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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Little Journey At The Farmer's Market

Hi all! So this weekend I was able to go to a lovely Farmer's Market and spend the whole day there with a friend. We had an amazing time and we basically fell in love with all of the amazing handmade artwork and organic food that was being freshly made (most of it) right before our eyes! It was also a beautiful a day with the sun shining so bright and there was a really nice breeze so we weren't sweating our butts off! It was both our first time going so we had no idea what to expect. I was so happy I brought my camera because I wanted to show all of you how great a Farmer's Market actually is. 

I was telling my friend that my goal for the summer is to only shop at local stores and stop going to the chained stores because we need to help those Mom&Pop stores out. He totally agreed and what better place to start than at a Farmer's Market? So I got a bunch of business cards from each table we went to and I'm hoping to stay in contact with each of these beautiful individuals and see where their businesses can take them and hopefully I can help them out along the way!

In these pictures everything here is either homemade, homegrown, and also made with a lot of love and passion :)

One of my favorite items to buy or look at are homemade bags. I think it's beautiful to see someone's artwork in a purse that I can show off everyday and this bag definitely is different from all other handmade bags I've seen. That's why I had to buy it. This woman makes theses bags out of plastic bags from either Target or Publix and ties them together and crochets them with old bed sheets. When they say reuse the plastic bags she DEFINITELY took that seriously! Love it!

As you can see the fruits here are SO bright and colorful. That's because they didn't spray them with any chemicals or preservatives. They also tasted wonderful and my stomach was loving me by the end of the day because of all the organic and natural foods I was feeding it! Very happy tummy for sure. We even got to drink out of actual coconuts! We had an amazing day and I know we are going to go back..maybe I'll even do a weekly Farmer's Market post if I'm able to go once a week! 

Have you ever been to a Farmer's Market or Flea Market? What's your favorite find? 

xx, Lillie
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