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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cool Adventures & Shiz

Wait today's Tuesday? NOPE. It's Thursday so I'll be posting two days in a row. My apologies, this week has been a bit hectic for me and what not.

ANYWHO, I had the privilege to go on an adventure with a friend of mine and take some really awesome shots of abandoned buildings. One piece caught my eye and it can be broken down into so much more then these 10 words.

What beautiful words. So simple, to the point and clear. When this first caught my eye I couldn't help but think about humanity and how we all treat one another. Those four phrases are the hardest phrases to say. It deals with vulnerability, trust and a leap of faith with that person. 

I just wanted to sit and stare at this beautiful piece of artwork. It has stayed in my heart since I have seen it and I have been going on and on about this flawless handiwork to everyone I talk to. 

For one, red and yellow don't match. I'm not a color expert here but I don't ever wear yellow and red together. I think that just shows how messy these words are and how they are not black and white and each time you say this phrase to a person a story is behind it. There is meaning behind it, so say these phrases with a meaning. They aren't words to just throw around and be used lightly, they should be used with care and a force of love. 

I love you- is not meant to be said so it can be reciprocated. Love is a choice and an action that one does, out of the purest of their hearts with being satisfied in receiving nothing back. That is pure love.

I'm sorry- Truly recognizing your mistakes and willing to be open to change and healing in your relationship with that person.

Thank you- Being completely grateful to that person and complimenting them on how they treated you with such respect and dignity.

I forgive you- Does not mean forgetting the situation but forgiving the person because they are not defined by this one action/mistake they did to you. Forgiving them is loving them because that is what they deserve. Love them because they are a human being and that is enough.

What do you think of when you hear or see these words?

xx, Lillie

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