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Sunday, January 24, 2016


What a treat to have my grandma on the series of TLF! It was so great to hear more about her life story and to dive in deep with her faith and stories of love!

Hope you all enjoy :)

xx, Lillie

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I Made HEALTHY Homemade Dumplings!

What's up what's up! So happy to be back and writing again! I made these awesome veggie dumplings with my roommate and they were SUPER easy and SO good. I made more a couple nights later because I couldn't get enough of them.

(like my cozy socks?)

Full time: 45 minutes-ish

Veggies of your liking; I used mushrooms, broccoli and spinach with PESTO - so good.
Wonton wraps
Olive oil

Steps to make the BEST homemade dumplings:
1. Sautee all of the vegetables in one pan until they are soft (cut them up real finely because you want to stuff as much as you can in the center of the wonton wraps)
2. Lay out the wonton wraps
3. We used a fork to spread out a little bit of pesto on each wonton wrap
4. Spoon out the veggies from the pan and place on one end of each wonton wrap
5. Fold over the empty side of the wonton over to the side of the veggies
6. Wet your fingers with water and press down on the edges of the wonton wraps to seal the wonton together
7. Twist the ends of the wonton corners and pull them together into a dumpling shape form
8. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil onto the pan and place the dumplings into the pan all around
9. Time for one minute
10. Pour water over the dumplings so the bottom of the pan is completely covered and cover the pan. Wait until the water is fully evaporated to scoop out the dumplings (we liked them really crunchy so we poured water over a little higher then just the bottom of the pan)


--We used Tamari, Pesto, and a little bit of Sriracha for dipping sauces

xx, Lillie

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