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Monday, February 23, 2015

Letting Your Face Breathe

The feeling you get after taking off your make up from a long day of stress is such a relief of a feeling and I feel so clean that sometimes I don't even want to take a shower because that was all that I needed. 

As you know, I love make up and I am proud of my make up collection and I just love going into a Sephora or an Ulta store because I treat it like a candy store. Saying that, I sometimes go through these phases of putting on a lot of make up like liquid foundation everyday instead of a BB cream and I put on a lot of eyeshadow and eyeliner too. Now that I am getting more involved with make up I enjoy putting more on because I feel more confident with applying it and I feel like I know what I'm doing. A few months ago I applied a very light base to my face and maybe two shades of eyeshadow on my lid and then mascara and I whipped out the door. It took me around 10 minutes every morning to do my make up. But now that I am more interested in it sometimes it takes me more than that because I mess up and I just like to experiment and really think about what I want to apply on my face.

Nothing is wrong with either of those processes that I have come about. But, one day I wasn't feeling well and I didn't put on any make up at all and I went off to school and my day was totally fine. One thing I did notice was that my face felt very open and it honestly felt like I was letting my face breathe - hence the title of this blog post. I also wasn't worried about rubbing my eyes because there was no make up to mess up! I also had a different feeling walking into stores without wearing make up. I have gone through a long journey with my skin with hating it to loving it to treating it with such care to not doing anything at all to it. I did go through a time when I was so embarrassed I couldn't even leave my house without makeup on and that lasted for about a year. Now, I just enjoy wearing the make up out as much as I do not wearing make up out. So I'm making it a point that I never put on my make up because I am embarrassed with how my face looks without it. 

Not wearing make up that one day I felt as if my face was naked. I really enjoyed the feeling and I didn't feel as vain either. So I gave myself a challenge that for 40 days I will not wear any make up (except on Sundays) to gain humility and to be proud of my face and how it looks 'naked'. I encourage you all to join me in the 40 day challenge of not wearing make up and being proud of your skin and gaining humility because we are all beautiful in how we were made and I think it will really help me remember why I started putting on make up in the first place..not to make myself 'look prettier' but because I enjoy the process of applying the make up and I like how it looks on my face with the finished piece! Make up is an art, it shouldn't be about trying to cover your blemishes and making your eyes 'pop'.

You are beautiful and you are who you are because of the blemishes you own! So join me in this beautiful way of gaining humility and being proud of your face when it is naked!

P.S. This 40 day challenge came in perfect timing for Lent ;) 

xx, Lillie
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