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Monday, May 22, 2017

A Wrap Up - Junior Year

Junior year. Wow. What a year. I didn't think I was going to write a blogpost on my year since I truly didn't know how to reflect on it. But as I saw my "a year ago today" post on Facebook and read my reflection of sophomore year, I owed it to myself & whoever else reads these very bad, non frequent posts, to write one on my junior year. There's so much to write, and also so much where silence should be filled in those areas of many words. I ended my sophomore year blog post with "junior year has some big shoes to fill", and I can assure you, the feet grew out of those shoes and filled 5 more. The Lord was victorious, He stayed with me through this whole year and honestly, I'd like to break this year into two halves since both semesters came with two totally different agendas on Jesus' heart. 

The first semester, Jesus was asking me to get out of myself to get into others. I imagined it as these beautiful people whom I was serving was giving me a gift as they shared their heart with me and I was honored with the last finishing touch of wrapping the gift with a ribbon and handing it off to Jesus so He could do His work with His children. I was simply the bridge & instrument to get them to Him since they couldn't do it themselves. 

The second semester, Jesus was stretching my heart and asking me to get into myself to get into others. Meaning, being more vulnerable, more alive, more raw, and really coming face to face with my flaws and weaknesses - that are still being opened up to me. I was blessed with more friendships, more love and more growth. 

I realized that if you want to live a joy filled life, you need to be completely dependent on God. To surrender yourself to Him, because life hits you where you don't see coming and you also don't know how to pick up the pieces either. My relationships with people grew so much deeper, and I really came to this place of knowing that regardless of whomever I see everyday, the place where they are in my heart doesn't wither depending on how frequent I see or talk to them. My life was filled with so many new people, so many different faces, so many different conversations, but also knowing that I'm not the only one on mission, that my friends from previous years were also fighting the good fight, just in different areas of the world. Junior year, was grace-filled.

Both semesters, I can truly say that I fought for my faith, my relationships, and Jesus. I encountered Love. I sought out Authentic Truth. I cried. I laughed. I ran. I fell. I hurt. I healed. I danced. But mostly, I lived. This year was all about living, and how I could live where He placed me in my mission. My mission this year was at Catholic Campus Ministry at the University of Central Florida as Historian for the Executive Board and to find light where there was darkness. My ultimate mission was to be His Daughter and to let Him move. That ultimate mission is continuing for my senior year as my mission as Historian is coming to a close and a new mission is beginning. 

Thank you to everyone who fought for me, who was patient with me, who loved me, who was my accountability, and ultimately, all of you who were my Simon, helping me carry my cross to this crazy journey The Lord has placed me in. I can honestly say, Life With Christ is a Wonderful Adventure. St. John Paul II, always pray for us!

xx, Lillie 

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