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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My December Favorites

As December comes to an end I have taken extra notice about what products and food I have been loving throughout the month! Since I did that, I would love to share my favorites with you!

Let's start off with my favorite make up! My three favorite products that I can't remove from my handbag are the Naked Basics 2.0 eyeshadow palette, the Primrose Hill Picnic matte lipstick from Butter London, and the Ink for Eyes eyeliner from Too Faced! Let's be honest, it's been in like four of my posts already, you had to see that eyeliner pop in this post somewhere! I'm new with applying lipstick on a daily basis and now I am so obsessed with it I feel as if my make up look doesn't look finished unless their is lipstick on me! This one is a beautiful bright pink and I actually feel like Barbie whilst wearing it! 

My favorite book of the month is the trilogy of Delirium by Lauren Oliver. If you haven't read them, you need to buy all three books right now! I am not really into series and I can never finish them but this is the first series I have completed in a very short time! 

The last favorite I want to speak about is almond butter..I know weird but hear me out. It's also not just any almond butter, it's homemade! It took me three times to make it and now that I have, it's my favorite recipe ever! One simple ingredient..it's not raw almonds it's ROASTED almonds! I kept using raw almonds and the consistency was not smooth and not even that tasty! With the dry roasted almonds I used, the consistency is extremely smooth and it's tasty..also cheaper too! Recently I've been trying to make homemade recipes that you find in the store like granola and almond butter as well. My stomach really agrees with this new way of me making the food and I think it's because I know what exactly is going into my body and it is also healthier! 

I hope you all enjoyed reading this about my December favorites and let me know what you have been loving in December as well! 

xx, Lillie

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