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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Sight To See

Leaving Mass one night with a great friend of mine, she told me there were swings across the parking lot that she wanted to go by. I walked over with her and we sat down and started swinging together. It was so peaceful, and we were able to talk about our friendship and of course have a very deep conversation. I am so blessed to have had that night with her because our friendship grew even stronger than before and I have to thank those swings. I went back a couple of weeks just to stare and admire the good works that were involved and reminiscing on that night with my friend with such gratitude.

Something so little, something that wasn't even planned to be a part of our night, changed our friendship. Something that is basically only childhood memories to some people's eyes, and so intricate to others. Like for me, I look at swing sets with such a different eye. Two swings, built together to have one swing set. Two people, to have one friendship built together by Jesus Christ.

Something that can be taken for granted.."Oh that's just a swing set" they'll say.. but it's not just a swing. There is a story behind that specific swing set. That's a swing set where two people sat down and laid everything out on the table. This was where a friendship was built back up and is back to fight the fight of the devil and to dominate him together as a friendship should. A friendship that was dwindling and is now on fire running to The Lord Our Savior and pushing each other towards heaven together. 

So no, that is not JUST a swing set. It has a back story, and probably many more than just my own. Take a look at a swing again, make your own story to it.

xx, Lillie
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