I was until January at the SEEK2015 conference. I have talked to a lot of different orders and did you know there is a difference between a Nun and a Sister? Yup, there is.

A Nun is a woman who lives in a cloistered (enclosed) convent (home) and prays for everyone in the outer world. They usually don't leave the convent often, & their life consists of just praying for everyone else. It's extremely selfless and has so much obedience involved in that obviously.

A Sister is a woman who also lives in a convent, but they minister outside of their home and they teach and travel and speak with others as well as having a huge prayer life.

Both ways of life take the same vows; chastity, poverty and obedience. 

While hanging out with Sister we got to talk about an abundance of topics that I won't discuss with all of you since they were personal :) 

BUT, what I do want to discuss is how incredible religious life really is and that people don't see the benefits and beauty of being a Sister. I haven't actually spoken to a Nun but it seems pretty incredible and a difficult way of life as well.

A Sister is supposed to model the life of Mary and that is why they take a vow of chastity. They take a vow of poverty to model the life of Jesus because as we know he was not the King everyone imagines a king should be. They take a vow of obedience because they become a servant not only to God, but to their community as well. 

They are the most loving and selfless people I have ever met. This summer I have been blessed to become close not only with Sisters but with Seminarians as well which are men who are studying to be a priest. That will be talked about in another post if you all enjoy this one.

Anyways, talking with Sister brought me so much joy and they really challenge people to be a better child of Christ and to not just do the bare minimum of life because we were not called to just live through life, we are called to be radical and let me tell you, Sisters are RADICAL. 

It's interesting because a lot of people assume that Sisters are very strict and serious and every time I have been around them and spend time with them, I've never had more fun and more laughs when being with them. They are so funny and genuine. I know crazy, how can Sisters be REAL PEOPLE? It's true they are.

I think not enough people discern religious life enough. In my head I have all doors open to wherever God leads me, and that will stay the same until I take my vows. I don't know God's greater plan for me, and it's okay that I don't, because He is a mystery and I always need to work on building my trust with Him and this is something that I have full trust in and I leave it at the cross. 

So I'm asking you, think about religious life, do some more research, look at EVERY option God has planned for you, because personally I'm not living this life for me, I'm living it for Him.

xx, Lillie

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