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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Morning Tea

Hello fam! Happy Tuesday!

I just went to the most marvelous place near me..a tea room! Basically I felt as if I went to London and back in a day. My friend showed me this place so I went with her once and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT, so I had to go again - today - and take a million pictures..which I did! 

We got the special called 'The Lemon Lily' which comes with scones, soup, little sandwiches, dessert and of course tea. To keep up with the season my friend and I ordered Cinnamon Apple tea and it was delicious! They were extremely welcoming, genuine and funny; also the food is homemade..SCORE! I will definitely be back.

I felt so comfortable there and they didn't even mind me taking pictures of their lovely restaurant! It's been open for 2 years and I'm honestly thinking of having my birthday party there or something. I felt like a princess and obviously classy! Each table and each dining set are all different, nothing is the same which makes it even better because everything is an antique. It's so original and yummy :) 

Have you gone to afternoon tea before?

xx, Lillie

Friday, September 25, 2015


Hey hey Fam! Huge thanks to the beautiful Jordan for giving me her YES to answering these questions about her faith and loving The Lord so much! You're such a light and a huge impact on my life. Thanks for being you. Hope you all enjoyed her as much as I did. 

Loved the laughs and the awkward moments the most ;)

Check out my YouTube channel!

*All other TLF videos are linked in the description box from the video itself; as well as Jordan's NEW WEBSITE*

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


HEY Fam!

How are you? My friend went to California about two months ago and was a doll and bought me NEW MASCARA. If anyone knows me, I have such problems with mascara and I can never find my signature mascara, it is such a problem..haha not really but can be difficult whenever I'm applying makeup and I'm not happy with the mascara I'm using.

This brand is from Japan so I don't know where to buy it or where to find it online, but if any of you know where you can purchase this please comment down below.

There's only one setback that keeps me wearing it everyday, it's waterproof and I'm not a fan of waterproof mascara..but whenever I do wear it, ahhh it's a dream.

My eyelashes are blond, long, and thick. I know I know, some people would die to have my eyelashes. But that makes it very difficult when I'm applying any mascara to my eyes because they can either clump from the thickness, or they look like SPIDER WEBS because they are so long. This mascara does not make my eyelashes clump no matter how many times I apply the mascara. I'm serious, it's a magical wand..okay maybe not serious but it does do wonders. Again, thank you so much to my darling friend for once again, thinking of others before herself, you're lovely.

What's your favorite mascara?

xx, Lillie

Friday, September 18, 2015

JUICING? Nope! Juice +

Hey fam!

I'm super excited about this video because I've never really talked much about my eating habits and what I do to stay healthy. I have just recently become apart of Juice Plus and I wanted to share with you guys what it is all about! Since I've only had it for about a week not many changes have been happening but in two or three months I will make a blog post talking about how my body is reacting to it and if it is making any changes to my daily routine!

I hope you all enjoy this video! 

*All information about Juice Plus is in the description box from this video*

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Love Yourself As You Love Your Neighbor

Hey fam!

So I was at a daily mass a few weeks ago and the priests homily was all about

 "love your neighbor as you love yourself" The Golden Rule.

Now I don't know about you but I definitely love my neighbor a heck of a lot more than I love myself. At times, I even forget that I am a human too. I can go days with helping people, saying yes to anyone who asks for my help and totally forgetting that I have my own needs and I need to take a second, sit down and just breathe to get my sanity back. It can be quite easy to get wrapped up in the world and what everyone else is expecting you to do for them. It can also be really easy to forget what YOUR body expects from you. I'm not just talking nutrition and health here, I'm talking mentally what your body needs from you.

Especially here in America, everyone is going going going and no one has time to just sit down and relax. That's a term that isn't used positively around here. When I think of a productive day I think of me being 110% THE ENTIRE DAY. That might seem a little extreme and maybe even unrealistic but hey, in my book it happens frequently and that's not always good. I feel as if the world has skewed the way we should behave in day to day life. The word selfish is such a negative term. Thinking about yourself IS NOT BAD. Sometimes I have to verbally say 'STOP' to myself if I"m doing too much for others and just doing the motions and there is no love involved.

