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Friday, August 8, 2014

Trying this again...

Its a Friday afternoon before my physical therapy appointment and I realized I need to become more involved with writing. It makes me happy and I feel free, so why not? In just one week my whole life will be changed. I will be a "college girl." Living the life as most people say it. I will be moving into my apartment with three roommates and myself. It is nerve-racking to think about, but if I keep this blog up I feel like I won't be so alone after all. This is a new beginning. My four years of high school have a been a little crazy and traumatic at times. Losing family members, myself, and change all the time. This is the year to start fresh basically. The only one that is injured right now is myself. I can control that so I will put that into a positive vibe and work very hard so this injury does not get in the way of my life and school. My priorities will be school - which will actually be a first for me - but it will be my priority. Hopefully this blog will be too. I really hope I can keep this up and enjoy myself while writing in this blog. A lot is about to change in my life.
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