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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Have You Died Yet?

Hey fam!

About to get DEEP, so put on your snorkel and dive right in with me! Recently I have been pondering the reason why I do EVERYTHING.

What's your reason for living? Who do you live for? When are you most satisfied in your day?

For me, I'm the most joyful when everything I do has a purpose and I'm prayerfully living out my day. What that means is I'm inviting the Holy Spirit into my day to walk with me, guide me and even hold my hands during the scary, uncomfortable parts of my day. Of course everyday is different and I get scared by different things, but it helps to know I am not alone, and it's not like I just have a friend by my side, I have the ULTIMATE friend, my Father, and my savior all in one..pretty cool right?

I don't live for myself, I live for Him. Everyday, every thought, every breath, every heart beat, it is all for Him. I chose that because He is all powerful and I know that I will be the most satisfied and the happiest when I'm living according to His plan, which is now my plan. I want to forget about myself so He can be remembered through me. I want to DIE so he can live through me. Why? Because this life is temporary and this life is NOT why I'm living. I know that this isn't all there is, there has got to be MORE. That's what I'm living for, the life after this with my savior and all of his angels and saints. That's the life I care about. 

I want to praise His name during every blessing, every struggle every 'disappearance' I feel from Him. Of course, I'm human and I do forget to do that..especially when things go wrong on my side of Earth, 'HELLO JESUS WHERE ARE YOU' is usually the slick remark I come up with.

But I'm trying, and I try and try everyday to not forget about Him and to thank Him for everything. I want to forget about me and only live for Him.

What about you?

xx, Lillie
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