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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

My Make Up Stash


Okay so I'm really excited to share this post because I love love love changes to my room and bathroom and I JUST MOVED! So clearly, when you move you have to change around your space and organization. When it got closer to moving it really hit me that I wanted to change up my organization with my make up JUNK (not junk since I love all of my make up).

So I went off to Target and bought a couple of shelves and had this fantastic idea of placing my make up products on these shelves in my bathroom.

Of course, it wasn't that easy when I moved to just stick my shelf to the wall and then plop my make up on. For one, I didn't know that not everything that is on the wall is hung up by command strips or push pins..I know call me naive or stupid whichever you desire. I've been living in my new apartment for around three weeks now? Yes, three weeks and I have finally completed my room with all the decorations. Do it with me: *sigh of relief*, It was such a satisfying feel and I absolutely adore my room and bathroom.

So at first I didn't have a drill and everyone that I knew that owned a drill were all half broken and I've never held a drill so I couldn't work with a half broken drill since I didn't know if I could work with a non broken drill. So I ended up with two different people just hammering in the screws for the first shelf and then with the second shelf screwing in the screws manually. It was extremely difficult the first time and time consuming. Yes both of my friends did it for me..ONLY BECAUSE the times I tried to do it I just made 9 huge holes in my wall. The hammer and I had a love hate relationship at the time..we are no longer speaking.

So here is the finished look of how I place my make up and beauty products around my bathroom. If you love this idea and go buy some shelves, take a picture of it and tag me in it either on Instagram or Twitter!

xx, Lillie
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