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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Monday Nights

Coldness hits my hands. I close my eyes feeling the room, the people, the warmth. Slow, rhythmic sounds fill the room. Deep breaths, high voices, strums of guitar, slow beatings on the floor in a melody tone. Warmth fills my body all the way from the center of my heart to my fingertips and toes. All at once it comes together, the music, the voices, the high and lows and then, movement. I’m standing, rising to the balls of my feet, back to my heels. Repeat. Fingers stretching and collapsing, out, in out, in. Muscles coming alive throughout my whole body and in an instant, I begin.

            Hips moving side to side legs circling around one another arms higher and higher stretching to the ceiling and collapsing falling over my legs. Head shoots up with right elbow jerking up towards the ceiling and I’m turning. Chin up, Arms extended, fingers soft but alert. Feet springing off the floor in sync with the instruments and the singing. I start to move to the beat of the harmony. Leg up, foot pointed, muscles burning like a rubber band stretching as far as possible almost snapping but not quite. Satisfaction fills my body releasing the tightness in my muscles as my foot guides my leg back to the floor. Hunched over, arms out in front of me guiding my steps one after another. One last push with my hips and another leap up to the air legs straight out and gracefully back to the floor. Singing comes to a close, instruments fading away and me, back to reality. I open my eyes and I see familiar faces, wooded floors, chairs, dim lights and a tabernacle in front of me.

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