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Monday, February 9, 2015



I was personally invited by the lovely Jacky from Do It For The Irony blog to join her on her fabulous idea of uniting women together by the hashtag #FEMBRUARY. Basically, what I got out of it is that Jacky wants us all to make at least one blog post in the month of February explaining our views on feminism and what we should do about it as well. So here I am taking on her challenge of #FEMBRUARY. 

Some of the blog posts I have already read on this issue have really got me thinking on what I think feminism is. By doing much research and watching YouTube videos mostly from Laci Green, I think I finally was able to scrounge up an opinion of feminism. 

I absolutely ADORE the way women can unite and love one another and make each other feel beautiful. Since this happens so rarely (which is extremely unfortunate) when it does happen, it is such a blessing. Because loving someone and bringing them up and making them feel beautiful is not materialistic, if every woman did this to every single woman they knew, we wouldn't take it for granted and we wouldn't get sick of it either like if you had every make up product in the world, you wouldn't know what it feels like not to have something. Every woman deserves to be loved by every woman and I think only feminism can be alive in this world, if women unite with one another! The bashing and the hating that goes on with each other is terrible and there is no reason that we should be tearing each other down. Guys don't get us like we do, we need to stand up together and push each other harder and harder everyday to be a better person without trying to dehumanize one another. 

Girls can be mean and vicious towards one another, and we are never going to make a change in this world if we don't unite and become one. We are on the same team ladies, why don't we show the world what we can do with all of our power connected and on the same side? We can conquer and change the way everyone looks at women if we can be on the same team and love one another. Bigger the team, bigger the ally.

Thank you again Jacky for pulling me in on this beautiful idea of yours & like Jacky has asked in her posts, what are your views on feminism? 

xx, Lillie
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