I've had to learn how to prioritize myself better so I'm getting enough of my own day as well as others are getting enough out of me too. If your well is dry like mine has been recently, just stop and start to say no to people and say yes to yourself.

Start loving yourself as you love others

Enjoy a picture of me with crazy hair, you deserve it.

What are your thoughts? 

xx, Lillie

Friday, September 11, 2015


Hello hello! 

I have a room tour and a bit of a rant about physical appearance and LOVING yourself! Let me know what you think!

xx, Lillie

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cool Adventures & Shiz

Wait today's Tuesday? NOPE. It's Thursday so I'll be posting two days in a row. My apologies, this week has been a bit hectic for me and what not.

ANYWHO, I had the privilege to go on an adventure with a friend of mine and take some really awesome shots of abandoned buildings. One piece caught my eye and it can be broken down into so much more then these 10 words.

What beautiful words. So simple, to the point and clear. When this first caught my eye I couldn't help but think about humanity and how we all treat one another. Those four phrases are the hardest phrases to say. It deals with vulnerability, trust and a leap of faith with that person. 

I just wanted to sit and stare at this beautiful piece of artwork. It has stayed in my heart since I have seen it and I have been going on and on about this flawless handiwork to everyone I talk to. 

For one, red and yellow don't match. I'm not a color expert here but I don't ever wear yellow and red together. I think that just shows how messy these words are and how they are not black and white and each time you say this phrase to a person a story is behind it. There is meaning behind it, so say these phrases with a meaning. They aren't words to just throw around and be used lightly, they should be used with care and a force of love. 

I love you- is not meant to be said so it can be reciprocated. Love is a choice and an action that one does, out of the purest of their hearts with being satisfied in receiving nothing back. That is pure love.

I'm sorry- Truly recognizing your mistakes and willing to be open to change and healing in your relationship with that person.

Thank you- Being completely grateful to that person and complimenting them on how they treated you with such respect and dignity.

I forgive you- Does not mean forgetting the situation but forgiving the person because they are not defined by this one action/mistake they did to you. Forgiving them is loving them because that is what they deserve. Love them because they are a human being and that is enough.

What do you think of when you hear or see these words?

xx, Lillie

Friday, September 4, 2015

August Favorites!

Hey hey hey!

Hope everyone's week was fantastic! New video WOO! These were all my favorites that I used in the month of August.

 I hope you all enjoyed this video and MADI of course! Thanks girl again for being in my video and making it great. I had so much fun making this with you. Everyone check out her channel!

Much love 

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Make Up Stash


Okay so I'm really excited to share this post because I love love love changes to my room and bathroom and I JUST MOVED! So clearly, when you move you have to change around your space and organization. When it got closer to moving it really hit me that I wanted to change up my organization with my make up JUNK (not junk since I love all of my make up).

So I went off to Target and bought a couple of shelves and had this fantastic idea of placing my make up products on these shelves in my bathroom.

Of course, it wasn't that easy when I moved to just stick my shelf to the wall and then plop my make up on. For one, I didn't know that not everything that is on the wall is hung up by command strips or push pins..I know call me naive or stupid whichever you desire. I've been living in my new apartment for around three weeks now? Yes, three weeks and I have finally completed my room with all the decorations. Do it with me: *sigh of relief*, It was such a satisfying feel and I absolutely adore my room and bathroom.

So at first I didn't have a drill and everyone that I knew that owned a drill were all half broken and I've never held a drill so I couldn't work with a half broken drill since I didn't know if I could work with a non broken drill. So I ended up with two different people just hammering in the screws for the first shelf and then with the second shelf screwing in the screws manually. It was extremely difficult the first time and time consuming. Yes both of my friends did it for me..ONLY BECAUSE the times I tried to do it I just made 9 huge holes in my wall. The hammer and I had a love hate relationship at the time..we are no longer speaking.

So here is the finished look of how I place my make up and beauty products around my bathroom. If you love this idea and go buy some shelves, take a picture of it and tag me in it either on Instagram or Twitter!

xx, Lillie
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