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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fall Outfit & Makeup Look!

Hey Fam! It's finally Fall! Yay! I mean, as Fall as it's going to get here in Florida but still! Today was a beautiful breezy day..the type of day where you want to drive with the windows down and just sit outside all day..THE PERFECT WEATHER.

I wanted to show you a little peek of what I wear during this season and the makeup I apply. Also, my roommate curled my hair the night before and I thought I looked SO COOL..which is the main reason behind all of this...to show off my awesome punk rock hair. I kept my face makeup pretty light with just a BB cream, some bronzer and a little bit of blush. I used my VICE3 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay with the shade Lucky applied all over my lid and the shade Reign in the outer corner and outer crease of my eye. THAT'S IT, two shades blend together and voila a perfect fall smoky look. For my lipstick I'm using my NARS Scarlet Empress; my absolute favorite during this time of year. I also added a little bit of brown eyeliner and smudged it out just to enhance the colors and make it more autumnal.

Shoes: H&M
Leather Jacket: Love Culture

Leather Jackets are my go to jacket to wear during this time of the year, they are easy to wrap around your waist when it gets too hot and they are light enough to snuggle myself under a breezy chilly day. Of course my jacket isn't real leather and no surprise it's black.

What's your go to statement jacket for this time of year?

xx, Lillie
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