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Sunday, October 5, 2014

My Sundays

I would like to share a day in my life with you! So ever since I moved to my new home, it has been hard to adjust and find places that I enjoy spending my time. I would like to share with you my Sundays without the boring and usual waking up late, finishing up some homework and going to Mass (which isn't a bore for me I actually enjoy it a great deal) but skipping all of those "activities" if you so wish to call them that, my Sundays are pretty fantastic. I just found two new places that I adore. Since living here I have been dying to find a park with nice strolls and places to sit under the trees and just relax and listen to nature. I love the beach very much and this park is the closest outdoor escape since there aren't any beaches near me. I also go to this cute coffee shop where they make designs in your coffee and it also tastes really good! They have this homemade Nutella cookie that I adore and must have every time I go there for a visit :)

I really enjoy my Sundays because they are so relaxing which I tend to look for on my Sundays. I don't like to be rushing around and being super busy on Sundays because I believe that it is a rest day and you should be relaxing and just thinking about the past week and the week to come. 

I love to write and so I journal all of my feelings and what I have been doing while I am sitting on my towel in the lovely park I like to call my own special place. So no my Sundays are not the most interesting days or times of my life but I do look forward to it a great deal and I just wanted to open up my life a little bit more to you and show you what I do on my Sundays :)

Do you do anything special on your Sundays? Or do you have a special day that you look forward to as well? Let me know!


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